IOM Open Mayoral Cup Results

Evening All.

Here’s the briefest of reports on today’s IOM Open Meeting. Wall to wall sunshine with a very reasonable breeze apart from the massive wind shifts. Dave Hollom had a¬†Bennyerism with his boom and retired. John Brierley sailed a blinder today, the model of consistency to take out the win. Derek Priestley eased himself into a comfortable second place with Peter Baldwin in third place only pipping Mike Parkington on countback. All in all a great days sailing.

  1. John Brierley
  2. Derek Priestley
  3. Peter Baldwin
  4. Michael Parkington
  5. Damien Ackroyd (Update 11.04.17)
  6. Rick Ford (Update 11.04.17)
  7. Tim Lanigan
  8. Sue Parkington
  9. Chris Chatfield
  10. Dave Hollom

Update 11.04.17

Turns out the maths was a little wonky in the sheet below, the bottom 3 lines only counted 2 discards, which means John Brierley did even better scoring 23 points, Peter Baldwin in fact almost pipped Derek with 35 points and Damien should have been 5th on the day scoring 59 points. It was still a great days sailing ūüôā

As always thanks to Eric Watkinson for the starts and the finishes (ably assisted by Dave Hollom.) Thanks to Bob Jolly for sending the pictures in.

IOM Open – Mayoral Cup – 9th of April

© Peter Baldwin

Event Schedule:

  • 09:30 Registration
  • 10:00 First Race
  • 16:00 Prize giving

Please enter via the contact form, just let us know know your sail no & club. Entry costs £3 on the day.

Current Entries:

  • Derek Priestley
  • Tim Lanigan
  • Chris Chatfield
  • Peter Baldwin
  • Rick Ford
  • Mike Parkington
  • Sue Parkington
  • Damian Ackroyd
  • Dave Hollom
  • John Brierley

Last years event report can be found here

The Xmas Jumper Race Updated


We’re once again decamping to West Lancs Yacht Club on the 27th of December 2016 for the world famous Fleetwood IOM Christmas Race. Last year was awesome¬†and this year we’re making ‘orrible xmas¬†jumpers the dress code @¬†lunch time! Can anyone out-do Derek & Mick? Bring your worst! We’ve had some updates to the programme of the day from Alan Tickle at West Lancs:

Updated programme for the day

  • 09:00 clubhouse opens
  • 09:30 Bacon sandwiches & coffee
  • 09:45 RO¬†briefing
  • 10:00 1st race
  • 13:00 Lunch – Cottage Pie (no Turkey!)
  • xmas jumper fashion parade
  • 15:00 Last race
  • 15:30 Prize giving, coffee & mince pies
  • All for very reasonable ¬£8 (pay on the day) ¬†

Entries on the MYA website

Entry List

  • Derek Priestley 67 Fleetwood
  • Paul Allen 27 Birkenhead
  • Mick Chamberlain 46 Lincoln
  • Rick Ford 12 Fleetwood
  • Tommy Mills 114 Fleetwood
  • Dave Kent 79 Dartmoor
  • Sue Parkington 86 Fleetwood
  • Mike Parkington 82 Fleetwood
  • Liz Tushingham 71 Keighley
  • John Tushingham 51 Keighley
  • John Brierley 84 Birkenhead
  • Chubby Elf’nSnackers 99 Llandudno
  • John Smith 43 Manor Park
  • Darin Ballington 98 Manor Park
  • Martin Roberts 22 Birkenhead
  • Graham Whalley 16 Manor Park
  • John Bush 7 Doncaster
  • Mick Tonkison 48 Doncaster
  • Shaun Holbeche 14 Fleetwood
  • Dave Stewart 11 Ashton Quays
  • Graham Marsh 71 Ashton Quays
  • Dave Alston 111 Leicester
  • Your Name??!!

Still not tempted? look at it last year…


More Info:

  • 01253 779764 OR 07770641125

IOM Windsor Trophy Report


We don‚Äôt appear to have lifted the 2016 ‚Äėcurse of the dodgy winds‚Äô at Fleetwood. Sunshine we can do… good breeze? not so much.¬†Will it ever blow straight down the lake again? Do South Westerly winds even exist anymore? Do we have to build a giant crab shaped effigy to the Westerly wind god Zephyrus and make ‚Äėcertain‚Äô sacrifices on a moonlit night? Hang on, can we even find¬†any virgins in Fleetwood to utilise in this crazy¬†ceremony? So many questions too few Peroni‚Äôs ¬†ūüôā


Anyway, on to actual sailing, we had a healthy turnout of 13 boats today, 3 more than last year and 13 more than the year before. 16 races were run in good spirits with the occasional beat and a lot of reaching. Despite the¬†scalextric courses there was still plenty of tight battles¬†to be had throughout the fleet as can be witnessed in the final scores below. At the end of the day Walshy came out on top with Sean ‘the ringer’ Priestley in second and Mike Parkington earning a well deserved 3rd.

Final Results

  • 1st Rob Walsh: 17 pts
  • 2nd Shaun Priestley: 22 pts
  • 3rd Mike Parkington: 47 pts
  • 4th Bill Culshaw: 54 pts
  • 5th Derek Priestley: 60 pts
  • 6th John Brierley: 63 pts
  • 7th Peter Baldwin: 80 pts
  • 8th Rick Ford: 81 pts
  • 9th Tim Lanigan: 82 pts
  • 10th Tommy Mills: 101 pts
  • 11th David Foster: 120 pts
  • 12th Sue Parkington: 127 pts
  • 13th Chris Chatfield : 129 pts

Special mention for Derek, who having lent his boat to his son, played the role of super sub and sailed a race in every boat in the fleet. He was successful in this endeavour, helping a few of us out at the back of the fleet with tuning and tweaks but was ultimately bamboozled by Bill Culshaw’s transmitter. Apparently the waggling stick was on the left and stop/go stick was on the right!? Sounds like some kind of strange voodoo to me! Good effort Mr P.

Thanks, as always, to¬†Eric ‘Get Back you lot’ Watkinson for keeping us honest and keeping the scores.

And finally some great pictures from Peter Baldwin who snatched them while Derek was galavanting around with his boat. Cheers Peter.

IOM Windsor Trophy

Apologies for the tardiness, here is the albiet brief notice of race for the Windsor Trophy to be contested this coming Sunday (09-10-16)

Event Schedule:

  • 09:30 Registration
  • 10:00 First Race
  • 16:00 Prize giving

Please enter via the contact form, just let us know know your sail no & club. Entry costs £3 on the day.

Entry list:

  • David Foster
  • Chris Chatfield
  • Tim Lanigan
  • Mike Parkington
  • Sue Parkington
  • John Brierley
  • Bill Culshaw
  • Derek Priestley
  • Shaun Priestley
  • Matt Stevenson
  • Tommy Mills
  • Rick Ford
  • Peter Baldwin


IOM Open – Mayoral Cup – Report


10 competitors turned out today for the IOM Mayoral Cup at Fleetwood (which is 10 more than the same event last year) and were rewarded with blue skies, mares tails, sunshine and a nice bit of wind for our troubles.

Our PRO for the day, Eric Watkinson, made the best of the Easterly wind and set a long course with a beat into that flukey corner near the clubhouse that can be both a blessing or a curse depending on how it treats you. A-Rigs were the order of the day with some solid gusts to keep you on your toes downwind. There were plenty of nasty¬†windshifts and dirty¬†great holes to contend with but then I would say that having found most of them during the morning races¬†ūüôā

At the pointy end of the fleet Dave Burke was on fire taking 6 bullets in the first 6 races and basically spanked the lot of us with wicked boatspeed and solid tactics for a well deserved 1st overall. Derek Preistley put in a consistent performance on his home water and despite being on the wrong side of almost every shift he didn’t count a result higher than 3rd and finished in 2nd place. And rounding out the podium Peter Baldwin stamped his claim on 3rd overall by scoring three bullets in the final three races.

The rest of us had our moments in the sun, with Rick Ford taking a win in the 10th race from the main contenders and Mick Parkington scoring some decent results with his de-rakified widget showing good boat speed throughout the day.


Please note there was a slight miscalculation in the hand written results posted yesterday, with Mick Parkington and Rick Ford swapping positions. (Apologies for the mixup)


Special thanks, as always, to Eric Watkinson for being our race officer for the day, keeping us honest & keeping the scores. And thanks to all competitors for the friendly atmosphere and doing their turns on the water with minimal fuss. See you all in October for Windsor Trophy.

And finally, as a side note, with 16 races completed, utilising the full length of the lake, we’d all walked about 8 miles which just goes to show this model yachting business isn’t as lackadaisical as you’d imagine! (I missed the last 4 races with a jittering rudder servo and still managed 6.25 miles, modern technology eh?!)