Six Metre Open – 25th August

Following the success of the first ever Six Metre open meeting in April the Six Metre section is holding another open meeting on Sunday 25th August.
We have already had a very good response to this event and would welcome further entries from any six metre owners who would like to get on the water and race in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. With the Nationals coming up in early September this represents a great opportunity for a shakedown and sharpening your skills at a great venue for larger yachts.
I also have a six metre that is available for loan at the event if someone wants to have a go!

Please enter using the MYA Online Entry Form or email: (for queries too)

Six Metre Open – 14th April 2019

Following on from the creation of a small 6mR fleet at Fleetwood it was decided to hold an open meeting at the venue with the hope of encouraging further participation in the north of England to promote the virtues of the class on a piece of water that contrasts with traditional sheltered waters of established 6m venues.

There was a practice and tuning session on the Saturday afternoon which saw 4 boats in attendance and a very pleasant meal and chinwag in the Mount that evening. Well we certainly made a splash.

Fleetwood delivered its customary wind, albeit from the less commonly experienced SSE direction, of 15mph with gusts into the 20s. It made for some spectacular sailing. I don’t think anyone present had ever seen 6mRs sail downwind at the sustained speeds we witnessed. Were they planing? Hard to say. Probably not, but they were challenging Froude’s law!

The course was a long dogleg of two windward legs up to the clubhouse corner and a wing mark in front of the bridge using some three quarters of the length of the lake, then a long downwind leg back to the start area. Two laps, then a finish at the first upwind dogleg mark. Six boats arrived at the start line but Bill Green’s Renaissance, perhaps more used to a quieter life back home soon succumbed to an unusual fault when the through deck pulley failed following a line jumping off. Alas a repair or replacement could not be fashioned. The race order took on a pattern with sail 16, Shaun holbeche (Ravenna) leading followed by sail 12, Mike Ewart (Ravenna) with 66, Gordon Bayliff (Optimum) taking thirds, until that too suffered an unusual failure of the winch tray which curtailed Gordon’s further involvement. 16 had a topping lift wrap itself on the rigging and dropped a spot too. Meanwhile 07 (Panther) sailed by Eric in his first ever experience of a 6mR and 38 (Seismick) under Damian Ackroyd, (two boats recently returned to competition and awaiting hull appendage/lead/rig upgrades) were engaged in a close battle that was decided by one point. When the Panther was derigged afterwards it was found that the mast had sheared right at deck level and was held in place by rig tension which perhaps explained why main sail shape had deteriorated later in the day!

The spectacle attracted a good number of club members and onlookers and many pictures were taken. All the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even Bill who said it was well worth it for the limited sailing he had experienced. All looked forward to another opportunity to sail on the lake again.


Thanks must go to our race team, Peter Isles who placed the extra buoys for the course and helped with launches, Bob Jolly for his scoring/general assistance and Trevor Bell as Race Officer.

Shaun Holbeche

Mayoral Cup 2019

8 skippers today for the IOM Mayoral Cup. First order of business… bacon butties curtesy of the Parkingtons.

Next up, check the wind on the official Fleetwood Wind-o-Meter: Somewhere between Naff All and Proper Job, that’ll do.

Then the yachting… Grey start, 13 races, decent breeze, lots of shifts, lots of race winners. Holbeche consistent, others less so and a sunny end to the day.

I’ve had too many beers already, here’s a strange info graphic that describes the day…


  • Shaun Holbeche – 22pts
  • Tim Lanigan – 29pts
  • Garry Benson – 30pts
  • Rick Ford – 37pts
  • Damian Ackroyd – 43pts
  • Mike Benson – 54pts
  • Sue Parkington – 58pts
  • Eric Austwick – 85pts

Thanks you to Mike and Sue for running the racing and the galley, and thanks to Bob Jolly for keeping tabs.


I am writing to confirm that the Fleetwood MY&PBC is holding the annual weekend of Classic and Vintage Vane (or Free Sailing) “M” Class racing, on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2019. I am informing you earlier than usual so that you can start preparing your yacht in good time for the event.

Racing will commence at 10.30 am on the dates above. Skippers can choose to visit for either the Saturday or the Sunday, for an entry fee of £3-00 per yacht, or sail both days for the bargain price of £5-00 per yacht.

Trophies awarded will be the Walter Jones Trophy for the top “Vintage” yacht and the Mayoral Cup for the highest scoring “Classic” yacht on the Saturday, then similarly the Hayes Trophy and the Pearson Trophy for top “Vintage” and “Classic” yachts respectively, on the Sunday. However, last year, there was a record entry of 15 yachts, with the same skippers sailing the same boats on both days. With their agreement we made it a two day event and awarded the trophies for 1st and 2nd final positions for both categories of yacht. We shall decide what to do for this year when we know the final entry and whether everyone is taking part both days.

For the purpose of this event we define “Vintage” as the yachts designed from the inception of the “M” Class rule in the early 1930’s, through to the late 1960’s. During this period it was a class rule that the circumference of a 2” disc must fit between the hull and the garboard. Typical examples of these designs are “Witchcraft”, “Foxtrot” and the many Stan Witty designs such as “Manta”, etc. “Classic” covers early fin and bulb designs which do not have the 2” garboard arrangement, up to circa 1980, e.g. “Blood Axe”, “Reflection”, Bill Sykes “Sula”,etc. If in doubt whether you have a yacht conforming to either of these definitions, please contact me.

If you do not have a Classic or Vintage “M” Class as defined above, but would like to be involved in the event, please come along. We always need “Mates” to help “Skippers” and also people for starting and scoring duties.
Skippers are reminded that sometimes there is plenty of wind on the Fleetwood Lake, so it is always advisable to bring your smaller suits of sails as well as your top suits!

Sandwiches and snacks, etc., are available at kiosks situated at both ends of the lake. Tea and coffee will be available in the Clubhouse. It would be appreciated if you could please inform me by Thursday 9th May if you intend to visit on this occasion.  We normally have a de-brief for food and drink, at a local hostelry, in the evening after racing on the Saturday. We look forward to seeing you!

Yours sincerely,
Peter Whiteside, Vane Fleet Captain FMY&PBC

Tel: 01253 778219


Vane 36R Topham Cup

For the first 36R Vane event of the year we had five entries. A couple of the regulars and one out of hibernation that sailed mainly vane boats many moons ago. Wizzy tells me the last time he was out on the water was about 30 years ago and at the time he seemed to be the only one owning a 36R, so now we must have actually grown in numbers.

Derek was with us to team up with Robert and Eric was keen to assist Tony and help the blind lead the blind. Bob was here to mate for Peter and Darren was down to help our John.

Light winds from the bottom of the lake called for big rigs. Some of the usual fumbling around to get the boats out and dusted and then score cards were prepared with the boats and skipper names filled in.

Five of us went to the water edge so Rob was the first on a bye as the other four had just returned from a test run. Mr Wiseman won both his legs against Peter and John scored five points from Tony as his boat didn’t go the same as it did in the test run.

At the beginning of the morning the wind was adequate, but coming up to the lunch break the wind started to dither a little down on the start, but once you were out from the clubhouse it started to work.

Team Rob then started the accumulation of wins against all the other boats as Derek tuned the boat to perfection.

After the lunch break and some more of the long awaited repairs from the previous year, the wind seemed to be back to being just enough as in the beginning.

An early finish left a bit of time for practise as there wouldn’t have been enough time for a second round. Rob and Derek had mopped up all the available points on the day and secured the win.

Although there were still a lot of buoys out on the water, they didn’t really hinder these short keeled boats to be of any problem. Collisions for resails were also at a minimum and the day ran pretty smoothly. These smaller boats are the ideal start platform for anyone contemplating a dabble in the world of Vane sailing. Ideally suited and not too fast that you have to wear running shoes to sprint after them unlike the bigger high flying machines. Come along and see or even pick up a pole and join in, helpers are always made welcome.

Next event in the 36R Vane class is the weekend after Easter on Saturday 27th April.


1 R. Wheeler 20pts
2 K. Wiseman 12 pts
Joint 3rd Peter W. and John P. on 8 pts

Thanks to Tony Wilson for the Report and video’s

IOM Open – Mayoral Cup – 7th of April

Event Schedule:

  • 09:30 Registration & bacon butties
  • 10:00 First Race
  • 16:00 Prize giving

Please enter via the contact form, just let us know know your sail no & club. Entry costs £5 (inc bacon butty) on the day.

Current Entries

  • Mike Parkington
  • Sue Parkington
  • Tim Lanigan
  • Damian Ackroyd
  • Garry Benson
  • Rick Ford
  • Eric Austwick
  • Mike Benson
  • Shaun Holbeche
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Twixmas Regatta

  • Too much TURKEY & CAKE? 
  • Kids driving you mad? 
  • Mother-in-law getting on your nerves?
  • Need a diversion? 
  • Fresh air?
  • Competitive racing?

Then look no further than:


DF95’S  Sat 29th December

IOM’s  Sun 30th December

Bacon Butties for breakfast!


Do both! Stay the sat night at the New Boston & party with us at the Mount!!

How many exclamation marks can we have in one NOR???!!!!

Entry fee £5 per day.

Start 10am, No race to start after 3pm

Enter by emailing the Derek or using contact form

Entry List


  • Shaun Priestley
  • Mick Chamberlain
  • Tim Lanigan
  • Garry Benson
  • John Sharman
  • Susan Sharman
  • Tony Wilson
  • John Tushingham
  • Liz Tushingham
  • David Foster
  • Anna Mckone
  • Chris Chatfield
  • Damian Ackroyd
  • Mike Benson
  • Gordon Bayliff
  • John Blackburn
  • Walter Audley
  • Chris Haworth


  • Paul Allen
  • Shaun Priestley
  • Mick Chamberlain
  • Garry Benson
  • John Sharman
  • John Tushingham
  • Liz Tushingham
  • David Foster
  • Dave Darwell
  • Chris Chatfield
  • Damian Ackroyd
  • Derek Priestley
  • Rob Walsh
  • Rick Ford
  • Eric Austwick
  • Mike Benson
  • Chris Harris
  • David Winder