DF65 Series 1 results

After 7 rounds of sailing Steve Mattison wins the Barbara Williams Trophy – well done.

The top 6 places are as follows ( 4 races to count)

Steve Mattions 372 points
Chris Haworth 364 points
Mike Benson 316 points
Bob Jolly 312 points
Ken Crabtree 167 points
Alan Smith 66 points

Dragon 95 Series 1 Round 7

The final rond of this series saw 14 competitors starting the race. The wind was straight down the lake edging in strength on a stiff B Rig. Mark Rose broke down in the first heat and had to change from B to C Rig for the rest of the evening. The racing was competitive all evening with the eventual winner being Derek Priestley.

Fleetwood Vintage/Classic weekend

We’ve just had a great weekend of Classic & Vintage Marblehead racing.  With 14 boats and visitors from as far south as Gosport & London, north from Edinburgh , Wales, Yorkshire and of course our own members all contributing to a very successful weekend.  We raced all day sat and we had 2 sinkings!  Peter Iles & Keith Wiseman (Wizzy) had to take to the rescue boat and re-float the boats! Another unusual occurrence was a “dead heat” in one of the races, where the boats crossed the finish line together.  Many miles were walked, and several new friendships were made as we raced, lunched, and some of us dined together at the North Euston Hotel on the Saturday night before doing it all again on Sunday.

At the end the 1st Vintage boat (boats with “old fashioned” keels)  was the Alan & Robert Bell’s 1955 Witchcraft “Rena Pat”  2nd Vintage was Peter Whitesides’s   1965 Bosun’s Mate  sailed by Wizzy & Sam Roberts. Those two also won the Team Of Two  (TOT’s)   prize for the combined highest score. 

In the Classic group  (boats with short fin &  bulb keels)  1st was Gareth & Elizabeth Jones with their Witty Skippy.  2nd was Damian Ackroyd & Eric Austwick with a Bloodaxe. 

All skippers & race team voted for the nicest boat and that was won by David Geldard from Leeds with his very nice looking Mirage (designed & built in the late 1960’s by John Lund of Leeds & Bradford club.

All in all it was a great weekend and great to see so many eople had taken so much care and attention with their boats.  I don’t know the names of all the designs but here’s a few not already mentioned

Nigel Brown                                 1950’s Tucker Duck
Derek Morland                          1960’s  Witty Wasp
Mick  Parkington                          1960’s Priest Witchcraft
Tony Wilson                                 1960’s Priest  Witchcraft
Richard Enos                                 a modern built 1930’s design by Daniel
Max Buttimer                                1950’s   ????  Wendy
Peter Iles                                       1960’s  Witty Vega
David Mathers                              1970’s  ??????  Black Princ
Lisa Priestley                                Clem Edwards design from the late 60’s

All old boats sailed by old Blokes & a few young ladies!!   Come & join us next year.

Overall final scores

1  A & R  Bell                       “Rena Pat”                        Vintage   48
2 G & E Jones                “Skippy”                             Classic   44
3 D Ackroyd & E Austwick    “Bloodaxe”                      Classic   44
4 D Geldard &  E Austwick     “Mirage”                          Classic   39
5 L Priestley & M Roberts      “Seans Boat”                   Classic   38
6 K Wiseman & S Roberts    “Bosun’s Mate”                Classic   32
7 N Brown      “Quackers”                      Vintage   31
8= D Morland & T Rees            “Wasp”                            Vintage   29
8= P Iles  & R Jolly                    “Vega”                             Classic   29
8= D Mathers & S Lewis            “Black Prince”                  Classic   29
11  M & S Parkington               “Pemar”                           Vintage  28
12  M  Buttimer                         “Wendy J”                       Vintage  25
13  T Wilson & W Audley          “Ballerina”                       Vintage  19
14   R Enos           “Double Trigger”             Vintage  16

Mid Week Racing on the Lake

The Club hold regular mid-week evening events at the lake sailing DF95 (Tuesday), IOM (Wednesday) and DF65 (Thursday). Racing normally starts at 6.30pm. Anyone who is interested in seeing how our sport operates is welcome and we can arrange for them to have a trial sail so come along just introduce yourself to any of the members present.

This week has seen some poor evenings with either heavy rainfall os increasing winds with the result tahe the racing sessions have had to be curtailed. The reults are as follows:-

DF95 Series 1 Race 6

DF65 Series 1 Event 6

Weekend Results

With a number of skippers “on tour” club entry levels were down. This did not however, prevent some good competitive sailing taking place.

Saturday Series DF95 Event 4

Saturday Series DF65 Event 4

Well done to the club members who travelled to Two Islands to compete in a 6M open tophy event won by our member Shaun Holbech.