Ends in Salad

What a great year… plenty of big events, club racing, lots of laughs and Eddie Greenwood’s epic struggle against the dreaded weed which tormented our keels all year.

And now we look forward to the DF Squadron, Lasers, Schooners, IOM Opens, DF Opens and MYA National Championships in three of our finest classes. 2017 is shaping up nicely.


Mark your calendars, the big un’s are coming:

  • MYA M Nationals – 7th/8th/9th July
  • MYA 10R Nationals – 10th/11th July
  • VANE A Class Nationals Week – 30th July > 4th August

Look for news about these exciting events here:

Vane A Class – Jack Roberts Trophy

Thanks to Tony Wilson for footage and reports.

Jack Roberts Trophy Results:

1. David Bell, 21pts
2. Damian Akroyd, 15pts
3. Peter Whiteside, 14pts
4. Eddie Greenwood, 6pts


Northern District Championship Results:

1 Damian Akroyd, 12pts
2 Eddie Greenwood, 7pts
3 Peter Whiteside, 5pts
4 David Geldard, 3pts

Commodore Cup Results: (combined for the weekend)

1 Damian Akroyd
2 David Bell
3 Peter Whiteside
4 Eddie Greenwood
5 David Geldard

Northern District Champs Report on Yachts & Yachting

Fleetwood on Tour – Vane A’s @ Gosport

Its taken me more than a few days to get my head round the plethora of results and reports emanating from the Vane A Championships hosted at Gosport. There were 3 Fleetwood boats competing in this prestigious competition… Peter Whiteside & Steve Poole, Rob Walsh & Thomas Walsh and Derek Priestley & John Brooks. Suffice to say the Fleetwood boys didn’t set the world alight in the overall results. If you want to dig through the gory details they can be found in a great report on the MYA website here: Final Results & Report from the MYA

Derek Priestley & John Brooks did however win the Auld Mug taking out the Yachting Monthly Cup after a gripping days racing.  Negotiations are still on-going with Maureen about where this massive trophy will be displayed. Will it make it to the mantelpiece or will it be ostracised to a lowly cupboard or god forbid.. put under the stairs?! More news when we have it.

My undercover mole at the event also informs me that Fleetwood can claim some sort of dubious credit for the Bell Family’s great performance over the week, with overall Champions David & Margaret Bell and Robert Bell and Alan Bell holding steady in the top 10. Originally hailing from Fleetwood; the Bell family are now sailing under the Llandudno Burgee but whenever they win stuff we like to point out that they are still Fleetwood members as well. Like I say, it’s all a bit geographically tenuous but agent P put me up to it 😉

Finally an easy thing to understand, Sue Brown has once again provided us with an incredible gallery of pictures from the event. Where would we be without her eh?! All 285 pictures can be found here with a few choice ones showing the Fleetwood boats below.

Roll on next year when Fleetwood will be hosting this wonderful event.


A Class Weekend

Saturday afternoon was designated ‘practice day’ but all we really did was practice trying to keep the boats in one piece in a classic building Fleetwood breeze. We started off with 9 boats and after 6 races we were down to a sole survivor! There were fried electronics, ripped sails (sorry Derek) and a broken rudder that required the West System and hand dryer treatment. Competitors then retired to the Mount for ham egg and chips and a couple of beers. A very civilised evening as befits a very civilised class.

What a difference a day makes! Sunday dawned bright and clear with frosty car windows and zero breeze. The wind kicked in at 10am and built nicely throughout the day but thankfully we didn’t see a repeat of yesterdays carnage.


16 races were completed in glorious sunshine and at the end of the day the Fleetwood club boat skippered by Derek Priestley, Tim Lanigan and Mike Parkington had the best of it with class captain Bob Connor in second closely followed by Phil Holliday in 3rd place.

Thanks to all the competitors for the bon ami shown off and on the race course and to Eric Watkinson once again for running the races and keeping the scores on both days and letting us play with these powerful and graceful yachts.

And if that wasn’t enough pictures here’s Mike Parkingtons Flickr album and Tim Lanigan’s to wrap up another great weekend @fleetwoodMYBPC

PRACC Series – Round 2

Saturday 16th April – Practice

  • Start 1pm (To allow travel to event) & last race 5pm
  • Sat evening food & drinks in the Mount Hotel Fleetwood!

Sunday 17th of April – Wyre Trophy

  • Start 10am & last race 3pm (To allow travel home)
  • Free hot drinks over weekend, please bring your own lunch.

Entries to Derek Preistley, but we will accept them on the day. (we’ve never
had more than about 12 so we only anticipate one fleet!)

Notice of Race 

Current Entry List:

  • 67 – D Priestley
  • 101 – Damian Ackroyd
  • 36 – T Connell
  • 05 – R Conner
  • 12 – David Stewert
  • 09 – John White
  • 36 – Richard Alcot
  • 66 – Phil Holiday
  • 42 – Nick Crayman