DF65 Series 3 Event 7

6th September 2018
What a joy to see thirteen dragons out on the water for this the final evening meeting of the year. C rig was the sail of choice for the majority of the fleet with a couple opting for the B.
A figure eight course was set as we got away at the new time of 6pm. Difficult conditions didn`t stop Derek, John and Chris leading the way as usual, but it was Derek who was unbeatable taking seven bullets and finishing ahead of John who was second by seven points.
Overall a good nights sailing in tough conditions was had by all, although there were a couple of breakdowns in the evening which were quickly remedied, and the boats were soon back on the water.
So that brings us to the end of Series 3, with John taking the title with maximum points, congratulations to him, and thanks to all for turning out over the summer evenings to make the Series such a success.
My thanks goes to Peter J for being race officer over the series, it really is a big help, allowing me to sail rather than worry about who’s over the line at the start etc.
We look forward now to the Winter Series, so get your coats, gloves and wet weather gear at the ready, it will be upon us soon. Doris is already charged and raring to go.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.

Here is the final result for the series

Wouldn’t it be great to see all 18 skippers on the water at the same time! (Editor’s comment)


DF65 Series 3 Event 6

30th August 2018
The good news was, there were no jelly fish in sight, and no weed, but the bad news was, sadly very little wind for the penultimate event of series three.
Once a start line had been decided upon, as what little wind there was, was shifting all the time as it came and went. Eleven skippers set out to try their luck on a figure eight course, mainly one lappers with a couple of two lap races before darkness fell.
We made the best of what there was, and it was good to see four different skippers taking bullets from the eight races, but it was John once again who edged it with three from the eight and four seconds. Ken too was in good form taking three bullets also, and finishing close behind in second spot.
So with John doing enough to clinch the Series with one event to go, it will be interesting to see who turns out next week to fight over the minor placings.
Thanks to Peter for Race Officer Duties on the night.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.


DF65 Series 3 Event 5

23rd August 2018
Well for the second week running we had to endure C rig weather, in what was just about sailable conditions with big waves and a heavy blow.
A few of the skippers for the National IOM Championship had arrived early for the event, and must have wondered what they were in store for over the weekend.
Seven Dragon skippers turned out, and with the wind blowing straight down the lake a simple rectangular course was set, using about half the lake.
That man John was again in top form taking top spot with five bullets, over Eddie and Ken who were not far behind. Incredibly we had no major breakdowns and credit goes to all for sticking with it, in what were very difficult conditions.
Thanks to Peter for being RO.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.

DF65 Series 3 Event 4

16th August 2018
C rig conditions greeted us as we arrived at the lake for this the fourth event in the series, and we all prepared for a real challenge. Eight skippers set out, and it was good to see Garry back with us after a short layoff due to other commitments. Eight races were had in the evening, but the weather got the better of some, and shortened their nights sailing with breakdowns.
John again was in unstoppable form taking seven bullets and finishing top, with Chris in second spot by one point from Garry.
Many thanks to Peter for being Race Officer.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.

DF65 Series 3 Event 3

9th August 2018

Well we got perfect conditions for a great nights sailing with wind straight up the lake, and A rig verging on B. Thirteen skippers turned out and a long sausage course was set using most of the length of the lake. Eight races were completed in our allotted time and it was a joy to see so many boats on the water for this the third event in the series.
John was once again on form and dominated with seven bullets and a second, the fight for second place was a tighter affair with Eddie just pipping Bob by a point.
We hope for more of the same conditions when we next meet, for the fourth event in the series on Thurs 16th August at 6.30pm.
Many Thanks to Peter for RO.
Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 Saturday Series Event 5

For those that didnt make it Saturday morning, you missed a treat as we had A rig conditions verging on B, with a wind almost straight up the lake.

A beat to the windward mark, then a reach and a run down to a central mark, rounding and a beat to the finish, made for some exciting close races. In all we had sixteen at a leisurely pace, calling it a day around 3.30pm.

Sadly only six skippers turned out with Tim only doing the morning session, and Walter just the afternoon. John as always was in dominant form and easily took the honours, with the rest of us fighting it out for the minor places.

Darren with a battery problem was the only one with any issues, and we waited for him as he quickly sorted that out, and he was soon back on the water. Bob had to miss one race due to dealing with a new membership enquiry, so was given a last place in that race, rather than a DNS.

Thanks to Peter once again for RO duties.

Our next event in the Saturday Series is on the 15th September at 10 am.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 Series 3 Event 2

A forever shifting light breeze, greeted the nine skippers who turned out for this the second event in the series. A sausage shaped course was set, and eight races were completed in the time.

Chris and Paul were both in dominant form, and it was always going to be between those two who took the honours. Chris with his four bullets to Pauls three just swung it for Chris by one point.

For the rest of us, with many having a decent finish here a there, it was consistency and being able to read the wind shifts we need to work on.

No breakdowns of note this week, except for Ian who only missed one race due to a malfunction with his winch.

Thanks to Peter for RO duties.

So we move on now to our next event in the series, which is on Thurs 9th Aug at 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.