Steps for Returning to Sailing 29.3.21

1. The Club priority in returning to sailing is the safety and well-being of its members. To this end the Club will adopt the guidance issued by the MYA as its platform to return to sailing. The guidance effective from the 29th March can be reviewed on the following link: Steps for MYA Clubs Return to Sailing – Mar 2021 – Issued 21.03.21

2. Step I of the Roadmap is due to be introduced on the 29th March. As an organised sport sailing can resume as suggested in the guidance document. To support the document, the club will have the following rules in place: –

a. Sailing can only be conducted as an outside activity. Access to the Clubhouse will remain closed to members until at least Step 3 of the Roadmap.

b. Access to the internal toilet will be available via the Boathouse entrance.

c. Members will be allowed access to their boats via the Boathouse entrance.

d. On organised sailing days the clubhouse front entrance will be opened by a designated key holder.  
    Key holders are members of the General Committee, Class Captains & Caretaker.

e. Key holders will be responsible for opening the back door to the Boathouse enabling access to boats and the toilets. The front door to the clubhouse will be shut and members are requested not to breach the guidelines by walking through the clubhouse.

f. At the close of racing members may wash their boats down using the hosepipe.

g. Members wishing to gain access to their boats outside of organised racing times must contact a designated keyholder who will arrange to meet and open the door.

h. The canteen will remain closed until at least Step 3.

i. At all timed members accessing the Boathouse area must maintain social distancing.

3. Step 2 of the Roadmap has no impact on our sailing activities. Steps 3 & 4 should enable a full return to clubhouse activities subject to Government review and therefore we will be reviewing what steps we need to take nearer the time.

4. Members are advised that it is their decision as to whether they wish to participate in sailing activities.

5. If any member feels that further restrictions or changes are required they are invited to contact the Club with their suggestions.