Laser Winter Series 2

Nine Skippers brave the conditions & the results were:

Sunday 24th January - Fleetwood Laser - Winter Series 2

Another great report on the day’s events from Tony Wilson and posted at Yachts & Yachting…

When you have a forecast for 12mph you can almost bet your bottom dollar that you’ll all be using the B sail. The rest of the 8 Fleetwood Skippers must have also taken note from the ‘XC weather’ site on this Sunday morning, as they were all in the same mind, all except for Peter Isles that decided on the C rig. We use this trusty website as it’s rarely wrong, sets you up for the day and helps you with what to expect.

The 2 minute countdown for the triangular shape course was now underway,so if you’ve got it wrong it’s a bit too late to change now. Well before not too long we had realised that Peter was the one that had got it right. It was more like 20 MPH and the boats were being bounced around. Peter on his part was pacing ahead leaving us all either submerging or stranded on the far bank. Ten minutes of being dragged along the wall is not good for the hull and can certainly fray your sails.

This first race not surprisingly was won by Peter.

A quick change down to the ‘C’, while Pete was contemplating using the smallest we’ve got, the ‘D’. The second race this time won by Shaun, but some mumbling going on amongst the ranks and maybe we do need to change down another suit.

A further 3 races were sailed with the second lap shortened as even in ‘D’ outfits we were doing lots of nose diving on the long Runs.

Over lunchtime we were joined by a couple of newbies. Jeffrey who had just bought himself a brand new Laser and wanted to join in a race for the first time,and Leon who was keen to have a go at the controls of a borrowed boat.

As Leon seemed to have just about sussed out the controls and while he was still grasping the Transmitter, I coaxed him into entering the first afternoon race. (the video below is from Leon’s channel on youtube)

Laser Skippers are invited to loan out their boat to interested ones for a race or two while still keeping an average score on their placing for the day or their actual score if better. You can’t lose.

While Jeffrey was happy just to drift along in the tweak your sails and trimming stage, Leon was learning in leaps and bounds. The rules he was picking up whenever he caused an infringement, but straight after the penalty turn he was back on course.

Another couple of races sailed and won by ‘The Fleetwood Bell Trophy winner’ Shaun Holbeche, made it look like he was in another class, and this was to be the pattern for the day.

Tony alternated with Leon for his Boat 85, and to his surprise wouldn’t really be needing the average scoring system as his rookie had just posted a second place and another couple of respectable scores.

It was if he had sapped the adrenaline from the rest of the fleet and was running on high Octane. Captain Leon John Silver was not for taking any prisoners, but all out to try and win.

Shaun had won it. Tony with a little help from his Skipper Mate had a string of second places that put him in place number two,and Peter in third.

Fun was had by all 🙂