DF95 2019 Series 1 event 6

Tuesday 21st May

Six Yachts this week with a bit of sharing again, Derek and Gary taking the helm for some races. What a difference a week makes as the wind was from the the West, more or less straight down the lake, strong enough that all bar two used the B rig for the first two races, all then changing up to the A rig. Each race used three quarters of the lake for two laps. 

Shaun’s lead for the majority of the first three races before his boat took on a large amount of water during race 5 after the hatch had been removed to fix a problem encountered the race before and not sealed back down sufficiently, let’s hope he is back on the water soon leading the way again.

The finish was slightly later than usual taking advantage of the available daylight.

The next DF95 racing at Fleetwood is this Saturday.