A-Class Championship – Video Highlights

Good evening model yacht racing fans! Tonight we present a video of the recent A-Class Championships. It was very good, by all accounts.

There is no getting around it… This is big file and it might take a while to stream/download/watch but hopefully, its worth it… these were some Classic Fleetwood Vane A Conditions™ … One for the ages. Thanks to Bob Jolly for sending the footage in.

We’ll also be dropping another massive gallery of pictures soon (when your internet has calmed down)


Vane A-Class Championships Final Report

Final report has been posted on Yachts & Yachting by John Taylor, check it out here

And another reminder about Mike Parkington’s epic flickr gallary here:

Updated with this fine report from Peter Whiteside:

Fleetwood Model Yacht & Power Boat Club hosted the MYA National Championships for Vane-steered “A” Class Yachts from Sunday 30th July to Friday 4th August 2017 ( inclusive). These yachts are up to 8 feet long and 9 feet tall and do not have radio control. Competitors came from all over the UK, including Birkenhead, Clapham, Leeds and Bradford, Gosport, four yachts from Fleetwood and also one from Holland. There was plenty of exciting racing in the strong wind conditions.
Championship winners were Fleetwood Club members, David & Robert Bell, sailing “Pegasus”. This was David’s third consecutive win of this event for the “Scrutton Cup”. They also won the “Jonnies Cup” for the highest number of wins sailing to windward.
In second place were Fleetwood Club members Peter Whiteside and Eddie Greenwood, sailing “Blue Note”. They were awarded the “Little Portugal Cup” for being the highest placed competitors who have not previously won the “Scrutton Cup”.
In third place were Martin Roberts and Bernie MacNulty of the Birkenhead Club, sailing “Yellow Peril”. They also won the “Wing & Wing Cup” for the highest number of down-wind races.
The above three yachts were all designed by Fleetwood Club member, John Simpson.
The Fleetwood Club also won the team event for the “Neptune Trophy”, the team of three yachts consisting of “Pegasus”, “Blue Note” and “Dilligaff”, the latter yacht sailed by Robert and Tomas Walsh.
The Denis Lippett Trophy, for the most improved junior competitor, was awarded to Amber Geldard, sailing “Syana” with her father, David, representing the Leeds & Bradford Club.
The mid-week Knock-Out competition for the magnificent 90 year old “Yachting Monthly Cup” was won by the Wyeth family, consisting of grandfather Graham, son Shaun and grandson Louis, sailing “Carbon Copy”.
The Race Officer was Model Yachting Association and Fleetwood Club President, Derek Priestley, himself several times winner of the above trophies and also a World Champion in Radio Controlled “A” Class yachts.
Eric Watkinson was the Scorer, and Line Judges and Starters John Plant, Brian Carruthers, Trevor Bell  and David Rose.
Peter L. Whiteside,
Vane-steered Yachts Fleet Captain

Overall Results:

  • 1st David / Robert Bell, 83pts
  • 2nd Peter Whiteside / Eddie Greenwood, 73pts
  • 3rd Martin Roberts / Bernie McNulty, 68pts
  • 4th Shawn, Lewis, Graham Wyeth, 66pts
  • 5th Arjan Van Der Cidel, 63pts
  • 6th David / Amber Geldard, 58pts
  • 7th Peter Fothergill / Andy Fernie, 50pts
  • 8th Robert / Thomas Walsh, 48pts
  • 9th Damian Ackroyd, 46pts
  • 10th John Taylor, 43pts
  • 11th Anthony Warren / Lester Gilbert, 35pts
  • 12th Rob / CJ Vice, 24pts

Day 4 Vane A-Class Championships

The weather conditions were a big test today as the wind gusted up to 35mph at times. All skippers selected there smaller sails because of the wind conditions. Only 4 heats were completed but to the skippers credit, only minor damage was done during todays racing. Its left some skippers having to complete some re-sails tomorrow. Overall there is no change at the top with David / Robert Bell, Martin Roberts / Bernie McNulty, Peter Whiteside and the Wyeth family all taking most of the points on offer.

Tomorrow is the final day with it all to play for.

Reportage & Photography: John Taylor

Day 3 Vane A-Class Championships

Yachting Monthly Cup

A variable medium strength southerly breeze were the conditions for the A-Class fleet today. Between the showers the skippers sailed in this knockout competition which is separate to the main event of the week. In the first round all skippers found themselves in groups of 3. Therefore, after sailing against each other twice the top 2 skippers with the most points, from their group carried on to the next round. The bottom boats would then finish for the day, which was me included. The following rounds would be purely a knockout competition. Drawn out of a hat each skipper would be paired off, sailing the best from 3 races. If after two beats the scores were tied, then the decider would be resolved from the running leg up the lake.

Knockout phase highlights

Most notable performance of the day came from Eddie Greenwood (Sail no 01). Perhaps the most senior skipper competing this week, who reached the semi-finals of this competition. Eddie started sailing in this regatta in the 1950’s and his experience of the lake, was too much for some skippers. Additionally, Amber Geldard one of the youngest competitors sailing this week, was faced with a difficult scenario when her skipper / father David Geldard, (Sail no 94) managed to mistakenly send his yacht to the top bank. Amber managed to re-trim her fathers boat, under pressure from her close competitor and win the points and send them both into the next round.

The Final

David / Robert Bell (Sail no 26) and Shawn / Lewis Wyeth (Sail no 99) competed in the final. After one win each the race was decided on the run. After a close race Shawn / Lewis Wyeth came out winners and have claimed the Yachting Monthly Cup 2017.

Reportage & Photography: John Taylor

Day 2 Vane A-Class Championships

Top coverage from the Vane boys, firstly, this in from Rob Walsh, no explanation other than.. Bullseye!

On to more savory matters a report in from John Taylor:

Again a strong south westerly breeze gusting to 28 mph at times provided the challenging conditions for the A-Class fleet today. The ‘Birkenhead’ team of Martin Roberts / Bernie McNulty (Sail no 49), produced the performance of the day by achieving most of the points that were on offer. Therefore, they are now in a strong position to make a title challenge during the second half of the regatta. Throughout the fleet points were being thrown away because of mistakes made or just pure bad luck. In Anthony Warrens case (Sail No 10), he managed to get himself disqualified in 2 consecutive races by not polling his boat off correctly. In the end the OOD (Derek Priestley) called time on the race early, because boats were starting to break and overall 6 heats had been achieved.

Today (Tuesday) is a day of rest, no sailing will take place. This gives the skippers a chance to rest or make the necessary repairs before Wednesdays knock out competition.

And lastly, an epic slideshow of pictures from Mike Parkington, here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm5uPEiL  fill your boots! here’s some highlights: