DF65 Series 2 Event 3

21 June 2018
We wanted some wind for a change and boy did we get some. A course was set up the lake to take out some of the chop, C rig was the choice, but even then it was difficult, tacking was hard and we all struggled, but after saying all that I think everybody enjoyed the challenge.
No breakdowns of note, other than a couple whose batteries ran out, and Eddie whose batteries died in his hearing aid, and we had a short delay as he changed those so he could hear the starter, and we all came off the lake after our eight races, with no broken boats.
John and Eddie showed that they can cope well with any conditions, and took the top two spots.
Thanks to Peter for being Race Officer for the evening, and being lenient with all the uncontrollable jostling on the start line.
Our next DF 65 event in the series is on Thurs 28th June at 6.30pm
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.