DF65 Open Meeting + Test of Mental Fortitude

Let’s start by listing some of the things we could have done today instead of racing at the Fleetwood DF65 Open Meeting. We could have worked in a factory sorting secondhand golf balls into little plastic boxes, worked a 12 hour shift in an abattoir or undertaken some god awful DIY jobs like rodding drains, hacking Leylandii roots with a blunt axe or creosoted fence panels. We also might have been to a Whacky Warehouse birthday party with 23 hyperactive kids, had root canal work done by a satanic backstreet dentist or worst of all… we could have spent the day cushion and candle shopping with our significant others (Oh the inhumanity!) And lets not forget.. we were all fit and healthy enough to spend the day outside messing with around boats and for that reason alone and the alternatives listed above, we should be grateful. But be honest for a moment, today was a pretty poor do all things considered!

We somehow managed 12 crapshoots races which involved sailing up and down the lake with varying degrees of success. Is this a beat or a run?! was a common refrain, as was oh ****ing ****, ****ing weeded again, this is ******* ****!

Look, there’s no point putting lipstick on a pig, it was a difficult day. We came, we trawled, we did our best with the odd crushing defeat snatched from the jaws of mediocrity, a few horizon jobs from John Tushingham and a nice bit of close racing breaking out throughout the fleet before it went rubbish again. At various other times there was a swirling upside down wind, torrential downpours and big clumps of weed decimating the fleet like some horrendous WW1 battle involving mud, angry Germans and machine guns.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; just one more race and hopefully we’ll be allowed to go home before it gets dark?!

I’d normally post some lovely photographs right about here but no one has any, or maybe they took some and looked at them and thought their camera had broken and gone into that weird ‘solid wall of dull grey’ mode again and therefore haven’t sent them to me. Either way you’re not missing much.

Big thanks to Eric for being our stalwart of a race officer and Derek for trying to set us a decent course in a washing machine wind. Thanks to Ken Crabtree for organising the event and finally thanks to everyone who attended for keeping the racing fun and the atmosphere jovial despite the conditions. Oh and special mention for our longest travelled competitor, John Armstrong from Two Islands, we let you down today but promise it will be better for the Nationals!

For what they are worth the results are shown below but don’t weed too much into the them 😉

June 2016 Open Results