DF Squadron 2017 Saturday Series 6

Saturday 9th September

A very poor turnout saw the DF95 event at 12 noon being cancelled. Final positions will be posted later.

Four skippers for the DF65 meeting donned B rigs in a strong NNW wind and managed the usual eight races without any disasters. This was the sixth and last meeting in this series, the results and final league table are below. Congratulations to Chris Chatfield, winner of the series and Eddie Greenwood, runner up in what was a closely fought contest..


KC DF65 Fleet Captain

DF Squadron Club Racing Series 3 No.7

DF95 Series 3 Event 7

Tuesday 5th September

The final Tuesday evening DF95 racing in a brisk B Rig Westerly was hotly contested by nine skippers and a culmination of circumstances including Chris C’s failing rudder servo, and myself having a detached winch main sheet resulted in one of the closest event results of the year.
Congratulations to John Sharman’s well-deserved event win and to Chris Chatfield and Derek P for the Series Overall first and second respectfully!
This series was contested by seventeen of the Fleetwood DF95 Squadron and big thanks to those who travel a considerable distance and also to DP, CC and to Peter Jackson for their invaluable help to make this racing so enjoyable.
This Saturday we have 95 racing at 12 noon followed by our Fleetwood Dragon Open (Saturday the 16th DF65s and on Sunday 17th September the 95s) .
Don’t forget the Dragon Travellers TT at Weecher Reservoir, Keighley on the 14/15th October.

See you on the water.
Garry Benson
DF95 Club Captain


DF65 Wed. 6th Sept

A blustery westerly wind and choppy waters pointed to use of C rigs but nine hardy skippers opted for the Bs. As most of our buoys had been blown out of position a starting line the full width of the lake was easier to manage in the conditions and a shortish course of what is best described as a sausage followed by a short reach and then a short beat to finish at the start line allowed Peter to take shelter from the wind in his car. Was Paul too cocky that he was in an unassailable position overall? Or was his B rig playing up. Whatever, John took adavantage to score another event win.

Many thanks to Peter for scoring and generally organising things in my absence for the series.


So the final league table shows Paul and John tied on 390 points. How to resolve that? Count back? John has only four events so no count backs. Does that make Paul the winner? Or do we say John got 390 from only four events so he wins? Or, if we look at race wins in each of their four best events we get: Paul 11; John 14. So, with my captain’s hat on I have decided that the latter two viewpoints prevail and John is the winner with Paul runner-up.

KC DF65 Fleet Captain

DF Squadron Club Racing Series 3 No.6

DF65  Wed. 30th August

A fine sunny evening with a good old westerly wind. A rigs all round except for Harry who chose a B rig for the first few races. A fair few DNSs and DNFs; technical problems and jellyfish. Garry caught one in the sixth race whilst in the lead and finished as a DNF.

Next week is the last one in the series and it looks like it could be a tie between Paul and John for the title. If it is we’ll need countbacks.


Ken Crabtree  DF65 Fleet Captain

DF95 Tue. 29th August

Although the racing was not without its uninvited marine life the 95 fleet are in debt to the Jelly Removal Squad’s endeavours which certainly reduced the frustration level from previous weeks.
Nevertheless Chris C seemed to not only attract the inevitable but he also managed to be ‘hooked up’ and be inseparable the length of the lake and whilst being in first position on both occasions! Still, as you will see, the discards came to his rescue.
The weather proved to be favourable and many thanks to Derek for setting another challenging beating and running course which resulted in some exciting tacking duals throughout the fleet during which Derek then demonstrated that with some fine tuning and a master at the ‘helm’ (see race 6) any of this one design can get a bullet.
Next week is the final event in the series and another opportunity to get some tuning in prior to the upcoming Fleetwood Dragon Open (16/17 September) and the Dragon Travellers TT at Weecher Reservoir, Keighley on the 14/15th October.

See you on the water.

Garry Benson

DF95 Club Captain


DF Squadron Club Racing Series 3 No.5


A decent turn out of DF95 skippers were greeted with a little less wind than was forecast, but did their best to produce some competitive racing, although again proved to be a lottery as to whether one could get round the course without the addition of a passenger or two (the dreaded jelly fish).  Derek took the honours for the night, with Chris a close second.

Roll on Saturday, when we shall endeavour to lessen the threat of these pesky blighters.


DF65  Wednesday 23rd August

Looking at the results it seems John P was in great form winning four of the eight races and beating Derek into second place. Note Bob J slowly creeping up the placings.


Ken Crabtree Crocked DF65 Fleet Captain


DF Squadron Club Racing Series 3 No.4


In blessed weather the Fleetwood 95 Squadron enjoyed (give or take the multiplying jellyfish) the customary eight races in an A rig WSW warm breeze.

It was good to have Shaun In the fleet again and as ever he proved to be competitive after initial rig tuning, etc.

Many thanks to Peter Jackson for setting an excellent course and the RO duties.

DF65 Fleet Wednesday 16th August

Just two skippers opted for B rigs in a gusterly southish wind, the rest stuck with As. A few DNFs and DNSs, causes unspecified but jellyfish not mentioned. Looks like Paul is the one to beat for this series’ title but second place could be interesting.



DF Squadron 2017 Saturday Series No. 5

DF65 Fleet

The 65s were up first this time at 12 noon. It was B rigs all round in a NNW wind. There were the usual disasters of bits falling off, breaking or burning out. Results and league table to date are below. Note, there is one more Saturday event on 9th September.


Thanks again to Peter Jackson for scoring and brief report.

Ken Crabtree DF65 Fleet Captain

DF95 Fleet

Many thanks to Peter Jackson for being RO.
It would appear that there was some close racing and it was good to see Eric back on the water, although it would appear he endured a few problems.