DF65 Series 1 Event 7

Unfortunately not much to report this week on what should have been an exciting climax to the series, with Chris and John fighting it out for overall top spot with only twenty eight points separating them before the event.

Instead we had to endure an evening of drifting and taking a gamble on searching for a lift of any sort, which were few and far between. To give you an idea of the conditions it took us nearly half an hour to complete race 1, a short triangular course of two laps, so this was shortened to one lap, and we persevered managing five races in the evening before it became an absolute calm.

It was of no surprise that Chris and John were managing the conditions better than the rest of us, and it was John who came out on top for the evening, but it was not enough to prevent Chris taking the title of Series 1 winner by only six points.

Thanks goes to the sixteen different skippers who turned out during the series to make the events possible.

So now we move on to Series 2, which begins Thurs 7th June at 6.30pm.

Hope to see you there.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.