DF95 2019 series 1 Event 1

Tuesday 16th April

Tonight was the first evening outing for the DF95s in 2019. Eight skippers arrived at the ready all dressed in A rigs at the amended time of 18:00, just in case an overcast sky turned the lights down early.
A continued breeze from the East had us set a course from the midway mark of the lake and we had two laps of ideal beating up the lake and to finish a short way up. The shifty winds were just as you made your way past the boathouse.
A short somewhat cramped start line, but we just made use of the marks that were already there and the plan was to squeeze in eight races before the light faded.
Mark Rose won the first race with Shaun Holbeche close on his heels all the way round. Walter Audley won the next one and surprised himself, trying to convince us that he’d never won a race before. Then modestly downplaying his victory, reckoned it was because a couple of boats were tied up in front that enabled him to pass.
Shaun later won a race, but Mark had been on top form. There was some good racing and it was close at the pointy end. David R. had some winch line issues but otherwise like the rest enjoyed the evening.
Five races had and we decided for a shortened course by a lap to speed up the deadline. We did this a couple of times and then went for a final two lapper again to finish on a good race. Tony won the last one, making four individual skippers to win races.
The top two places had been very close and competitive giving Mark the win and Shaun for second honours.
1 Mark Rose, 2 Shaun Holbeche3, Tony Wilson
Tony W. Temporary DF95 Captain 
I have also been asked to remind DF95 skippers of the upcoming Open dual event for DF95 / DF65 on Easter Monday. You can sail either or both as they will be sailed alternately.