IOM XMAS @ West Lancs

Hands up who thought an incredible shaft of sunlight would have been the biggest hassle at the Fleetwood IOM Xmas race @ West Lancs YC?!


The rain stopped for a day, honestly it did, look at it!

Then sausage butties, a warm clubhouse, A-rigs, flukey morning winds, one minute you’re famous the next you’re in a hole with blinding sunlight & burnt retina’s. There were winners & losers, lots of ‘tacking for the bank’, a piping hot hotpot, more races, more wind, then less wind, 15 or 16 races (I lost count) & lots of laughs.

Thanks to Dave Hollom & Tom Mills for keeping the races ticking over smoothly, the West Lancs folks for the rescue boat, galley & bar action and finally to Martin Roberts for demonstrating how to sail through ‘the incredible Southport Sunbeam’ using The Force™


The full results are posted below, suffice to say Derek Priestley won the day, Martin Roberts in 2nd, with Mark Dicks 3rd and Cliff Harris 4th. The rest (including me) were noble losers.

And now its raining again.

Updated with Final Results…


Extra reading: Information about the beautiful Flying 10 in the West Lancs bar : flying-10s-at-the-west-lancashire-yacht-club