DF65 2019 series 1 Event 6

23rd May 2019

With an in-between wind for either A+ or A sail, the majority of the thirteen skippers who turned out including one guest chose the A, but in hindsight the A+ would have been a better choice, as the conditions changed a little as the evening wore on.

With the wind from the west a two lap sausage course was set and we had eight races on the night.

Garry thought ahead and set out with the A+ from the start, he was in majestic form taking all the races bar one, which Derek won with a borrowed boat, but after borrowed boat average rule we use, Garry won that as well, so taking all eight races. Ken once again was on good form taking second spot and Walter third.

John was the only real casualty on the night with rudder/servo problems after a collision, and that cost him five races.

So good to see a great turnout once again, and hope we get something of the same or better next time out, which is on Thurs 30th May 6.30pm start, for the last event of Series one.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.