DF65 2016 Third Series 5th Meeting 24th August

Ten skippers eventually turned up; earlier start because of 8.20pm sunset. So now we know who doesn’t read emails! A rigs were the order of the day in a tricky NW wind, but isn’t it always a tricky wind at Fleetwood! We could have done more than eight races but instead we opted for another rules/tactics talk from Derek. Results and positions to date are below.

DF65 Series 3 meeting 5    Third series  league table_5

DF65 2016 Third Series 4th Meeting 17th August

A warm sunny evening as forecast with a lightish ESE wind, i.e. blowing from the club house; this caused a bit of a dead spot at the windward mark and finishing line. We had eight skippers, holidays taking their toll. Eric had problems with his RC kit losing control as his boat got half way across the lake; quite a few skippers suffer from this and as yet we have no explanation for it. Anyway we achieved our customary eight races over a course set by Derek. He had to alter the finishing line after race one because he couldn’t read the sail numbers at the far end of the line! Note in race 7 we had our first dead heat, for second place. Usual results below.

DF65 Series 3 meeting 4  Third series  league table_4

DF65 Saturday 2016 Fifth Meeting 13th August

Thanks to Garry Benson for this report.

‘A poor turnout was treated to an excellent B rig westerly for which Trevor (Officer of the Day) set a testing course which was subsequently shortened on occasions to enable eight races into which Chris joined for the final three in preference to dog walking!

Sadly Ian suffered a flooded hull due to a severely damaged bow and luckily stayed afloat to hopefully repair and fight another day.’

The result was: 1st Garry Benson         6 pts;  2nd Mike Benson   10 pts;  3rd Chris Haworth   25 pts

4th Trevor Bell      25 pts;  5th Ian Hawtin    33 pts.

(Sorry about the format but Excel been playing up since I went to Windows 10 Anniversary edition – beware, don’t do it!)

Results for the series to date below.

Saturdays 2016 results to date_5


Fleetwood on Tour – Vane A’s @ Gosport

Its taken me more than a few days to get my head round the plethora of results and reports emanating from the Vane A Championships hosted at Gosport. There were 3 Fleetwood boats competing in this prestigious competition… Peter Whiteside & Steve Poole, Rob Walsh & Thomas Walsh and Derek Priestley & John Brooks. Suffice to say the Fleetwood boys didn’t set the world alight in the overall results. If you want to dig through the gory details they can be found in a great report on the MYA website here: Final Results & Report from the MYA

Derek Priestley & John Brooks did however win the Auld Mug taking out the Yachting Monthly Cup after a gripping days racing.  Negotiations are still on-going with Maureen about where this massive trophy will be displayed. Will it make it to the mantelpiece or will it be ostracised to a lowly cupboard or god forbid.. put under the stairs?! More news when we have it.

My undercover mole at the event also informs me that Fleetwood can claim some sort of dubious credit for the Bell Family’s great performance over the week, with overall Champions David & Margaret Bell and Robert Bell and Alan Bell holding steady in the top 10. Originally hailing from Fleetwood; the Bell family are now sailing under the Llandudno Burgee but whenever they win stuff we like to point out that they are still Fleetwood members as well. Like I say, it’s all a bit geographically tenuous but agent P put me up to it😉

Finally an easy thing to understand, Sue Brown has once again provided us with an incredible gallery of pictures from the event. Where would we be without her eh?! All 285 pictures can be found here with a few choice ones showing the Fleetwood boats below.

Roll on next year when Fleetwood will be hosting this wonderful event.


DF65 2016 Third Series 3rd Meeting 10th August

Another wet and windy evening and eight brave skippers turned up. All had B rigs apart from Tony (only has an A) and Paul who had rigged up with an A prior to work, fancy believing a weather forecast!! Needless to say they struggled though Paul did manage a second place in one race, what skill! Poor Chris H had to retire after gaining a third place in the first race; winch line had parted from the winch drum. That’s a new one. After six races those remaining had had enough. Results tonight and positions to date below.

DF65 Series 3 meeting 3    Third series  league table

DF65 Saturday 2016 Fourth Meeting 6th August

Firstly a reminder: first meeting was in April, second was a combined Open event so I have filtered out the positions for Fleetwood skippers and the third, on July 2nd, was abandoned – bad weather. So, to today. This was Tim Lanigan’s first outing since he came third in the DF65 Nationals and he thumped us all winning every race. Much jockeying for second place between three skippers but finally going to John Plant. We have another Saturday meeting next week 13th August starting at 10.30a.m.  Today’s results and positions to-date below.

DF65 Saturdays 2016 No. 4              Saturdays 2016 results to date

DF65 2016 Third Series 2nd Meeting 3rd August

The forecast tonight was 40+mph winds so I turned up (less boat) not expecting to see anyone else. Surprise, surprise five skippers setting up C rigs (4) and one B rig.

After some ‘should we shouldn’t we?’ they decided to give it a go and we set a course at the far end of the lake, as the water seemed less turbulent there. All the boats struggled at times but well done to Mike who kept going with his B rig right to the end, despite a few crashes into the wall. After six races in about an hour and a quarter all had had enough, no boats suffered damage and should be OK for Saturday afternoon. Results below.

DF65 Series 3 meeting 2