Covid-19 Update

The FMYPBC is adhering to Government advice and remains closed to members for the purposes of model boat sailing. It is committed to the safety of its members and the public during this period of uncertainty.

The current position is that

1. The lake itself is open and our members can always, as part of their daily exercise, drive to the lake and sail their boat remembering the rules of social distancing. However, they must do this as a member of the public together with other members of the same household, or one other person and not congregate as a group. 

2. The clubhouse, in line with other sports clubs, e.g. golf and tennis clubs, remains closed. Members must not enter the clubhouse until the lockdown is relaxed by the Government and the appropriate sanitisation products have been installed.

3. Members are always asked to act responsibly during the coming months and show respect to one another and to the public maintaining social distancing.

4. The water level in the lake is exceptionally low which will make the sailing of boats virtually impossible. The club have been advised that it requires an 8.5mtr tide to operate the pump and these high tides are not due until the 4th June. Further information will be posted in due course.

5. A word of caution – If a claim is made and the club/member involved is in contravention of the current legal or government regulations then the indemnity provided by the insurance is invalid