DF Squadron Club Racing 7

DF65s Wednesday 31st May 2017 Series 1 Event 7

On arrival there was practically no wind, as forecast, and what there was was changing direction all the time so Derek delayed setting a course until the wind settled down a bit. Whilst we were waiting dark storm clouds came over and the wind picked up to such an extent that we wondered whether to change down to B rigs from the As that everyone had chosen. Eleven skippers turned up but two had winch and server problems. The winch got sorted but not the rudder servo so Eddie has not been included on the score sheet. The wind continued to be unpredictable all evening and Derek changed either the course or the start on almost every race. At the end we had another Derek lecture on ley lines and wind shifts. This was the last race in this series so the league table is the final one. Congratulations to John P, winner and Garry B, runner up.


Ken Crabtree  DF65 Fleet Captain

DF95s Tuesday 30th May 2017 Series 1 Event 7

Peter Chester joined the squadron for the final event in the spring series and we were blessed with the vagaries of our climate which ranged from initially sporting B rigs in a steady wind coming straight down the lake to drunken squalls testing A rigs to their limits. We again managed our customary eight races which sadly saw Shaun taking in water and missing out on an overall series win. Derek’s battery did one on him and Peter also missed the final two races. Consistency again proved fruitful for Chris and this gained him runner up spot in the series which Tim, with three outright firsts, were not enough in the best four format but he has the consolation of topping the winter series with Chris again being runner up. So, congratulations to Mark, which just goes to show that ‘ you have to be in it to win it’.

Next Tuesday is the first event of the summer series and it would be really helpful to have a full attendance prior to the Nationals, to which there is still time to enter and join the Squadron’s current strong entry.



See you on the water

Garry Benson   DF95 Club Captain