DF65 2016 First Series 6th Meeting 25th May

Another good turnout this evening, 14 skippers including one guest. Conditions didn’t look good at the start, practically no wind and ripples on about only a fifth of the lake, if that much. The first race was like a slow waltz, just drifting round the course and it took us about 20 minutes to complete. All of a sudden though, the wind picked up and after an hour and three quarters we had completed eight races so then called it a day. Thanks to Derek for again acting as OOD even though we do drive him to despair at times! This has been the last meeting of our first series, owing to Wyre BC dragging the lake next Wednesday to try and rid it of the dreaded weed so the second set of results below are the final positions. Congratulations to Chris Chatfield (winner) and Paul Reid (runner-up).

DF65 Series 1 meeting 6

DF65 Series 1 Totals to date-wk6