DF65 2016 Series 1 Third Meeting 4th May

Another fine evening brought out fourteen skippers. Mark Rose made his second appearance and this time actually managed some races (two) before his kit failed again. On arrival the wind didn’t look favourable (almost none) but by the time we started at 6.30pm it had picked up nicely and A rigs were used throughout the evening. A course of a large triangle was set, starting midway of one side on a beat and finishing on a beat on the same side and all was fine until the seventh race. Here some skippers had gone some way from the start line, hoping to make a timed dash to the line for a good start but unfortunately with about forty seconds to go the wind dropped leaving them stranded and taking almost a minute to just get to the line after the starting signal. Fortunately for our final race the wind picked up again. Fleetwood’s wind reputation lives on! The result and positions to date for the series are below.

DF65 Series 1 meeting 3

DF65 Series 1 Totals to date