DF95 2018 Saturday series 1

31st March 2018

A bitterly cold 20+ mph wind greeted us on arrival at the lake, but at least it was dry, B rig was the sail of choice, and a 2 lap triangular course was set. 6 Hardy skippers including guest Gordon Bayliff from the Barrow club started the day just after 10am, and because of the cold we agreed to do 4 races and have a break for a hot brew, then continue on until we had completed 8, then have lunch and a warm by the hot air blower.

Peter Iles joined us after lunch, and we braved the elements for another 6 races, calling it a day around 3pm, completing 14 races in all.

Tim Lanigan comfortably took the honours for the day, followed by Dave Burke, and John Plant who had borrowed Uncle Derek’s boat for the day.

Garry Benson

DF95 Capt