MYA Vane “A” Class National Championships & Yachting Monthly Cup

Dear Vane “A” Class Enthusiasts,

The Fleetwood Club is proud to be once again hosting the MYA Vane “A” Class National Championship which will be for the 41st occasion since the opening of our lake in 1932. The Championship will run SATURDAY 29th JULY to FRIDAY 4th AUGUST 2017

Entry to the Vane “A” Class Championship will be open until the official closing date of 16th July. Please send your entry on the modified MYA National Championship entry form attached, or using the on-line MYA entry facility, if preferred. However, in either case, the entry fee of £50-00 per yacht must be paid by the above closing date. Skippers entering the National Championship will automatically be entered in the YM Cup Competition, for no extra cost, unless they notify the Race Committee otherwise. Competitors who wish only to sail in the YM Cup and not the National Championship will be allowed to join in, on payment of a £5-00 entry fee. Further Details in the NOR posted below

MYA Vane Championship Entry Form
Link to MYA Online Entry form

Classic and Vintage Vane M Class Weekend Results

Saturday 6th May

1st Alan & David Bell FMY&PBC Foxtrot Designed by C.Adams 19 points

2nd John Plant & Derek Priestley FMY&PBC Blood Axe R. Stollery 16

3rd Peter Whiteside FMY&PBC Bosun S.Witty 14

4th David Mathers Vintage MYG Wasp S.Witty 12

5th= Martin Bandey Vintage MYG 7

5th= Peter Iles FMY&PBC S.Witty 7

Alan & David Bell were top “Vintage” design and received Walter Jones Trophy

John Plant & Derek Priestley were top “Classic” and won Mayoral Cup

Thanks to Bob Jolly for the Photographs.

Sunday 7th May 2017

1st Peter Whiteside FMY &PBC Bosun S,Witty 17 points

2nd Alan & David Bell FMY&PBC Foxtrot C.Adams 17

3rd Damian Ackroyd FMY&PBC Blood Axe R.Stollery 16

4th John Plant & Eddie Greenwood FMY&PBC Sula W.Sykes 15

5th David Mathers Vintage MYG Wasp S.Witty 10

6th Martin Bandey Vintage MYG 0

1st place was decided by a sail off, with Peter Whiteside winning both beats to windward.
He received the Hayes Trophy for top “Vintage” yacht

Top “Classic” was sailed by Damian Ackroyd who won the Pearson Trophy.

All trophy winners received a FMY&PBC engraved glass tumbler.

Thanks are due to Race Officer Eric Watkinson and to Tony Wilson who acted as mate for those without.


We are holding the annual weekend of Classic and Vintage Vane (or Free Sailing) “M” Class racing, on Saturday and Sunday 6th & 7th May 2017.

Racing will commence at 10.30 am on the dates above. Skippers can choose to visit for either the Saturday or the Sunday, for an entry fee of £3-00 per yacht, or sail both days for the bargain price of £5-00 per yacht.

Trophies awarded will be the Walter Jones Trophy for the top “Vintage” yacht and the Mayoral Cup for the highest scoring “Classic” yacht on the Saturday, then similarly the Hayes Trophy and the Pearson Trophy for top “Vintage” and “Classic” yachts respectively, on the Sunday.

For the purpose of this event we define “Vintage” as the yachts designed from the inception of the “M” Class rule in the early 1930’s, through to the late 1960’s. During this period it was a class rule that the circumference of a 2” disc must fit between the hull and the garboard. Typical examples of these designs are “Witchcraft”, “Foxtrot” and the many Stan Witty designs such as “Manta”, etc. “Classic” covers early fin and bulb designs up to circa 1980, e.g. “Blood Axe”, “Reflection”, Bill Sykes “Sula”,etc. If in doubt whether you have a yacht conforming to either of these definitions, please contact me.
If you do not have a Classic or Vintage “M” Class as defined above, but would like to be involved in the event, please come along. We always need “Mates” to help “Skippers” and also people for starting and scoring duties.

Skippers are reminded that sometimes there is plenty of wind on the Fleetwood Lake, so it is always advisable to bring your smaller suits of sails as well as your top suits!

Sandwiches and snacks, etc., are available at kiosks situated at both ends of the lake. Tea and coffee will be available in the Clubhouse. It would be appreciated if you could please inform me by Thursday 4th May if you intend to visit on this occasion.

We normally have a de-brief for food and drink, at a local hostelry, in the evening after racing on the Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you!

Yours sincerely,

Peter Whiteside

Tel: 01253 778219

Ends in Salad

What a great year… plenty of big events, club racing, lots of laughs and Eddie Greenwood’s epic struggle against the dreaded weed which tormented our keels all year.

And now we look forward to the DF Squadron, Lasers, Schooners, IOM Opens, DF Opens and MYA National Championships in three of our finest classes. 2017 is shaping up nicely.


Mark your calendars, the big un’s are coming:

  • MYA M Nationals – 7th/8th/9th July
  • MYA 10R Nationals – 10th/11th July
  • VANE A Class Nationals Week – 30th July > 4th August

Look for news about these exciting events here:

Vane A Class – Jack Roberts Trophy

Thanks to Tony Wilson for footage and reports.

Jack Roberts Trophy Results:

1. David Bell, 21pts
2. Damian Akroyd, 15pts
3. Peter Whiteside, 14pts
4. Eddie Greenwood, 6pts

Northern District Championship Results:

1 Damian Akroyd, 12pts
2 Eddie Greenwood, 7pts
3 Peter Whiteside, 5pts
4 David Geldard, 3pts

Commodore Cup Results: (combined for the weekend)

1 Damian Akroyd
2 David Bell
3 Peter Whiteside
4 Eddie Greenwood
5 David Geldard

Northern District Champs Report on Yachts & Yachting


Saturday 7th May

Eight yachts appeared at the starting berths on the Saturday morning. We were very pleased to meet the Large family from Norfolk, Phil and his wife with their two sons and their wives, bringing 2 yachts to sail between themselves. Phil had last visited Fleetwood Club in the 1990’s. David Mathers again travelled from Buckinghamshire and his mate, Steve, from N Yorkshire. Northern District MYA Councillor, Damian Ackroyd, from Leeds & Bradford Club and MYA Racing Secretary, Bill Green, from Bournville Club sailed together. Long time Fleetwood member, Alan Bell, again made the trip from Anglesey bringing the famous yacht, Tempest, which his parents bought for him in 1961, and the sails are all originals! Fleetwood R/C Laser Fleet enthusiast, Peter Iles had acquired and refurbished a 1970’s Stan Witty designed yacht and we were pleased to welcome him to his first ever Vane Steered event. His first race was spectacular as he flew a spinnaker and the yacht went straight down the middle of the lake, beating his opponent and receiving 2 points! John Plant and Peter Jackson had spent a few weeks refitting a Classic 1970’s yacht, but had mast step problems at the start, so borrowed Blood Axe designed Blue Peter for the Saturday racing.

Initially the wind was very light and from the east, but changed direction during the first heat to westerly, and increased in strength, so that B1 and C1 rigs were used for the rest of the day. A full round was sailed.


  • 1st Damian Ackroyd & Bill Green 27 points
  • 1st Alan Bell 27 points
  • 3rd David Mathers & Steve Saunders 21 points
  • 4th Peter Whiteside 16 points
  • 5th Robert Large (Mr & Mrs) 14 points
  • 6th John Plant & Peter Jackson 13 points
  • 7th Peter Iles 12 points
  • 8th James Large & Phil Large 10 points

Damian Ackroyd and Bill Green received the Mayoral Cup “M” Class Trophy for top “Classic” yacht and Alan Bell the Walter Jones Trophy for top “Vintage” yacht.

Thanks due to Paul, Mike and Carl for acting as mates to any skippers needing help and to Eric Watkinson (Race Officer) and Martin Pritchard (Starter).

Sunday 8th May

There were again 8 yachts taking part but Damian & Bill had returned to Bournville for RA Class racing. However MYA and FMY&PBC President, Derek Priestley, had returned from full size “Soling” sailing and took command of Blue Peter, along with John Brooks. John Plant and Peter Jackson had managed to repair the yacht that broke on Saturday morning. Mr & Mrs James Large were not available so Mr & Mrs Phil Large sailed Sacrist.

The wind was lighter than the previous day so yachts were using A rigs. Initially the wind was from the west giving a beat to the paddling pool end of the lake, but later changed to the east. During the morning the wind became very light, so not many heats could be sailed. Competitors with long distances to travel home wanted an early finish, so racing stopped around 2-30 pm and results declared on the 4 completed heats.

  • 1s Derek Priestley John Brooks 14 points
  • 2nd David Mathers Steve Saunders 13 points
  • 3rd Phil Large (Mr & Mrs) 11 points
  • 3rd Peter Whiteside 11 points
  • 5th John Plant & Peter Jackson 10 points
  • 6th Alan Bell 9 points
  • 7th Robert Large (Mr & Mrs) 7 points
  • 8th Peter Iles 5 points

Derek Priestley and John Brooks received the Pearson Trophy for the top “Classic” yacht and David Mathers and Steve Saunders the Hayes Trophy for top “Vintage” yacht. FMY&PBC engraved glasses were presented to the top Classic and Vintage skippers for both race days. A bottle of wine was presented to long distance travellers, the Large Family, and to David Mathers. Wine kindly donated by Alan Bell.

Thanks are due to Eric Watkinson (Race Officer) and mates Carl and Paul who again assisted those in need.

Report from Peter Whiteside & pictures by Michael Parkington.

click for PDF download of the report –inc detailed breakdown of the various Vintage M Designs sailed over the weekend.