DF Squadron 2017 Saturday Series Event 2

DF65s and DF95s 13th May 2017

The Gods were, as forecast, kind to the five 65 skippers and the three 95 skippers who enjoyed eight races for which different courses were set accordingly. Eddie prevailed with the 65s and Mike Benson for the 95s. From a personal point of view I was grateful to Peter Jackson for his ROD duties and for Mike, Bob and Robin for allowing myself (who managed to forget his rigs) and for allowing Peter for using their boats in various races.

Garry Benson

DF Squadron Club Racing 4

DF95s Series 1 Event 4 Tuesday 9th May

In an ever diminishing northwest breeze twelve skippers, which included our most recent fleet member David Rose, managed to complete eight single lap races. As you will see from the attached table we had five different individual winners with Shaun being the runaway leader and Chris proving that consistency has its rewards!

A reminder that we have 95 club racing this Saturday (13.5.17) at 2.30pm.

Garry Benson DF95 Fleet Captain

DF65s Series 1 Event 4 Wednesday 10th May

A fine sunny evening and a light northerly wind enticed eleven skippers for what turned out to be some challenging racing. We included the dreaded marker on the north side of the lake and it proved to be the downfall of a few skippers, myself in particular, getting endearingly attached to it on two occasions. Paul Reid is coming into good form winning five of the eight races. Peter Jackson decided to test his knees and even though he retired for the last two races he still finished third, pipping Garry on count back, a very good result.


Ken Crabtree DF65 Fleet Captain

DF Squadron Club Racing 3

DF65 Wednesday 3rd May 2017

The wind was stronger than forecast, which may account for the lower turn-out, but at least it was an easterly (with a slight hint of northerly) so we could set a course with a convenient start line. We all opted for the B rig which coped quite well. The first two races took almost half an hour so the course was shortened slightly but then the wind started to increase and boats were torpedoing and turning in uncontrolled circles so after four races some skippers opted to go down to the C rig and some opted to go home! By the end of the sixth race we had had enough; too windy and feeling cold so we called it a night. Still, we had a challenging hour and forty minutes of racing, The results are below and as we have now had three meetings there are also the current league positions.


DF95 Tuesday 2nd May – Series 1 Event 3

It was good to have Russell back racing after his holiday when Mark Rose also proved that there is no substitute for experience as, after Derek missed the last three races, he deservedly topped the podium. In saying that we had four different skippers taking a bullet and there was close racing throughout.

Many thanks to David Rose for scoring and voluntarily being race officer. You will note that we managed nine races which were contested in a superb A rig breeze and probably the warmest evening of the year so far.

The results are below.

Garry Benson  DF95 Captain

DF Squadron Club Racing 2

DF95 Fleet Tuesday 25th April

We welcomed Mark Rose to our fleet and in his case common sense prevailed as he did not have the C rig with him to survive the conditions!

We must admire the eight other skippers who endured a bitingly cold gale force wind which, prior to the first race even managed to delay proceedings whilst abating.

Common sense was also order of the day for Derek who had brought along one of two new 95s he had assembled and after one race retired as he preferred to deliver it in one piece.

Just five races were completed and Tim Lanigan took all five bullets with Dave Foster being a well deserved runner-up and Chris Chatfield completing the podium. Results to follow shortly.

Just a reminder that we are running a DF95 pop-up racing day this coming Bank Holiday Monday, 1st June and all club members are welcome. Briefing 10,15 with first race at 10.30am. Note though that it is intended to be more of a ‘training’ day with expert advice from Derek P.

Garry Benson

Fleetwood DF95 Squadron Captain

DF65 Fleet Wednesday 26th April

That dastardly north wind again but a bit calmer than the previous evening and B rigs coped reasonably well. Derek set a course of two laps of a long sausage but the windward mark was proving to be a killer. The approach was tricky, boat belting along one second and then dying the next until near the mark when the wind took hold and control was difficult, even for the experienced skippers. Once round the mark you had to dodge the boats still approaching. Chaos ensued! After three races the course was shortened but the windward mark was no easier.

Paul Reid took the first race, on his first outing this year, but only six skippers took part. Thereafter, once all eleven skippers raced the honours were shared by Garry, four firsts and John, three.


DF Squadron Club Racing

Tuesday 18th April DF95 Fleet

Tonight we welcomed David Foster and Robin Gray to our fleet and guest skippers David Stewart and Shaun Priestley.

On an uncomplicated course, kindly set by Derek, eleven skippers persevered in a breeze with more holes than a string vest and only five races were completed before sundown! Chris Chatfield suffered the dreaded winch servo burn out and Derek and son Shaun missed the final slog due to family commitments which somewhat distorted the overall result. Nevertheless, congrats to Tim Lanigan whose consistency speaks for itself.

Wednesday 19th April DF65 Fleet

At first it looked like some skippers were going off our booklet’s start time of 6.30pm as turnout was low but the last minuters brought it up to a respectable twelve; could do better though! Perhaps the effort of the all day Pop-up DF95 on Monday and yesterday evening’s club DF95 meeting had taken their toll on the skippers who have both classes.

We had a reasonably stable westerly wind and completed eight races by eight o’clock. We could have possibly done more if we hadn’t spent time on trying to guide a couple of out-of-control boats back to shore; electrical problems! Poor Mark suffered his just 2 or 3 yards from the finishing line, in first place; he might have won the night otherwise. As it was John Plant took the honours.

Next week we should be able to have a later start; watch for the email!!

DF Squadron Saturday 18th March

First up this time, the DF95s. Here’s Garry’s report.

A golden opportunity to test the smaller rigs was enjoyed by six enthusiastic skippers in less than welcoming weather on our freshly filled lake. Various rig failures were experienced and some inventive tuning proved to be valuable knowledge. Six races on a simple two marker up and downwind course had everyone trailing in Tim’s wake and Eric, who had borrowed a B-rig, was a sight to behold on the run. I trust that everyone who has not already entered and, can make it, comes and supports the club at the Dragon Travellers racing this coming weekend.

Results: 1  Tim Lanigan    4 pts

                2  Peter Iles          9 pts

                3  Eric Reid          10 pts

Next up were the DF 65s

By now the rain had eased off and the wind had dropped a bit so we all started off with B-rigs on a sausage course, starting and finishing on a beat.  After race one Tony had leak problems, again, and had to retire. The wind dropped more during the fourth and fifth races so we broke for 10 minutes whilst everyone went up to the A-rig. The forecast for the DF TT event on Saturday is full sun so no excuse for missing out what should be great couple of days.


Fleetwood DF Squadron 4th March 2017

So here we are again on this foreign lake. We seem to be plagued by S or SW winds, the worst possible. Our marker buoys have been  mucked up by the recent gales so much that the only course would be a slalom! Unfortunately we didn’t have an Olympic hammer thrower to put some  markers in better positions but there was a friendly  kayak-er on the lake and he obliged by re-positioning  a marker to allow us a reasonable course with a short initial beat. The DF65s were first up. Although A rigs were the order of the day some of the markers caused many a disaster, except to the ‘expert’ sailors, (how do they do it?) so there were no surprises in the results other than Tim lost one race to Garry!!

Thanks to Eric Reid for scoring for us.

The day’s results are below together with the final league table for the DF65s winter series.

winter-2016-meeting-7  final-df65-winter-series-table

Next up the DF95s captained by Garry.

Being second up we fortunately benefited from the prior 65 racing and also from Bob Jolly for taking on the RO duties. Yet again the 95 offered a maiden race to Peter Chester who just fell short with a second to Tim Lanigan’s first of six bullets.

Full race details of this inaugural winter series will be on the web shortly. In the meantime today’s first three are:

  1. Tim Lanigan
  2. Chris Chatfield
  3. Peter Isle

PS Don’t forget the DF TT on March 25th/26th!!  65s on the Saturday, 95s on the Sunday. If you are going to race please register on-line; it gives us an idea of how many to cater for.