Vane 36R Topham Cup

For the first 36R Vane event of the year we had five entries. A couple of the regulars and one out of hibernation that sailed mainly vane boats many moons ago. Wizzy tells me the last time he was out on the water was about 30 years ago and at the time he seemed to be the only one owning a 36R, so now we must have actually grown in numbers.

Derek was with us to team up with Robert and Eric was keen to assist Tony and help the blind lead the blind. Bob was here to mate for Peter and Darren was down to help our John.

Light winds from the bottom of the lake called for big rigs. Some of the usual fumbling around to get the boats out and dusted and then score cards were prepared with the boats and skipper names filled in.

Five of us went to the water edge so Rob was the first on a bye as the other four had just returned from a test run. Mr Wiseman won both his legs against Peter and John scored five points from Tony as his boat didn’t go the same as it did in the test run.

At the beginning of the morning the wind was adequate, but coming up to the lunch break the wind started to dither a little down on the start, but once you were out from the clubhouse it started to work.

Team Rob then started the accumulation of wins against all the other boats as Derek tuned the boat to perfection.

After the lunch break and some more of the long awaited repairs from the previous year, the wind seemed to be back to being just enough as in the beginning.

An early finish left a bit of time for practise as there wouldn’t have been enough time for a second round. Rob and Derek had mopped up all the available points on the day and secured the win.

Although there were still a lot of buoys out on the water, they didn’t really hinder these short keeled boats to be of any problem. Collisions for resails were also at a minimum and the day ran pretty smoothly. These smaller boats are the ideal start platform for anyone contemplating a dabble in the world of Vane sailing. Ideally suited and not too fast that you have to wear running shoes to sprint after them unlike the bigger high flying machines. Come along and see or even pick up a pole and join in, helpers are always made welcome.

Next event in the 36R Vane class is the weekend after Easter on Saturday 27th April.


1 R. Wheeler 20pts
2 K. Wiseman 12 pts
Joint 3rd Peter W. and John P. on 8 pts

Thanks to Tony Wilson for the Report and video’s

Vane results

Bit of vane classes housekeeping, here are some Vane Racing Results…

Saturday 3rd June Leech Cup 36R Class (Club Race)

1st     Robert Wheeler & Derek Priestley        18 points

2nd=  John Plant                                               14
2nd=  Tony Wilson                                            14

4th    Peter Jackson                                           6

Race Officer    Eric Watkinson

Saturday 15th July Jack Roberts Trophy “A” Class (Open Event)

1st    “Blue Note”        Peter Whiteside & Peter Jackson        Fleetwood        18 points

2nd    “Pegasus”        David Bell                                              Llandudno        8

3rd    “Dark Horse”    Eddie Greenwood & John Plant            Fleetwood        4

Race Officer    Eric Watkinson

Sunday 16th July  Northern District Championship “A” Class (Open Event)

1st    “Pegasus”        David Bell                                                Llandudno        18 points

2nd    “Blue Note”    Peter Whiteside & Damian Ackroyd        Fleetwood        7

3rd    “Dark Horse”    Eddie Greenwood & John Plant            Fleetwood          5

Race Officer        Eric Watkinson

Vane 36R 1st Club Race

Saturday 1st April was no fools’ day for the five skippers that entered the 36 Restricted class for vane boats. Along with 2 extra helpers and Eric Watkinson for scoring the day, Vane 36R Woods Cup Trophy was a goer!

Tony has written a wonderful article on Yachts & Yachting, available here  

The Final Results

  • 1st     Peter Whiteside              19 points
  • 2nd    John Plant                      11
  • 3rd=   Edward Greenwood     8
  • 3rd=   Peter Jackson                8
  • 5th    Martin Pritchard             4
 And again, and more brilliant video’s from Tony Wilson.

Vane 36-R Class Race Results

Lever Cup Saturday 4th June 2016

There were 3 entries and one round was sailed.

  • 1st John Plant / 6 points
  • 2nd Eddie Greenwood / 5 points
  • 3rd Peter Jackson / 4 points

Leech Cup Saturday 20th August 2016

There were 5 entries and one round was completed in torrential rain and strong winds. Smallest suits of sails were used throughout and even these were almost too much for these small boats to handle when the wind freshened even more during the afternoon. For the last 2 heats beats only were sailed, to reduce the possibility of damage to yachts and competitors.

After Heat 4, three yachts had the potential to win the event. Eddie had 11 points, Martin and Peter W each had 10 points. In the last heat Martin beat Eddie and
Peter J beat Peter W, resulting in an overall win for Martin. Final scores were:

  • 1st Martin Pritchard / 13 points
  • 2nd Eddie Greenwood & Eric Watkinson / 11 points
  • 3rd Peter Whiteside / 10 points
  • 4th= John Plant / 3 points
  • 4th= Peter Jackson / 3 points

Vane 36R Class – Topham Cup – 23rd April 2016

Five yachts entered the event. At commencement of racing there was hardly any wind, but as the first pair reached about half way up the lake wind strength increased and the direction changed from northerly to westerly, giving a 3 leg beat up the lake with a run back to the Clubhouse. Conditions were then excellent and these small yachts with their short fins were comfortable in 2nd suits of sails. Four heats were sailed before lunch break. Afterwards the wind strength had increased considerably with some yachts now over-canvased. The last heat was completed and it was decided not to sail a further round.

Thanks are due to Carl, Mike and Paul for acting as mates during the event.


  • 1st Peter Whiteside – 15 points
  • 2nd Eddie Greenwood & Eric Watkinson – 13 points
  • 3rd Martin Pritchard – 12 points
  • 4th John Plant – 6 points
  • 5th Peter Jackson – 4 points

Vane 36-R Class – Woods Cup

This was the first of the planned “Club” races for 2016 season and took place Saturday 19th of March.

There were 5 entries. The wind was fairly light, so top or second suits of sails were used by the competitors. One round was sailed. The “Bye” boat crew acted as mates for the 2 pairs sailing, to supplement the efforts of the 2 “newly recruited mates to vane sailing”, Ian and Mike.

Results as follows:

  • 1st Peter Whiteside – 90%
  • 2nd Eddie Greenwood and Eric Watkinson 53%
  • 3rd John Plant – 45%
  • 4th Peter Jackson & Mike – 30%
  • 5th Martin Pritchard & Ian – 27%

The next Vane 36-R event is scheduled for Sat 23rd April.