IOM 2019 Event 2

Sunday 30th June

The weather for this event was pretty much perfect, warm all day with a Westerly breeze at the top end of no.2 rig for most of the yachts. The wind was both gusty and shifting which allowed for some close tactical racing, these boats proved again a joy to sail in these conditions.

A course was set using three quarters of the lake to avoid the worst of the chop at the club house end, the racing being held over two laps, all twelve races being held over the same course apart from constant adjustment of the start line ( even during the countdown due to big shifts ).

Races were held at a leisurely rate to allow tuning and minor repairs  in between ensuring all yachts started every race. Tuning and rigging tips being offered by the more experienced skippers and great fully received by the rest of us.

Bob Jolly took the helm of Mike Benson’s yacht for several races and thanks to them both for carrying out RO duties when not sailing.

Derek took the win but didn’t have it all his own way, there were certainly some close quarters battling between John and himself. At the first windward mark we were often still together as a fleet.

IOM practice events are Wednesday 2nd July and Wednesday 14th August both at 18:30. Next IOM club racing is Sunday 1st September at 10:00.


2019 DF95 Saturday series Event 3

Saturday 29th June

With an iffy forecast although to remain dry, 9 Skippers met up for the Saturday’s afternoon series.It’s not too bad as you can still go out shopping in the morning, if that’s your thing.
The first couple of races were a bit unsure as the wind hadn’t quite made up it’s mind to where it was going to settle and one race was even abandoned due to a great wind shift. Derek had been shuffling the start line and order of buoys to be taken on each race.
Finally at about race four the cast was set and a triangle followed by a sausage course was sailed from just outside the clubhouse. John Sharman was to be troop leader as he was off to a sprint start on nearly every race, leaving the rest to just get in each others way.
Derek kindly alternated among struggling crew to help trim and get the best from their boat. When you see that it doesn’t matter which boat he’s been sailing, you then know your success is down to your interpretation of how you sail it.
After about five races a welcome coffee break was called. The wind further increased and the sailing got better. John S. continued in his conquest to better his score and also helped struggling skippers to trim their boats just like his.
We finished sailing at 4pm just as the wind got up even more and looked like threatening the use of a smaller sail.
John had the perfect score of 8 points from the ten races sailed. Bob J. came second and Eric A. in third place. The next in the Saturday series is for the smaller Df 65 in July and then back on to the DF95 in August.

Tony W

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 4

27th June 2019

A beautiful sunny evening for the twelve skippers that turned out. With a strongish gusting wind coming from the East, the majority set out on B rig, to tackle a sausage shape course of nine races.

Wind conditions were ever changing, and with the gusts coming and going, sometimes it was more of an advantage for those who were on the A rather than the B, either way it was a challenging nights racing and all good for the experience.

With five different skippers taking bullets on the night it shows that it wasn`t all one way traffic, and it was good to see many getting good results, and pushing the more experienced skippers like Chris, who with his tally of thirteen points including three wins earned him top spot on the night.

Newcomer James had some sort of problem with a leak, and that spoiled his nights sailing, being only able to compete in four of the races, and unfortunately for Eric a receiver problem cost him a couple of races and possibly a higher place finish.

So another great nights sailing, and a good turnout, and we hope for much of the same next Thursday the 4th July 6.30pm, when we are back on the water with the 65.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 4

25th June 2019

A disappointing turnout of only four skippers enjoyed a good night’s sailing.

With Derek on hand for race tips and tuning, and with a nice blow from the East, ten races were had around a sausage shaped course. Race wins were spread around and all had some joy in an ever shifting wind.

Boats were being borrowed and tuned by Derek and an average score for that skipper was recorded. So not too serious on the night, and with the wind shifting, tactics on getting to the windward mark were all important.

As you can see by the results we had a clear winner in Mike, with the rest of us bunched together on the same points, so very close overall, and good that everybody enjoyed some success.

So for those that didn`t make it this time out, we hope to see you on Saturday 29th when we are on the water again at 1pm.

Bob Jolly

Laser Summer Series 2

Sunday 23rd June

Eleven Skippers enjoyed a good day sailing with a fresh wind coming from the bridge end of the lake. The course set was central lake thus avoiding the ends, especially the club sheltered area to save any unwanted headaches. Three main buoys were used all taken to port for two laps with a line set at about 45 degrees as the wind was coming from the club house.
Shaun and Derek set the standard and were the main contenders for the day. These two remained for most part of the day with ‘B’ rig, while the majority were swapping back and forth and mainly sticking with their C sail to keep better control.  
Derek left us just before lunch for a hand full of races, while Darren was baby sitting his boat and didn’t actually do too bad even getting a worthy third on one race. He returned after lunch to continue leading the troops.
Shaun eventually clinched the day with Derek in second and John P. in third.12 races sailed and some good battles with places changing all the time among the fleet.
 1 Shaun Holbeche 14 pts

 2 Derek Priestley    24 pts

 3 John Plant            40 pts

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 3

20th June 2019

Eleven skippers turned out, for what was, a wonderful nights sailing, Dry, sunny, with about a 20mph blow, straight down the lake, champagne stuff.

B rigs all round, as we set off to tackle a figure eight type course, six single laps, and a couple of two lappers, were had in the time.

There were some pretty close finishes, but John with his sailing nous, always managing to get over the line first, and won the night comfortably taking six bullets. Walter with some consistent sailing came a well-deserved second.

Minor breakdowns for a couple of skippers cost them a few races, but on the whole it was a good night for sailing, and an enjoyable time was had by all.

We hope for some of the same next time out, which is on Thurs 27th June 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 3

18th June 2019

Just a short report this week on the outcome of event 3 in the series.

Good news was it stayed dry, bad news was there was very little wind, diminishing all the time causing us to cut short the evening after 7 races.

5 skippers turned out to tackle a triangular course that was set. At a mostly less than a pedestrian pace, Chris mastered the conditions the better and took all 7 bullets, for the rest of us it was a bit of a struggle.

We hope for better conditions and a better turnout next time out.

Bob Jolly