Fleetwood Dragon TT this weekend

Derek sends word that a number of competitors will be gathering at the lake early afternoon on Friday, club house will be open and there will be much chortling at the colour of the lake!

Find out more and get your entry in here:


If anyones entry is missing please let me know by clicking here

Fleetwood DF Squadron 4th March 2017

So here we are again on this foreign lake. We seem to be plagued by S or SW winds, the worst possible. Our marker buoys have been  mucked up by the recent gales so much that the only course would be a slalom! Unfortunately we didn’t have an Olympic hammer thrower to put some  markers in better positions but there was a friendly  kayak-er on the lake and he obliged by re-positioning  a marker to allow us a reasonable course with a short initial beat. The DF65s were first up. Although A rigs were the order of the day some of the markers caused many a disaster, except to the ‘expert’ sailors, (how do they do it?) so there were no surprises in the results other than Tim lost one race to Garry!!

Thanks to Eric Reid for scoring for us.

The day’s results are below together with the final league table for the DF65s winter series.

winter-2016-meeting-7  final-df65-winter-series-table

Next up the DF95s captained by Garry.

Being second up we fortunately benefited from the prior 65 racing and also from Bob Jolly for taking on the RO duties. Yet again the 95 offered a maiden race to Peter Chester who just fell short with a second to Tim Lanigan’s first of six bullets.

Full race details of this inaugural winter series will be on the web shortly. In the meantime today’s first three are:

  1. Tim Lanigan
  2. Chris Chatfield
  3. Peter Isle

PS Don’t forget the DF TT on March 25th/26th!!  65s on the Saturday, 95s on the Sunday. If you are going to race please register on-line; it gives us an idea of how many to cater for.

Ends in Salad

What a great year… plenty of big events, club racing, lots of laughs and Eddie Greenwood’s epic struggle against the dreaded weed which tormented our keels all year.

And now we look forward to the DF Squadron, Lasers, Schooners, IOM Opens, DF Opens and MYA National Championships in three of our finest classes. 2017 is shaping up nicely.


Mark your calendars, the big un’s are coming:

  • MYA M Nationals – 7th/8th/9th July
  • MYA 10R Nationals – 10th/11th July
  • VANE A Class Nationals Week – 30th July > 4th August

Look for news about these exciting events here:

2017 Calendar Published

Peter and Ken have put in a great effort to import all of next years events into our online calendar and produce a downloadable 2017-club-events-PDF  Printing out the agenda view also works pretty well or try subscribing to it using your own calendar software. Using the ICAL link or HTML. The next 10 events will always show on the homepage on the righthand side and the calendar page is here if you haven’t spotted it. Finally, if you see anything wrong with event dates/times, do let us know here.

The Xmas Jumper Race Updated


We’re once again decamping to West Lancs Yacht Club on the 27th of December 2016 for the world famous Fleetwood IOM Christmas Race. Last year was awesome and this year we’re making ‘orrible xmas jumpers the dress code @ lunch time! Can anyone out-do Derek & Mick? Bring your worst! We’ve had some updates to the programme of the day from Alan Tickle at West Lancs:

Updated programme for the day

  • 09:00 clubhouse opens
  • 09:30 Bacon sandwiches & coffee
  • 09:45 RO briefing
  • 10:00 1st race
  • 13:00 Lunch – Cottage Pie (no Turkey!)
  • xmas jumper fashion parade
  • 15:00 Last race
  • 15:30 Prize giving, coffee & mince pies
  • All for very reasonable £8 (pay on the day)  

Entries on the MYA website

Entry List

  • Derek Priestley 67 Fleetwood
  • Paul Allen 27 Birkenhead
  • Mick Chamberlain 46 Lincoln
  • Rick Ford 12 Fleetwood
  • Tommy Mills 114 Fleetwood
  • Dave Kent 79 Dartmoor
  • Sue Parkington 86 Fleetwood
  • Mike Parkington 82 Fleetwood
  • Liz Tushingham 71 Keighley
  • John Tushingham 51 Keighley
  • John Brierley 84 Birkenhead
  • Chubby Elf’nSnackers 99 Llandudno
  • John Smith 43 Manor Park
  • Darin Ballington 98 Manor Park
  • Martin Roberts 22 Birkenhead
  • Graham Whalley 16 Manor Park
  • John Bush 7 Doncaster
  • Mick Tonkison 48 Doncaster
  • Shaun Holbeche 14 Fleetwood
  • Dave Stewart 11 Ashton Quays
  • Graham Marsh 71 Ashton Quays
  • Dave Alston 111 Leicester
  • Your Name??!!

Still not tempted? look at it last year…


More Info:

  • yottyderek@tiscali.co.uk
  • 01253 779764 OR 07770641125

Message From Mr John Eccles

I have been given 2 kits through bereavement , They are both Billings kits. HMS Bounty and the Zwarte Zee tug, the Bounty has not been started plank on frame, but the Zwarte Zee ,the hull has been finished, plank on frame, with the rest to be completed. I just wonder if any of your members would be interested in them. Thank you.

If any members are interested in this kind offer, please drop me a message via the contact form and I’ll pass on John’s telephone number.