10 Rater Nats – Day 2 report

What a difference a day makes at Fleetwood… torrential rain, followed by a consistent drizzle and the wind shifted 180 degrees from the previous 5 days. The first race was held in a gusty 14 knots with Dave Potter taking an early win. Slowly but surely the wind died away to nothing with John Tushingham scoring a couple of well deserved races wins and Yannick taking a brace with his swing rigged Kamsin2 (which looked particularly tasty in the light).

With the wind giving up and doing the crazy things it became impossible to set a decent course and the fleet went for an early bath with 25 races completed by 2pm.

Graham Bantock sailed a super consistent regatta to take the Championships with Yannick sneaking into second place late in the day with string of good results. David Potter and Matteo Longhi came in 3rd and 4th respectively with Roy Stevens winning the Classic Trophy with his IOTA.

We like to thank the following race team for carrying on after the Marblehead Nationals and putting on another cracking event for the 10’s…

  • Derek Priestley
  • Peter Baldwin
  • Judith Baldwin
  • Robert Owens
  • Rick Ford
  • Ken Crabtree
  • Tim Lanigan
  • Paul Balcombe

And of course we’ll finish with even more more pictures!