DF65 2016 Series 1 Fourth Meeting 11th May

Another good evening for sailing: sunny, reasonably warm and a testing wind. Eleven skippers at the start with a mix of all rigs though the wind was a bit too strong for the A rig. We managed our usual eight races over a course of a large triangle but had to change the windward mark part way through because of a change in wind direction. It turned out to be quite an eventful evening, skippers gradually dropping out so that by the last race there were only five left. And to cap it all one skipper, who shall remain anonymous, walked off the edge into the lake! Hope his kit dries out OK. Results and positions to date below, (click on each one to see a larger image).

DF65 Series 1 meeting 4

DF65 Series 1 Totals to date-wk4