DF65 2016 First Series 5th Meeting 18th May

Eleven skippers tonight. A fairly strong wind so all started with B rigs. Derek kindly acted as the OOD (not fully recovered from the exertions at Dragonfest) and set a longish course, taking about 15 minutes per race. By the seventh race everyone was feeling a bit cold so we called it a day but by then the fleet had gradually reduced to six for the final two races. Why? Many reasons: seized bearings; kicker coming unscrewed; ballast weight dropped off (and still on bottom of lake); rig breakages. This latter was overcome by the skippers dropping down to the C suit for the last few races which proved to be advantageous as the wind had increased sufficiently to cause some torpedoing with the B rigs. Next week will be last in this first series as Wyre BC will be dragging the lake to remove the weed the following week. Chris C is currently in the lead and the only skipper likely to catch him, other than Derek, is Paul R, provided he can get round the windward mark without grinding to a halt!!!

As usual, results and positions to date below.

DF65 Series 1 meeting 5

DF65 Series 1 Totals to date-wk5