Fleetwood Dragon TT Results

Well who’d have thunk it, last weekend we sailed deep in C rig territory with a side order of horizontal rain. This weekend? well its was better, much much better.

DF65 Saturday

Round 5 & 6 of the Dragon TT kicked off with the 65’s launching into naff all wind but whatever, look at the sky!

The racing was a mixed bag of drifty beats, runs that turned into beats and then back to runs and everyone was nearly always in better wind than you. Conditions got better throughout the day which allowed the full quota of 16 races to be sailed. With the best winds¬†predictably arriving about 3:43pm. Honesty I can’t remember much else about the racing yesterday maybe I have sun stroke?! Look at the sky!

DF65 Results

  • 1st John Tushingham
  • 2nd Derek Priestley
  • 3rd Buzz Coleman

Here’s the Old School score sheet, dig in ūüėČ

DF95 Sunday

Today was much like yesterday only with slightly bigger boats, longer courses, better wind, less races and more miles walked. We had 28 boats on the water, 28! I haven’t got a picture to prove it (hint, hint send me some) but there was some great¬†racing throughout the fleet. Yes there were some banazi moves and strange tactics employed at times but then we were all half crazed with the sun and the walking. Considering the size of the fleet the racing was conducted in good spirits & despite some¬†shenanigans the same old faces went home with the wine.

DF95 Results

Big Thank You’s

  • First off, big shout out to all the new faces we saw over the weekend. Fresh blood is exactly what we need.
  • Thanks to Judith Baldwin for the scoring, truly the best in the game.
  • Thanks to¬†Eric ‚ÄėGet Back you lot‚Äô Watkinson for running the starts.
  • Thanks to all the Fleetwood members who chipped in throughout the weekend. And especially to Peter Ilses for cleaning up our new championship marks, fixing up the rescue boat and manning it all weekend. Cheers mate.
  • And lastly to the¬†3 generations of the infamous Priestley clan for running¬†the kitchen. Where else would you be served battenberg¬†and scones ‘off of a’ posh trolley at the prize giving? ūüôā


Finally let’s get stuck in to some serious math! As befits any proper¬†Fleetwood MYPBC race reportage, here’s the weekends competitor mileage data report, sponsored by Garmin* and 3 bottles of Brewdog Punk IPA.

5 miles each x 23 competitors (DF65 Saturday)
8 miles each x 28 competitors (DF95 Sunday)

= 339 miles (ish)

Which is about same distance as Fleetwood to Plymouth! Thats flipping bonkers right?!

 *I made up the bit about garmin


DF Squadron Saturday 18th March

First up this time, the DF95s. Here’s Garry’s report.

A golden opportunity to test the smaller rigs was enjoyed by six enthusiastic skippers in less than welcoming weather on our freshly filled lake. Various rig failures were experienced and some inventive tuning proved to be valuable knowledge. Six races on a simple two marker up and downwind course had everyone trailing in Tim’s wake and Eric, who had borrowed a B-rig, was a sight to behold on the run. I trust that everyone who has not already entered and, can make it, comes and supports the club at the Dragon Travellers racing this coming weekend.

Results: 1  Tim Lanigan    4 pts

                2  Peter Iles          9 pts

                3  Eric Reid          10 pts

Next up were the DF 65s

By now the rain had eased off and the wind had dropped a bit so we all started off with B-rigs on a sausage course, starting and finishing on a beat.  After race one Tony had leak problems, again, and had to retire. The wind dropped more during the fourth and fifth races so we broke for 10 minutes whilst everyone went up to the A-rig. The forecast for the DF TT event on Saturday is full sun so no excuse for missing out what should be great couple of days.


DF Squadron 18th Feb 2017

First up were the DF95s, Garry’s report follows:-

Today we welcomed John Brookes and Mike Benson to our ever expanding fleet and yet again in a maiden race John takes the bullet; Mike’s boat, in the very capable hands of Derek (even with a faulty rudder) gets a credible 4th.

Chris Chatfield, fresh from his extended antipodean vacation, also graced us with his presence and took the overall honours in eight closely contested races which saw wins for four different skippers who were faced with a challenging and fickle breeze coming from varied directions.

Thanks to Derek for acting as RO and his continual rules guidance.

Results below (I’ll get to grips with the MYA spreadsheet eventually!)


 Next up were the DF65s

Derek decided to race his DF65 so for the other eight skippers it was a case of racing for second place which Garry achieved again. Chris C normally shines with his 65 but not today; perhaps he was overcome with his success on his first DF95 outing!

Results and positions to date below.


DF Squadron 4th February


Eight skippers turned out for the DF65 races which were first up today. A SSW wind proved challenging but not for Mick Parkington who ran away with six of the eight races, the other two being shared between Garry B and Tony W. Unfortunately Tony’s rudder servo packed in on the penultimate race and eventually Paul Balcombe got the rescue boat out to recover it. Then my winch went on the last race with the sails fully out but some clever steering got me to the end of the landing stage.

Thanks to Eric Reid for acting as Racing Officer; by the way Eric I have booked you an appointment at Specsavers!

Results and league table below.


Only three DF95 skippers ventured out and one had technical problems so no racing took place. Where were you all??

DF Squadron 21st Jan.


Last Saturday was our first joint meeting. This time it was the turn of the DF95s to go first at 12 noon. Here is Garry’s report.

Ice Cold in Fleetwood

DragonFlite 95 Winter Series 21st January 2017

First of all grateful thanks to Paul Balcombe for his assistance with the markers on the adjacent lake and to Michael Benson for braving the elements and taking the results etc. on an exceptionally cold day!

Nevertheless, six cold blooded DF95 skippers were not deterred and managed eight races in the best of the day’s breeze – see Ken’s DF65 report!

Another maiden launch brought a first place for Rick Ford although normal service was resumed when Derek sorted his rig and reeled off the next seven, hotly pursued by Rick and Eric.

1st  Derek Priestley

2nd  Rick Ford

3rd  Eric Reid

(comprehensive results to follow when I have got my head around the MYA’s spreadsheet)


Next up were the DF65s. Although twelve skippers turned up only nine sailed and one was a guest. For the others it was either too cold, leaking boat or bad electrics. By the time the first boats put to water the wind had dropped to a mere wisp. We tried the same course as the DF95s but whereas they did two or three laps each race we did one just to see how things went. About twenty minutes later a change of course was obviously needed and it seemed like the far side of the lake might offer a bit of wind; it didn’t and not even a flock of ducks swimming through the course could generate any additional movement. After just two more races, drifting ever slower as the wind dropped completely, we called it a day and went back to the club house for a hot drink and another valuable lesson on tactics from Derek. Many thanks to Harry Norris for doing the scoring.

The results are


We had two DF65 meetings last year, one in October and one in November which are not enough to make a series so I am including them in our Winter series which means we have now had three out of a possible four meetings. The league table is below.


The Last Hurrah

Nine never say die skippers enjoyed a rare westerly and the early morning breeze which made for a sail selection dilemma with the A rig’s down wind speed proving to be advantageous.

After a lunch break there was lots of knowledge passed round the fleet and tuning tips again shared. All skippers went for the A rig for the last few races. Enjoying what might be the last sail of the year before the lake is drained. Another great day with these exciting yachts.

Many thanks to Tony for the pics and to the growing Fleetwood DF95 fleet for braving the elements.

Garry Benson
DragonFlite 95 Captain