A-Class Championship – Video Highlights

Good evening model yacht racing fans! Tonight we present a video of the recent A-Class Championships. It was very good, by all accounts.

There is no getting around it… This is big file and it might take a while to stream/download/watch but hopefully, its worth it… these were some Classic Fleetwood Vane A Conditions™ … One for the ages. Thanks to Bob Jolly for sending the footage in.

We’ll also be dropping another massive gallery of pictures soon (when your internet has calmed down)


Vane 36R 1st Club Race

Saturday 1st April was no fools’ day for the five skippers that entered the 36 Restricted class for vane boats. Along with 2 extra helpers and Eric Watkinson for scoring the day, Vane 36R Woods Cup Trophy was a goer!

Tony has written a wonderful article on Yachts & Yachting, available here  

The Final Results

  • 1st     Peter Whiteside              19 points
  • 2nd    John Plant                      11
  • 3rd=   Edward Greenwood     8
  • 3rd=   Peter Jackson                8
  • 5th    Martin Pritchard             4
 And again, and more brilliant video’s from Tony Wilson.