DF 65 Series 3 Event 1

With several notable absentees on the night it was still a well-attended event for this our first in the Series. Twelve skippers were challenged by an ever changing wind which tested patience and skill. No surprise then that the first three on the night were the most experienced skippers.

A figure eight type course was set in A Rig conditions, and eight races were completed in the time.

We welcomed new recruit Eric Austwick to the Squadron for his first outing, who acquitted himself well finishing in sixth place respectively. A couple of breakdowns late on for Darren (leak) and Tim (batteries) and for Susan who said she had lost the will to live, but I bet she will be back next week for some more torture, what a character, brightens our evenings no end.

Thanks to Peter for RO duties.

Our next DF65 outing is on Thurs 2nd Aug at 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.