DF65 2019 series 1 Event 2

25th April 2019

A wonderful turnout of thirteen skippers for the second event of our evening series, which was delayed slightly. As we were about to get underway a heavy downpour with thunder and lightning came through, and had us dashing to the clubhouse for cover, it soon passed and we were out again only to find the wind had dropped considerably, but there was enough for us to get cracking.

A figure eight course had been set with a start across the end of the lake by the bridge, then a run to mid lake and across and back again. Garry was on song once again taking the first five races and it was clear he was going to be the winner on the night with his consistency.

As darkness drew in we just managed to get our customary eight races in for two discards to count, much needed for a few, as some had terrible starts getting used to the conditions, and there was the odd breakdown here and there.

Many thanks to Derek for being RO and doing the scoring.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF95 2019 series 1 Event 2

23rd April 2019

Hi Chaps
8 boats turned up for the second round of the series. A good A Rig breeze faced the skippers and some good competitive sailing was experienced. The winner on the evening was Chris Chatfield taking the honours in a fiercely fought contest from Mark Rose. Thanks to Derek for scoring throughout the race.

DF65 2019 series 1 Event 1

19th April 2019

Well what a great start to the first of our evening series of the year with thirteen skippers turning out. With the wind from the East and all of us on A rigs we set about taking on a simple up and down course with a reach at each end to spread the fleet. The earlier start of 6pm seemed to be the right choice, as we just managed to get our eight races in before the light left us.

Derek took the first two races and he looked like the man to beat, but he gave us all a chance after lending his boat to an interested guest to have a go after race three. John set off well after missing the first race, but sadly a breakdown later on put paid to any chance of him pushing for a top spot, but it was, Chris, Steve, Ken and Bob Jones fighting it out for the honours, and it couldn`t have been closer, with only two points separating the top four. Chris and Bob shared first on nineteen points respectively, but Chris got it on count back, with Steve just edging out Ken for third.

A great race night was had by all, so for those of you who missed out we are doing it all again next week, with event two on 25th April 6.30pm start, come on down and enjoy the fun.

Bob Jolly

DF65 Capt.   

DF95 2019 series 1 Event 1

Tuesday 16th April

Tonight was the first evening outing for the DF95s in 2019. Eight skippers arrived at the ready all dressed in A rigs at the amended time of 18:00, just in case an overcast sky turned the lights down early.
A continued breeze from the East had us set a course from the midway mark of the lake and we had two laps of ideal beating up the lake and to finish a short way up. The shifty winds were just as you made your way past the boathouse.
A short somewhat cramped start line, but we just made use of the marks that were already there and the plan was to squeeze in eight races before the light faded.
Mark Rose won the first race with Shaun Holbeche close on his heels all the way round. Walter Audley won the next one and surprised himself, trying to convince us that he’d never won a race before. Then modestly downplaying his victory, reckoned it was because a couple of boats were tied up in front that enabled him to pass.
Shaun later won a race, but Mark had been on top form. There was some good racing and it was close at the pointy end. David R. had some winch line issues but otherwise like the rest enjoyed the evening.
Five races had and we decided for a shortened course by a lap to speed up the deadline. We did this a couple of times and then went for a final two lapper again to finish on a good race. Tony won the last one, making four individual skippers to win races.
The top two places had been very close and competitive giving Mark the win and Shaun for second honours.
1 Mark Rose, 2 Shaun Holbeche3, Tony Wilson
Tony W. Temporary DF95 Captain 
I have also been asked to remind DF95 skippers of the upcoming Open dual event for DF95 / DF65 on Easter Monday. You can sail either or both as they will be sailed alternately.

2019 Saturday series Event 1

6th April 2019

The first event of our Saturday Series saw a great turnout of thirteen skippers, sadly there was little wind to begin with, and the A+ sail was the choice if you owned one. With what wind there was coming from the North meant we had to have a short beat across the end of the lake to start, to a difficult windward mark partly sheltered by the sand dunes, but once round that we were then away up the lake in better air.

As the afternoon progressed the wind picked up and it became a little easier to round, and with a slight course change here and there as conditions changed we were able to have some good racing, and a total of nine races were had.

It turned out to be a very close fight for the honours as Chris, John and Sue were only separated by a single point in the end, but it was Sue who took top spot from Chris, and with four bullets in her score was a well-deserved winner. Our next outing for the 65 is the start of our evening meetings on Thursday 18th April at 6.00 pm not 6.30pm as in the booklet! (because sunset is 8.18pm)

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF 95 Winter Series 5

23rd March 2019

Nine skippers turned up for the last in Winter series No 5.
Probably ideal conditions if you don’t like being blown away and all races were taken in A rig. Again we welcomed a couple of friendly visitors from north of the border Bill Lees and Gordon Rae. The first six races were more or less the full length of the lake up to a lonely little mark bang in the middle at the very top. Run down and a short beat to a finish at the second bench. After a tea break our boat man Peter made us a gate at the bottom end and we decided the change was for two half length lake races for a change. The wind put a northerly slant in so we then did away with the gate and the new brightly flourescent lime green buoy became the leeward mark while keeping to the half lake option.
Gordon Bayliffe had rudder problems for the last three races which probably dropped him a couple of places on the finish order. John Sharman won the day having half of the wins to himself. The remaining six races were divided among Peter, Gordon B. and Gordon R.
The next Saturday series starts at the slightly later time of 1pm.

Tony Wilson (Fleet Saturday Captain)