One Metre Playday 3rd June

At Fleetwood on Sunday 3 June we have scheduled a one metre club race day.

We would like to open this day up to anyone who wished to come & make it a “one Metre Playday”.

That is to say that we invite any one metre sailor who wishes to come & have a days measuring weighing & generally playing with their one metre on the lake where the National Championship will be held.

In the morning we will weigh & measure the boats to ensure that they will pass scrutiny at the forthcoming ranking event at WLYC Southport, and in the afternoon we’ll bank as many races as we can.

Tea & coffee will be provided, please bring your own lunch.

Also If you want to bring your families to the seaside, I’ve ordered the sun and the kids can go crabbing – a great seaside pastime!!

Let us know here if you’re coming, 

Cheers, Derek Preistley


  • Derek (obviously)
  • Chris Chatfield
  • Tim Lanigan
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2018 IOM Nationals – Design Doughnut

Sorry about the font size! click image to enlarge it or click this.

Here’s the raw data:

AB3 1
Akziom 1
Alternative 2
Arrival 1
Arrival 2 1
asbo2 1
BritPOP! 39
Chaste 1
Corbie 1
Corbie 5 2
Couplet 1
Fraktal 2
Intransition 1
Kantun 2 2
MX14 1
MX16 3
Pikanto 1
Quiz 1
Sedici 3
Unknown 5
V10 3
V9 4
Vision 4
Wedge 1
Widget 1

IOM Sunday Club 1

For the first time in quite a while Fleetwood are holding a series of IOM club races to encourage the renewed interest in the IOM class.

5 boats turned out and had interesting insight into what constitutes a legal IOM hosted by uncle Derek with one eye on the upcoming IOM nationals at Fleetwood in August.

Sailing conditions looked grim at first with rain and no wind but gradually improved to sun and No 2 rig and wind straight down the lake.

With much boat swapping and a few breakdowns 13 races were sailed with Derek coming out on top 19 points, Gary 2nd 23 points, Tim 3rd 31 points, David 4th 33 points and Chris 5th 49 points.

A very enjoyable days racing.

Chris Chatfield

IOM Open – Mayoral Cup – 8th of April

Most of the big dogs are away in Croatia, so this might be more of tune up than a proper Open Meeting!

Event Schedule:

• 09:30 Registration
• 10:00 First Race
• 16:00 Prize giving

Please enter via the contact form, just let us know know your sail no & club. Entry costs £3 on the day.

Current Entries:

  • Chris Chatfield
  • Tim Lanigan
  • David Foster
  • Bob Jolly
  • Mike Parkington
  • Sue Parkington
  • John Brieley
  • John Plant
  • Tim Long
  • Alan Watkinson

MYA IOM National Championships 2018

Event Schedule:

Friday 24th August

11:00 – Club opens for Measurement, Registration and Practice
18:00 – Retire to The Mount for debrief etc

Saturday 25th August

08:00 – Final Measurement and Registration
09:45 – Race Officer briefing
10:00 – 1st Warning Signal
19:00 – No race will start after 19.00
19.30 – Any heat still in progress will be abandoned

HAPPY HOUR! Beers for all in clubhouse.

Sunday 26th August

09:15 – Race Officer briefing
09:30 – 1st Warning Signal
19:00 – No race will start after 19.00
19.30 – Any heat still in progress will be abandoned

PARTY NIGHT!Team racing (boats will be provided) Change of plan!

Hog Roast & the Presidents Quiz, here…

Monday 27th August

09:15 – Race Officer briefing
09:30 – 1st Warning Signal
15:30 – No RACE will start after 15.30
16.30 – Any race still in progress will be abandoned

How to enter & further information:

Confirmed Entry List @ 12.07.18

Total Entries to Date : 83
Confirmed : 83

  • Austin Guerrier, V10, Datchet
  • Victoria Gibson, BritPOP!, Birkenhead
  • Darin Ballington, BritPOP!, Manor Park RSC
  • Chris Chatfield, Fraktal, Fleetwood
  • Tim Lanigan, Widget, Fleetwood
  • Terry Rensch, BritPOP!, Datchet Water RSC
  • John Sharman, Arrival, Keighley
  • Rob Walsh, BritPOP!, Fleetwood
  • John Cleave, Chaste, Ryde
  • Garry Benson, Intransition, Fleetwood
  • Mick Chamberlain, Sedici, Lincoln RSC
  • Ian Dundas, Corbie 5, Aberdeen
  • Bob Conner, BritPOP!, Woodspring
  • John Brierley, BritPOP!, Birkenhead
  • Mike Kemp, Fraktal, Two Islands RYC
  • Gavin Watson, tbc, West Cornwall RSC
  • Rick Ford, BritPOP!, Fleetwood
  • Nicky Ennion, AKA, Harwich & Dovercourt
  • Nigel brown, V10, Gosport
  • Colin Walton, BritPOP!, Manor Park
  • David Alston, V9, Bournville
  • Roy Stevens, BritPOP!, Scarborough MYC
  • Simon Clarke, BritPOP!, Windrush
  • Bill Lees, V9, Ayr Bay Radio Yacht Club
  • Gordon Rae, Sedici, Greenock MBYC
  • Steve Taylor, Corbie 5, Aberdeen Model Yacht Club
  • James Edwards, BritPOP!, Yeovil
  • Trevor Binks, BritPOP!, Eastbourne
  • Tony Edwards, BritPOP!, Yeovil MBC
  • Brad Gibson, alternative, Birkenhead
  • Jen Hand, BritPOP!, Lincoln RSC
  • Shaun Holbeche, Alternative, Fleetwood
  • Peter Cropper, asbo2, west cornwall
  • Graham Whalley, V9, Manor Park RSC
  • Gordon Allison, TBC, Ayr Bay
  • Ken Binks, TBA, Eastbourne
  • Richard Aucott, BritPOP!, Sedgemoor
  • David Perkins, BritPOP!, Cambridge
  • Graham Elliott, BritPOP!, Birkenhead
  • Mike Parkington, BritPOP!, Fleetwood
  • John Smith, BritPOP!, Manor Park
  • Chris Harris, BritPOP!, Windrush
  • Keith Edgar, Pikanto, Bideford & district
  • David Adam, BritPOP!, Three Rivers
  • Christopher Elliott, BritPOP!, Lincoln
  • John Owens, Corbie, Aberdeen MYC
  • Brian Summers, BritPOP!, Tayside Radio Sailing Club
  • graham bantock, akziom, chelmsford
  • Lawrence Drennan, BritPOP!, Birkenhead
  • Neil Thornton, Quiz, Scarborough
  • Craig Raistrick, Mx16, Rotherham
  • Robert Wilson, BritPOP!, Leicestershire RYC
  • Dave Burke, BritPOP!, Lincoln
  • John Tushingham, Vision, keighley
  • Liz Tushingham, Vision, keighley
  • Terry King, BritPOP!, Windrush
  • Josh King, BritPOP!, Windrush
  • Greg King, BritPOP!, Windrush
  • David Allinson, BritPOP!, Chipstead Sailing Club
  • Alan Watkinson, BritPOP!, Birkenhead
  • Richard Ennos, Couplet, Levenhall
  • David Kerridge, AB3, Harwich & Dovercourt
  • John Taylor, MX16, Cotswold Model Yacht Club
  • Vernon Appleton, BritPOP!, Chipstead
  • Colin Aldred, MX16, Scarborough Model Yacht Club
  • Tony Guerrier, V10, 3 Rivers RYC
  • Pete Smith, TBC, Poole
  • David Stewart, Britpop, Tayside radio sailing forfar
  • David Hope, Kantun 2, CRYC
  • Tim Long, Vision, Abersoch RYC
  • Mark Dicks, Vision, Clapham myc
  • Shaun Priestley, BritPOP!, Fleetwood MYPBC
  • Phil Holliday, BritPOP!, Datchet Water RSC
  • Tim Garvin, MX14, Woking
  • Julia Hancock, BritPOP!, Hampton Court Model Yacht Club
  • Jerry Brower, Kantun 2, Seattle MYC, US
  • Steve Landeau, TBD, SRSC, US
  • Alexandre Marien, Sedici, APVRC, Brazil
  • Roberto Lindstaedt, BritPop!, APVRC, Brazil
  • Martin Roberts, BritPop!, Birkenhead
  • Hasen Guven, BritPoP!, Turkey
  • Mark Dennis, BritPop!, Chelmsford
  • Mark Golison, V9, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club