DF95 Easter Pop-up Results

20 skippers made to the startline today for the DF95 Easter Pop-up Open Meeting. During the briefing Derek passed on the sad news that one of his best mates and lifelong Fleetwood Member, John Brooks, passed away in his sleep last week. A moment for silence was held and then we went outside and did what Brooky loved, we raced our little boats on the Navied pond.

And now to the racing, the morning session was a mixed bag. The primary force acting upon our yachts came from all sorts of directions. It came and it went making life difficult for both the race team and all us lot. An early tea break ensued, followed by another couple of drifts and long lunch.

After lunch conditions improved, the courses had less knitting and we managed to scrape together 10 races. The racing was close throughout the fleet but John Sharman sailed a corker today to take 3rd spot with a big row of keepers on the scorecard. Shaun Priestley was at times, sailing degrees higher than the rest us and slide himself into a comfortable 2nd place (some sort of Americas Cup voodoo?) And of course it was our own Mr T who went home with the grandest of prizes. Where else can you win a realistic plastic crab at an Open Meeting…


Thankyou once again to Judith Baldwin for running the racing and keeping score.