DF95 Squadron SERIES 3 EVENT 2

Despite several of the regulars being absent for a variety of reasons, 10 boats made it to the start line. Earlier in the afternoon it would definitely have been B rig conditions, but the wind moderated a bit and everyone started with A rigs.
The conditions were excellent, though the direction was a bit ‘shifty’ on occasions, with a good beat up the length of the lake to the other end and a run back down, followed by a beat to the finish line halfway up the lake.
The wind gradually increased as the evening progressed and Gordon and David had rig breakages and chose to drop down to B rigs for the last 2 races, rather than waste time fixing A rigs. The decision paid off for Gordon who finished the evening with a 2nd and a win, whilst David was somewhat less successful as his B rig sheeting fell apart! Shaun had a rudder servo failure and missed the last two races.
Shaun and John battled it out most of the evening, with Shaun eventually taking it by one point.
The third event of Series 3 is Tuesday, the 7th August at 6.30pm
Many thanks to David Foster for the results and the report.