Privacy Policy

Fleetwood MY&PBC
Data Privacy Policy

As from 25th May 2018 the club must comply with the new General Data Protection Regulations, so this is to inform you how we collect, store and handle your personal data.

Why we collect your data
We collect your data only so that we can keep a register of our members for the general administration of the club and to update them with club news and events.
What data do we collect?
We collect personal details, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, emergency contacts, MYA number and usage of club facilities.

How we collect your data
We collect your information from membership application forms, annual renewal forms and other communication methods, e.g. email.

When we’ll share your data

We may share your information only with other members of the club and it will never be used for commercial purposes. However, to enable contact from interested members of the public via our website, names, telephone and email addresses of club officers and class captains will be displayed on the website subject to consent from each individual.
Any information you provide for ‘Emergency Contacts’ must be readily accessible and so it will be displayed in the locked glass cabinet in the corner by the canteen. You should make your Emergency Contacts aware of this policy.

Where your data is stored
Your data will be stored in an Excel spreadsheet on the General Secretary’s personal computer and backed up in the same person’s Microsoft Onedrive. Both sites are protected by passwords known only to the Secretary.
When is your data deleted
Your data will be deleted two months after the end of a membership year if your membership has lapsed.
You may request your data to be deleted but this will also terminate your membership with immediate effect.

Version 2   7th June 2018