Vane 36-R Class – Woods Cup

This was the first of the planned “Club” races for 2016 season and took place Saturday 19th of March.

There were 5 entries. The wind was fairly light, so top or second suits of sails were used by the competitors. One round was sailed. The “Bye” boat crew acted as mates for the 2 pairs sailing, to supplement the efforts of the 2 “newly recruited mates to vane sailing”, Ian and Mike.

Results as follows:

  • 1st Peter Whiteside – 90%
  • 2nd Eddie Greenwood and Eric Watkinson 53%
  • 3rd John Plant – 45%
  • 4th Peter Jackson & Mike – 30%
  • 5th Martin Pritchard & Ian – 27%

The next Vane 36-R event is scheduled for Sat 23rd April.