2019 DF95 Saturday series Event 3

Saturday 29th June

With an iffy forecast although to remain dry, 9 Skippers met up for the Saturday’s afternoon series.It’s not too bad as you can still go out shopping in the morning, if that’s your thing.
The first couple of races were a bit unsure as the wind hadn’t quite made up it’s mind to where it was going to settle and one race was even abandoned due to a great wind shift. Derek had been shuffling the start line and order of buoys to be taken on each race.
Finally at about race four the cast was set and a triangle followed by a sausage course was sailed from just outside the clubhouse. John Sharman was to be troop leader as he was off to a sprint start on nearly every race, leaving the rest to just get in each others way.
Derek kindly alternated among struggling crew to help trim and get the best from their boat. When you see that it doesn’t matter which boat he’s been sailing, you then know your success is down to your interpretation of how you sail it.
After about five races a welcome coffee break was called. The wind further increased and the sailing got better. John S. continued in his conquest to better his score and also helped struggling skippers to trim their boats just like his.
We finished sailing at 4pm just as the wind got up even more and looked like threatening the use of a smaller sail.
John had the perfect score of 8 points from the ten races sailed. Bob J. came second and Eric A. in third place. The next in the Saturday series is for the smaller Df 65 in July and then back on to the DF95 in August.

Tony W