DF65 2019 series 2 Event 1

6th June 2019

Again another fine turnout of thirteen skippers, on a sunny, mild and dry spring evening, for this the first event of series two.

With what wind there was, enough suitable for the A+ rig, coming straight down the lake from the west, a course was set with a beat to the windward mark, round the mark and a run to a gate up by the bridge, back up to the windward mark again, rounding and then a run to the finish by the clubhouse.

Ten races were had in the time, and five different skippers enjoyed taking at least one bullet.

The usual culprits were up at the top with Garry being very consistent once again, and taking overall first place from John, who did a great job with a set of borrowed homemade sails off Chris.

Eric fared well with his new set of sails first time out, and had a few good results,

So a very enjoyable nights sailing, and so good to see so many dragons on the water.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.