DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.3

DF65s Wednesday 21st June

A southerly wind needed a start line at the far side of the lake which meant skippers having to cross the narrow strip between the two lakes; something that has been calamitous for a few skippers in the past but not tonight. A change in direction to a westerly meant a course change after race five. Derek P and John Tush had a practice with RG65s in preparation for their Nationals at Birkenhead this weekend. Needless to say they left the DF65s in their wake. Results and league table, after three weeks, below.


DF65 Open Meeting 17th June

Early cloud had lifted by 10 o’clock, the sun was shining, the wind was stronger than forecast and in a westerly direction straight up the lake thus allowing a convenient start line near the club house. Tim L and Chris C manned the oars to add and move some marks, gave some good advice setting a course then off we went. Eight races were run by 12.15 before we broke for lunch. At this stage Tim L and Chris C led with just 11 points each, Tim ahead on count back, but John S was right behind on 12.

After lunch the wind had dropped slightly and swung to the north a bit so some more mark movement, new course  and off again. It was a struggle to get another eight races in as the wind continued to drop but we did it. A late surge by John S of five bullets in the last five races was enough to pip Chris C and Tim L, who had some disastrous results(for him anyway) but still comfortably held on for a third place. Gentleman that he is he donated his prize to our one lady competitor, perhaps for her sheer consistency of finishing last with such joyous enthusiasm?

Some thanks. First to John and Susan Sharman for making it a truly ‘Open’ event, to Chris C and Tim L for working the oars and finally to Pete Jackson for the starts and recording results for each race. Final positions are below.


DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.2

DF95 Fleet Tuesday 13th June

We were pleased to welcome John and Susan Sharman tonight who were blessed with a warm SSW breeze which was ideal for the A rig. We managed our customary eight races and thanks to Chris C we varied the course which kept everyone on their toes – give or take the occasional diversions. As you will see from the results Mark was victorious in probably the closest racing of the season so far.

See you on the water

Garry Benson  DF95 Club Captain

PS It was actually event two, one was cancelled owing to gale force winds.  KC

DF65 Fleet Wednesday 14th June

A very good turnout deserved better wind, 5/6mph dropping all the time. We adopted the same course as the DF95s on the previous evening but only one lap per race. After six races we’d had enough so packed it in. Would you believe it, twenty minutes later the wind had picked up again but too late!. It was a close run thing for the first three places and even closer for the last three!

Ken Crabtree  Df65 Club Captain

DF Squadron Saturday Series 2017 No. 3

DF95s 10th June

As expected turnout was low because eight skippers in Milton Keynes for the DF95 National Championship but three hardy skippers donned waterproofs to keep out the driving rain and managed eight races. The first raced used the same course as the DF65s last Wednesday but in a Southerly wind there were no challenging beats so the course was altered. After completing two races in about 15 to 20 minutes we decided to make each race two laps.

Thanks to Alan Hinchcliffe for braving the weather and taking charge of the scoring.

DF65s 10th June

The three 95 skippers were joined by two more for the DF65 races. These boats being a bit slower we only did one lap for each race and although we completed our customary eight races in an hour and a half we were so soaked we decided to call it a day.


DF65 Open Meeting 17th of June

This is your bare bones notice that we are hosting a DF65 Open Meeting on Saturday 17th June 2017.

The entry fee of £3 to be paid on the day. Tea and coffee on tap, bring your own sarnies.

Please enter via the contact us link or by email to ken.crabtree@btinternet.com or just rock up on the day.


  • 09:45 Briefing
  • 10:00 First Race
  • 12:30 Lunch
  • 16:30 Prize Giving

Entrants to date:

  • Chris Chatfield
  • Tim Lanigan
  • Bob Jolly
  • Mike Benson
  • Ken Crabtree (Rig problems so will be RO)
  • Robin Gray
  • Chris Haworth?
  • Tim Saam?
  • Eddie Greenwood?
  • Harry Norris?
  • John Plant?
  • John Sharman
  • Susan Sharman


DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.1

DF65s Wednesday 7th June Series 2.1

The gale force winds had eventually subsided so B rigs were, just, the order of the day. Nine skippers ventured out for some testing racing; how can you grind to a halt in 16+ mph winds? Chris Chatfield returned to the fold (no DF95 yesterday, gales!!)) and took the honours, again.

Many thanks to Alan Hinchcliffe for acting as race officer.