DF Squadron 21st Jan.


Last Saturday was our first joint meeting. This time it was the turn of the DF95s to go first at 12 noon. Here is Garry’s report.

Ice Cold in Fleetwood

DragonFlite 95 Winter Series 21st January 2017

First of all grateful thanks to Paul Balcombe for his assistance with the markers on the adjacent lake and to Michael Benson for braving the elements and taking the results etc. on an exceptionally cold day!

Nevertheless, six cold blooded DF95 skippers were not deterred and managed eight races in the best of the day’s breeze – see Ken’s DF65 report!

Another maiden launch brought a first place for Rick Ford although normal service was resumed when Derek sorted his rig and reeled off the next seven, hotly pursued by Rick and Eric.

1st  Derek Priestley

2nd  Rick Ford

3rd  Eric Reid

(comprehensive results to follow when I have got my head around the MYA’s spreadsheet)


Next up were the DF65s. Although twelve skippers turned up only nine sailed and one was a guest. For the others it was either too cold, leaking boat or bad electrics. By the time the first boats put to water the wind had dropped to a mere wisp. We tried the same course as the DF95s but whereas they did two or three laps each race we did one just to see how things went. About twenty minutes later a change of course was obviously needed and it seemed like the far side of the lake might offer a bit of wind; it didn’t and not even a flock of ducks swimming through the course could generate any additional movement. After just two more races, drifting ever slower as the wind dropped completely, we called it a day and went back to the club house for a hot drink and another valuable lesson on tactics from Derek. Many thanks to Harry Norris for doing the scoring.

The results are


We had two DF65 meetings last year, one in October and one in November which are not enough to make a series so I am including them in our Winter series which means we have now had three out of a possible four meetings. The league table is below.