DF 95 Winter Series 2 & 3

Here are some belated results for the DF95s

15th December 2018

As storm Deirdre passed over the coastline, five foolhardy skippers tested their skills in C rigs and managed just a handful of races before the horizontal rain set in. A mixture of calamities, including Peter and myself being hooked up and drifting to end of the lake not to mention a blown servo and last but not least a broken jib pivot cord added to the ‘enjoyment’! Congrats to Gordon as the results reflect some excellent course management and yacht maintenance.

Garry Benson

Sailing Secretary

Saturday, 19th January 2019

With quite a few regulars missing four skippers from Fleetwood made the 12pm start joined by two visitors from Scotland who must have completed at least a 500 mile round trip to come to the event. With the wind from ESE it made course setting difficult, half the length of the lake was used and a simple sausage course set. One lap was sailed for the first two races which was extended to two for the rest of the day. The wind swung around and changed strength quite often during just about every race which allowed for some tactical racing. We were joined after race five by Tony, John also put in a cameo appearance for three races. Gordon B. took the honours followed by Gordon R. who was racing his new 95 for the first time and got better as the afternoon went on. Peter was third and supplied us with a nice shiny refurbished buoy to use as the windward mark. For Bill it was a day to forget as several new boat issues plagued him all afternoon, his boat only being put together the night before. All in all a pleasant, good natured afternoons sailing with a reasonable A rig breeze, bring on the warm weather!

Report by Gordon Bayliffe