DF65 2019 series 2 Event 5

4th July 2019

What a great sight to see twelve Dragons on the line for the start of the fifth event in the series.

With about a 10mph Westerly almost straight down the lake, it made for some nice beats and runs. A triangular type course was set of two laps, and we had eight races on the night, the last race being changed to a sausage shape with a long beat to the windward mark, then a run down to a gate, back up to the windward mark, and then a run for home. The wind was pretty constant with no vicious gusts as of late, so A+ was the sail of choice.

It was good to see that bullets were being shared around, and in the end it was all very close, as only one point separated the top three, but it was John who edged it over Bob and Eric, Bob taking second place just, on count back.

So overall a brilliant nights sailing, not quite champagne conditions, but not far off, certainly better than we have had just recently, and we hope for much of the same when we are back on the water with the 65 on Thursday 11th July at 6.30pm.

Thanks to Derek for Race Officer Duties and scoring.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 4

27th June 2019

A beautiful sunny evening for the twelve skippers that turned out. With a strongish gusting wind coming from the East, the majority set out on B rig, to tackle a sausage shape course of nine races.

Wind conditions were ever changing, and with the gusts coming and going, sometimes it was more of an advantage for those who were on the A rather than the B, either way it was a challenging nights racing and all good for the experience.

With five different skippers taking bullets on the night it shows that it wasn`t all one way traffic, and it was good to see many getting good results, and pushing the more experienced skippers like Chris, who with his tally of thirteen points including three wins earned him top spot on the night.

Newcomer James had some sort of problem with a leak, and that spoiled his nights sailing, being only able to compete in four of the races, and unfortunately for Eric a receiver problem cost him a couple of races and possibly a higher place finish.

So another great nights sailing, and a good turnout, and we hope for much of the same next Thursday the 4th July 6.30pm, when we are back on the water with the 65.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 3

20th June 2019

Eleven skippers turned out, for what was, a wonderful nights sailing, Dry, sunny, with about a 20mph blow, straight down the lake, champagne stuff.

B rigs all round, as we set off to tackle a figure eight type course, six single laps, and a couple of two lappers, were had in the time.

There were some pretty close finishes, but John with his sailing nous, always managing to get over the line first, and won the night comfortably taking six bullets. Walter with some consistent sailing came a well-deserved second.

Minor breakdowns for a couple of skippers cost them a few races, but on the whole it was a good night for sailing, and an enjoyable time was had by all.

We hope for some of the same next time out, which is on Thurs 27th June 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 2

13th June 2019

A cold overcast but dry evening, with a favourable wind from the NW, gave us good conditions on B rig for an entertaining evenings sail. Ten skippers turned out and with Derek as RO, we were off prompt at 6.30pm.

A start mid lake with a beat to a windward mark towards the top end, and then a long run down to a gate by the bridge, beat back up to mid lake windward mark, run back down to the gate, then a beat to a finish was our course for the night.

Ken`s night got off to a bad start as he succumbed to servo problems early on, and had to sit out most of the event.

As usual, it was clear that it was going to be between John and Garry who took the honours. As they shared the majority of the bullets. Some close races were had for the rest of the fleet, a mention for Bob Jones, Eric and Walter who all had some fine results and battled it out for third spot, Bob just taking it by a couple of points.

So it was Garry who took it on the night, by just a point, his second victory in this series.

Our next 65 event is on Thurs 20th June 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

2019 DF65 Saturday series Event 3

8th June 2019

Strong wind and persistent rain made it C rigs all round for the six skippers who braved the elements for this Saturday Series event.

With the wind from the NW, and conditions very awkward at the bridge end of the lake with a large chop, we set the start line centre lake, with a beat to the top end to a spreader, and then a long run down to a leeward mark three quarters down the lake, rounding and beating back to a finish on our start line.

Eight races were had at a leisurely pace with a break for a bite to eat and a brew, midway through proceedings.

Surprisingly conditions as they were, nearly all got through unscathed, John came off worst losing his jib tie down first race, that cost him two races, and then his servo failed costing him another late on, but as we know John is a very fine sailor, and after all his troubles he still secured five bullets, and finished in second place overall.

Bob suffered also, when his boat battery ran flat with little warning from his transmitter, only beeping for a short time, his boat ended up pirouetting centre Lake, and took a while for it to come to the side.

Again a consistent sail from Garry got him top spot, although it could have been different had it not been for Johns misfortune for the last race.

Although it was a horrible day weather wise, credit goes to all the skippers who got on with it without fuss, and in the end I think we all enjoyed the sailing challenge.

Our next outing for the 65 is on Thursday 13th June 6.30pm start.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 1

6th June 2019

Again another fine turnout of thirteen skippers, on a sunny, mild and dry spring evening, for this the first event of series two.

With what wind there was, enough suitable for the A+ rig, coming straight down the lake from the west, a course was set with a beat to the windward mark, round the mark and a run to a gate up by the bridge, back up to the windward mark again, rounding and then a run to the finish by the clubhouse.

Ten races were had in the time, and five different skippers enjoyed taking at least one bullet.

The usual culprits were up at the top with Garry being very consistent once again, and taking overall first place from John, who did a great job with a set of borrowed homemade sails off Chris.

Eric fared well with his new set of sails first time out, and had a few good results,

So a very enjoyable nights sailing, and so good to see so many dragons on the water.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 1 Event 7

30th May 2019

Ten skippers turned out for last event of this series, and we were greeted with quite windy conditions, fluctuating all evening. They all set out on B rig and soon moved to C after a few races, they should have moved back to B a few races later, but carried on as was, as time wasn`t on our side, as we were a little late getting underway.

Using the club boat, Bob`s evening was curtailed by a rudder servo failure, just as he got on the water. Walter too had a servo problem late on and had to miss the last three races.

A sausage shape course was set, with a beat up to the windward mark midway up the lake, then a run down to a gate by the bridge, back up to the windward mark again, then a run to the finish.

Eight races were had on the night, with John in fine form easily taking the honours with six bullets (after borrowed boat rule). Good to see Darren continue to improve, finishing in fourth place just behind Ken and Bob Jones.

So that brings us to the end of this series, and congratulations go to the top three, Chris Howarth winner with 382 pts. John Plant second on 352 pts. And Ken Crabtree third with 316 pts.

Next up is the start of series two, which is on Thursday 6th June at 6.30pm. 

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.