10 Rater Nats – Day 2 report

What a difference a day makes at Fleetwood… torrential rain, followed by a consistent drizzle and the wind shifted 180 degrees from the previous 5 days. The first race was held in a gusty 14 knots with Dave Potter taking an early win. Slowly but surely the wind died away to nothing with John Tushingham scoring a couple of well deserved races wins and Yannick taking a brace with his swing rigged Kamsin2 (which looked particularly tasty in the light).

With the wind giving up and doing the crazy things it became impossible to set a decent course and the fleet went for an early bath with 25 races completed by 2pm.

Graham Bantock sailed a super consistent regatta to take the Championships with Yannick sneaking into second place late in the day with string of good results. David Potter and Matteo Longhi came in 3rd and 4th respectively with Roy Stevens winning the Classic Trophy with his IOTA.

We like to thank the following race team for carrying on after the Marblehead Nationals and putting on another cracking event for the 10’s…

  • Derek Priestley
  • Peter Baldwin
  • Judith Baldwin
  • Robert Owens
  • Rick Ford
  • Ken Crabtree
  • Tim Lanigan
  • Paul Balcombe

And of course we’ll finish with even more more pictures!

10 Rater Nats – Day 1 Report

Coming hot on the heels of the Marblehead event; 16 top class skippers from 5 European nations made the startline for the MYA 10 Rater National Championships. Racing kicked off at 10am with a range of designs from a brand new Sonix (completed last week) through a flock of Diamonds, a couple of trick looking Kamsin2’s  and a beautifully planked IOTA. Wind wise there was a steady 10-12 knots blowing (almost) straight down the lake all day long which saw a mix of top suits and second suits across the fleet.

We powered through 19 Races today in an effort to get ahead of a bad wind forecast tomorrow. Graham Bantock was the star of the show with Dave Potter and Yannick Rossingnol snapping at his heels. Although to be fair, they’ll have a job on tomorrow to try and catch him.

Nota bene: Boat 83 received re-address in race 16 which is why there are two 2nd place scores.

Another highlight of the day was raking up a mobile phone which took a swim before the last race. Luckily the damn thing was waterproof and worked perfectly after its dip 🙂

And finally here’s an orgy of photographs of these glorious yachts.

M & 10R Nationals

Marblehead Nationals

  • Thu 6th July 14:00 to 18:00 – Registration and Practice
  • Fri 7th July 08:00 to 18:00 – Day 1
  • Sat 8th July 09:30 to 18:00 – Day 2
  • Sun 9th July 09:30 to 16:00 – Day 3

10 Rater Nationals

  • Mon 10th July 08:00 to 18:00 –  Day 1
  • Tue 11th July 09:30 to 16:00 – Day 2


On Saturday and Monday evenings there will be a meal after racing concludes, food will be provided for all (inc partners, kids & dogs) as part of the entry fee but please bring your own drinks. There are once again rumours circulating of uncle Dereks famous quiz being held (minimum 20% of the questions will be Sir Ben Ainslie related!) racing in ‘other’ classes and many a trip to the local pubs in between the serious stuff.

How to enter & further information:

Entry List:

Marblehead Nationals:

Name Sailnumber Design Club Country
Paul Allen 28 Astrix Fleetwood GBR
Darin Ballington 98 Grunge Manor Park GBR
Brad Gibson 42 Grunge Birkenhead GBR
James Edwards 88 Grunge Yeovil GBR
Victoria Gibson 2 Paradox Birkenhead GBR
David Thomas 88 F-5 Australian RYA AUS
Phil Holliday 66 Quark Datchet Water GBR
Colin Goodman 67 Quark Coalhouse Fort GBR
John Smith 43 Quark Manor Park GBR
Laurent Gerbeaud 71 Quark CV Bordeaux Lac FRA
Mike Cooke 74 TBC Sedgemoor GBR
Graham Whalley 16 Starkers Manor Park RSC GBR
Rob Vice 41 Uproar Clapham MYC GBR
Bill Culshaw 21 Grunge Birkenhead GBR
Colin Walton 3 Starkers Cubed Manor Park GBR
Henning Faas 61 F-4 VdMYS GER
Terry Rensch 92 Quark Datchet Water GBR
Duncan Ellis 6 Starkers Cubed Norwich MYC GBR
Rolf Andersson 93 Gothic XP SMSF SWE
Tony Edwards 75 Grunge Yeovil MBC GBR
Per Martensson 27 Vici smsf SWE
Richard Uttley 70 Indie Datchet Water GBR
Yves Girod 116 Sisco Ploermel FRA
Hugh McAdoo 118 Prime Number Datchet Water GBR
Nigel Winkley 13 Nioutram VdMYS GER
Roy Stevens 54 Quark TRI-Services RYA GBR
Matteo Longhi 24 Nioutram NW Garda Sailing ITA
Yannick Rossignol 22 Nioutram US Carmaux Voile FRA
Marc Pomarede 44 Nioutram US Carmaux Voile FRA
David Potter 20 WTF Birkenhead GBR
Graham Bantock 95 Quark Chelmsford GBR
Nicky Ennion 48 Quark Harwich & Dovercourt MBC GBR
Gilles DI CRESCENZO 106 Sisco FRA
Michel BRUN 251 Nioutram France es Renault FRA
Mick Parkington 82 Starkers Cubed Fleetwood GBR
Thomas Blatter 60 Boogie MYCS Switzerland SUI
Roger Stollery 117 UPROAR Guildford GBR
Alf Reynolds 142 Paradox Chelmsford GBR
John Tushingham 51 Dreadnought Keighley GBR
Damian Ackroyd 101 Asterix Leeds & Bradford GBR
John Shorrock 29 Quark Datchet Water RSC GBR
John Cleave 1 TBA Ryde GBR
Vinnie Zammit 17 Starkers Cubed Norwich GBR
Arnaud Toureau 192 CISCO CVBS FRA
Peter Stollery 39 Uproar Guildford MYC GBR
Austin Guerrier 50 Quark Datchet Water RSC GBR
Chris Harris 21 Starkers Windrush GBR
Martin Roberts 55 Starkers Gikenhead GBR
David Croode 86 Bunya Guildford GBR
Shaun Priestley 07 Starkers Fleetwood GBR
Simon Clarke 198 ROK Windrush GBR
John Taylor  63  Starkers Cubed Fleetwood GBR

10 Rater Nationals

Name Sailnumber Design Club Country
John Tushingham 28 Sonix Keighley GBR
Phil Holliday 66 Diamond Datchet Water GBR
Henning Faas 6 F-4 VdMYS GER
Terry Rensch 92 Diamond Datchet Water GBR
Richard Uttley 55 Diadem Datchet Water GBR
Hugh McAdoo 118 Diamond Datchet Water GBR
Nigel Winkley 3 Blade VdMYS GER
Matteo Longhi 24 Kamsin2 NW Garda Sailing ITA
Yannick Rossignol 44 Kamsin2 US Carmaux Voile FRA
Marc Pomarede 44 Kamsin2 US Carmaux Voile FRA
David Potter 20 Defector Birkenhead GBR
Graham Bantock 95 Diamond Chelmsford GBR
Gilles DI CRESCENZO 25 Prizm FRA
Michel BRUN 251 RUBIS3 France es Renault FRA
Roy Stevens 54 IOTA TRI-Services RYA GBR
Colin Harper 85 Diamond MYSA & Hampton Court GBR
Thomas Blatter 60 Diamond MYCS Switzerland SUI
Nicky Ennion 48 Quark 10R Harwich & Dovercourt MBC GBR
Arnaud Toureau 83 Diamond CVBS FRA
Alf Reynolds 142 Paradox Chelmsford GBR