IOM Open Mayoral Cup Results

Evening All.

Here’s the briefest of reports on today’s IOM Open Meeting. Wall to wall sunshine with a very reasonable breeze apart from the massive wind shifts. Dave Hollom had a Bennyerism with his boom and retired. John Brierley sailed a blinder today, the model of consistency to take out the win. Derek Priestley eased himself into a comfortable second place with Peter Baldwin in third place only pipping Mike Parkington on countback. All in all a great days sailing.

  1. John Brierley
  2. Derek Priestley
  3. Peter Baldwin
  4. Michael Parkington
  5. Damien Ackroyd (Update 11.04.17)
  6. Rick Ford (Update 11.04.17)
  7. Tim Lanigan
  8. Sue Parkington
  9. Chris Chatfield
  10. Dave Hollom

Update 11.04.17

Turns out the maths was a little wonky in the sheet below, the bottom 3 lines only counted 2 discards, which means John Brierley did even better scoring 23 points, Peter Baldwin in fact almost pipped Derek with 35 points and Damien should have been 5th on the day scoring 59 points. It was still a great days sailing 🙂

As always thanks to Eric Watkinson for the starts and the finishes (ably assisted by Dave Hollom.) Thanks to Bob Jolly for sending the pictures in.