DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 5

2nd July 2019

With a strong NNW wind it was B rigs all round for the eight skippers that turned out. A triangular two lap course was set and eight races were had in the time.

Very challenging conditions to say the least, as gusts were coming through seemingly from all directions, and it was no surprise that a couple suffered breakdowns as we progressed. David had winch failure in the first race and that put paid to his evening, and Garry had a sail collapse and that cost him a few races, Mark too had problems late on.

Derek was present to lend a hand on tuning, and to borrow the odd boat and show us how it should be done, sailing in the unpredictable conditions.

So to the racing. Chris with his experience had his boat tuned perfectly from off, and he sailed consistently well all night taking the honours easily with six bullets, Garry after all his troubles put in a creditable performance in the second half, and recovered from his misfortunes to edge second place. For the rest of us it was a difficult night, but pretty much even as the results show, there were only three points separating third to sixth place.

So not an easy night, but still enjoyable and with a good turnout made for a good night’s sailing, and I’m sure we all learnt from the experience.

Our Next DF 95 meet is on Tuesday 9th July 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

2019 DF95 Saturday series Event 3

Saturday 29th June

With an iffy forecast although to remain dry, 9 Skippers met up for the Saturday’s afternoon series.It’s not too bad as you can still go out shopping in the morning, if that’s your thing.
The first couple of races were a bit unsure as the wind hadn’t quite made up it’s mind to where it was going to settle and one race was even abandoned due to a great wind shift. Derek had been shuffling the start line and order of buoys to be taken on each race.
Finally at about race four the cast was set and a triangle followed by a sausage course was sailed from just outside the clubhouse. John Sharman was to be troop leader as he was off to a sprint start on nearly every race, leaving the rest to just get in each others way.
Derek kindly alternated among struggling crew to help trim and get the best from their boat. When you see that it doesn’t matter which boat he’s been sailing, you then know your success is down to your interpretation of how you sail it.
After about five races a welcome coffee break was called. The wind further increased and the sailing got better. John S. continued in his conquest to better his score and also helped struggling skippers to trim their boats just like his.
We finished sailing at 4pm just as the wind got up even more and looked like threatening the use of a smaller sail.
John had the perfect score of 8 points from the ten races sailed. Bob J. came second and Eric A. in third place. The next in the Saturday series is for the smaller Df 65 in July and then back on to the DF95 in August.

Tony W

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 4

25th June 2019

A disappointing turnout of only four skippers enjoyed a good night’s sailing.

With Derek on hand for race tips and tuning, and with a nice blow from the East, ten races were had around a sausage shaped course. Race wins were spread around and all had some joy in an ever shifting wind.

Boats were being borrowed and tuned by Derek and an average score for that skipper was recorded. So not too serious on the night, and with the wind shifting, tactics on getting to the windward mark were all important.

As you can see by the results we had a clear winner in Mike, with the rest of us bunched together on the same points, so very close overall, and good that everybody enjoyed some success.

So for those that didn`t make it this time out, we hope to see you on Saturday 29th when we are on the water again at 1pm.

Bob Jolly

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 3

18th June 2019

Just a short report this week on the outcome of event 3 in the series.

Good news was it stayed dry, bad news was there was very little wind, diminishing all the time causing us to cut short the evening after 7 races.

5 skippers turned out to tackle a triangular course that was set. At a mostly less than a pedestrian pace, Chris mastered the conditions the better and took all 7 bullets, for the rest of us it was a bit of a struggle.

We hope for better conditions and a better turnout next time out.

Bob Jolly

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 2

Tuesday 11th June

Another wet Tuesday evening down by the lake at Fleetwood although it has to be said less rain and more wind than last week. 

With the wind from the NE a course was set using approximately half the lake with a beat to a mark in the NE corner of the lake, a run back to the start line and a upwind leg to a finish line in the clubhouse corner. Good calls were made by the more experienced skippers and the start line was moved out into the lake to avoid some of the previous chaos by the bank. A further windward mark was used which made the last leg a short reach to the finish but added tactics to the second beat instead of it just being a drag race. 

The wind was at top of B rig strength at times which required cleaning tacking to stay at the front.

Garry was a welcome return to the fleet this week, Derek taking the helm of his yacht for the last three races gaining 2 firsts and a 1 second (these are not shown in the results as we use our average scoring method for borrowed boats).

The weather may not be the best for this time of year but the racing was enjoyable and as always very close, results being decided by including discards.

Next DF95 racing is next Tuesday at the normal 18:30 start. If your not there your missing 2 hours of fun.


DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 1

Tuesday 4th June

A shorter report this time due to not having much of a view of the racing as a whole whilst hiding under a hood. The main feature of the evening was rain which varied in strength but didn’t stop until 10 minutes after the racing was completed. 

The normal set of 8 races was had by 7 skippers although the full complement only competed in one race due to servo failure, collisions and leaking boots.

3 different race winners with Chris coming out on top again showing some excellent boat set up and decision making during the gusty shifting wind at the end of the session.

7 wet but satisfied skippers.

Next DF95 racing next Tuesday at the normal 18:30 start.


DF95 2019 Series 1 Event 7

Tuesday 28th May

The last event of 2019 series 1 for the DF95 had some familiar themes, 7 Yachts, guest helms, wind from the West, Chris Chatfield the man to beat from the start (We all tried and Derek almost succeeded).

With the wind from the West and at mid B rig strength a course was set using the full length of the lake, start near the clubhouse, up to the two buoys closest to the far end used as a spreader and back to the matching pair at the other end of the lake used as a gate. A longish beat to the finish about half way along the lake completed the course. The first 5 races used this course, it was then shortened slightly to allow the sea cadets some rowing practice at the top end of the lake which proved quite popular anyway as it reduced the downwind running (on the bank). The last race was held over two laps to use up all the available time.

Thanks to Mike Benson for keeping the starts prompt to maximise time on the water. Thanks also again to Bob for throughout the series organising all the things that are easily overlooked, scoresheet, charging of the starter, advise on the scoring etc etc etc.

12 skippers overall for series 1, Chris taking the honours with just one blip on the evening when the wind was extremely light. For series 2 it would be great to see more yachts on the water, so come and join in, the slates wiped clean and the weather should be getting warmer.

Gordon Bayliff