DF65 2016 Second Series 4th Meeting 29th June

‘A winch, a winch, my kingdom for a winch’  with apologies to William S. Twelve skippers turned up, a good turnout after it rained hard nearly all day. Two had broken winches, one had no spare so retired immediately but Eric had so set about replacing it which caused him to miss the first three races.

At 6pm the early arrivals were setting up C rigs so yours truly replaced the A rig from last week with a C but the wind decreased and the skippers already on the lake thought it time to go up to the B rig so some frantic re-rigging. We started racing about ten minutes late. Eric managed to join us on race four but during the fifth race his winch packed in again (water in boat, same reason as last time but not known from where it gets in). The wind was consistent in direction but not in strength; at times we had all three rigs in the same race. It was also a coldish evening but, hardy fools that we are, we stuck it out for eight races and finally packed it in at about half past eight. The results are below along with the ‘league’ table after four events (one cancelled).

DF65 Series 2 meeting 4DF65 Series 2 League table