DF65 Winter Series Event 6 (Final)


Nine skippers today.

We had a light wind from the south which made it tricky to set a course with a start directly into the wind and which let’s us stand on the club side of the lake but eventually Tim L came up with a solution (no wonder he keeps winning!) – a reach (?), a turn into a run and then a u-turn down the same leg to finish on a beat.

Although we started with nine skippers one by one they retired, technical problems, until we were down to five. The wind also decreased and after the seventh race, which was a struggle, we almost packed it in but as we meditated about it there seemed to be a whiff of a breeze and so with two minutes left of our usual two hours we started an eighth race.

The results are below with the (now) final result for the winter series. As has been known for some time Tim Lanigan is the winner – well done Tim. Second is Paul Reid who beat Eddie Greenwood by just two points; Eddie didn’t turn up today, did that affect the result?

We will never know.


There are no more meetings for some time now; here are the next few dates:-

  • Saturday 2nd April – the first of our Saturday Spring to Autumn series  –  Race start at 10.30 hours
  • Wednesday 20th April  – the first meeting in Series 1 of 2016  –  Race start at 18.30 hours
  • Wednesday 27th April  – the second meeting in Series 1 of 2016 – Race start at 18.30 hours

winter series 6 results

winter series positions FINAL