DF Squadron Saturday Series 2017 No. 3

DF95s 10th June

As expected turnout was low because eight skippers in Milton Keynes for the DF95 National Championship but three hardy skippers donned waterproofs to keep out the driving rain and managed eight races. The first raced used the same course as the DF65s last Wednesday but in a Southerly wind there were no challenging beats so the course was altered. After completing two races in about 15 to 20 minutes we decided to make each race two laps.

Thanks to Alan Hinchcliffe for braving the weather and taking charge of the scoring.

DF65s 10th June

The three 95 skippers were joined by two more for the DF65 races. These boats being a bit slower we only did one lap for each race and although we completed our customary eight races in an hour and a half we were so soaked we decided to call it a day.