Scale Section News

Club members will be aware of the intention to recommence social sailing within the Club with effect from 29th March subject to final approval of the date and guidelines issued by the Government.

The Scale Section Committee are pleased that we will be able to sail and meet up albeit outside to participate in our hobby.

The Committee will however, not be running the sailing fixtures of events as listed in the Club Sailing Fixtures until the full lockdown has been eased later in the year. The Committee is keen to stress that this only applies to the sailing programme fixtures , members are free to meet and sail as they normally do subject of course to the general guidelines for sailing issued by the Club.

For further information please contact the Section Secretary whose details appear in the sailing programme.

Return to Sailing – Latest Club News

The Fleetwood Model Yacht & Power Boat Club are pleased to hear that the Governments of the UK are cautiously optimistic that the current lockdown may be eased in the coming months and that we may have some degree of normality by the end of the summer. This is good news for all our members.

The General Committee will continue to monitor advice from the RYA Regions and UK Governments and then offer guidance to our members on the various stages of the release of lockdown.

The current position is that for the immediate future the clubhouse and club sailing remains in lockdown.  However, if a member wishes to gain access to their boat currently stored in the boathouse for the purposes of repair etc.  then they should contact one of the current designated key holders (Commodore ,Vice Commodore and Caretaker) and they will allow access to the club for the purpose of boat removal

It is hoped that from the 29th March the club can commence its sailing programme outside on the lake. The clubhouse will remain closed, access will be available to the boathouse through the boathouse door, the club will be opened and close by the designated key holder (Committee and Class Captains). Access to the toilets will be available.

The commencement of sailing will be at club level only and will need to conform to the guidelines as to numbers on the bankside permitted, social distancing, any tier arrangements and travelling restriction in force etc. and further guidance is awaited in this area.

The 29th March date and accompanying regulations are subject  to review by the Government and may be changed depending on circumstances prevailing at the time.

Further information will be posted in due course as and when the guidance becomes clearer.

FMYPBC 2021 Season

Hopefully the sailing season will soon be able to start subject of course to the Covid restriction being relaxed.

The Club has now over 100 members and in 2021 is planning a full sailing programme. The Club now has 33 Dragon 65’s, 26 Dragon 95’s and 21 IOM’s registered within the Club. Sailing takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and weekend for these class of yachts.

Our Scale Section continues to be active meeting every Tuesday to sail Mustangs and Wednesday to sail scale models.

If you would like further information on our club activities contact details are listed on this site. All welcome.

DF95 Series 3 Event 6

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Common sense prevailed and the decision to delay the event by 24 hours proved correct. A glorious clear blue sky together with a steady 10 to 15mph westerly breeze greeted the maximum complement of 13 skippers. Prior to race 1 everyone’s attention was directed to the up dated Covid Edict ,the importance of which was accepted without query.

An almost identical course to the previous event was set. The start parallel to the clubhouse upwind to the lollypop buoy taking it to port a fast goosewing to a choice of start buoys. Once negotiated back upwind to the finish. Between races 3 and 4 we were treated to some invaluable starting techniques from Uncle Derek. In a nutshell he highlighted that 1 or 2 of the skippers had trouble differentiating their glutes from their olecranon. Or do I mean the advantageous use of the port tack start.

Once again the fleet was enhanced with the inclusion of Shaun Priestley. The results confirm that he is always a force to be reckoned with. Furthermore Shaun and Mark Rose took sufficient bullets to apply for a firearms licence. Inevitably the odd rule was transgressed but everything resolved in a courteous manner. My special thanks go to Derek and Bob for their input and may I remind you all that, weather permitting, next Tuesday is a 6pm start.

Mike Benson

DF95 Fleet Captain

Mustangs – Tuesday 11th Aug

Fleetwood Mustangs were back on the lake, six skippers turned out for this regular gathering. Proceedings were a little delayed due to a ‘UFO’ in the water. A pleasant diversion then ensued to try to recover the article, skilfully manoeuvring the Mustangs round and pushing the item towards the bank. It turned out to be an old holdall which, due to the weight, took several boats and patience to achieve.

Sailing started about 20 mins later with a change from the customary course which left out markers on the far side of the lake and took in ones more to the centre.

Some close racing was had in the gentle breeze, it was a delightful sight to see these old timers in glorious formation cutting through the water. There were quite a number of visitors showing interest and quite a few casual conversations were heard.

Six races were had in all, John Plant of course in front but the remainder of the pack sharing the lead positions at some point.

A very pleasant afternoon, thanks to all concerned, see you next Tuesday.

Walter Audley

IOM social sailing 8th Aug 2020

No report this time I’m afraid, only to say our second IOM outing post full lockdown was just as good as the first which was amazing. Full social distancing observed.
Please note this Wednesdays (12th Aug) IOM practice has been CANCELLED due to most skippers having other commitments. More IOM racing soon we hope, watch this space.

Gordon Bayliff

R/C Laser Friendly racing at Fleetwood Sunday 19th July.

Extract from Derek’s report:

8 R/C Lasers raced at Fleetwood on Sunday in a beautiful sunny north westerly wind of approx 15 knots.

We started at 10am and at a leisurely pace, 8  x 2 lap half mile races were completed by 2pm having had a break of 30mins for lunch.

We walked along the top of the grass bank keeping clear of each other & the general public.

We shared the lake with some power boats, and about 40 families crabbing and picnicking,  all enjoying the summer sun. But there is plenty of room around Fleetwood lake and all appeared to be enjoying the day.

We plan to repeat the exercise next Sunday with IOM’s.

Stay safe

Derek Priestley

Laser Friendly 19-07-2020

Results by Peter Iles

Many thanks to all that took part and the contributions from Derek and Peter.

Trevor Bell Fleetwood Laser Fleet Captain


Social 36R Vane Free sailing 12 07 2020

Sunday was a nice day for sailing and as we weren’t racing, we thought we’d just let the boats race themselves instead. Normally scheduled in the club’s calendar for the Vane steered ‘A’ boats, which had been cancelled, some thought it would be an ideal opportunity to test the latest design on the block from John Taylor, a 3D printed hull with help from Damian, using Bob J. as volunteer Skipper and proud new owner.
The ability to fully social distance with only a couple of boats racing at a time and a mate to pole off on the far bank to prevent them crashing, makes this look very acceptable. Four boats in total to sail in pairs at allotted times, gave us all three ups and three downs.
Remix, the prototype hull sailed by Bob, only dropped a beat all morning, proving a very worthy contender for future events.

Have a look on YouTube 

Tony Wilson.

Wyre Community Lottery

UPDATE: We have now been in the draws for 3 weeks and 34 tickets have been bought by 11 supporters. We should achieve our initial target of 50 tickets in four weeks but surely we can do better. We have not had any winners yet but it is only a matter of time. In the meantime club funds have been boosted by £17 and the prediction is that this will increase to almost £500 for a full year at the current support level. It could so easily be £1000; so if you haven’t yet subscribed, think about it.

Wyre Council has started a community lottery. It takes place every Saturday and tickets cost £1. Of that, 50p goes to the community group selected when the ticket was purchased. There has been one lottery so far, prizes were nothing particularly exciting but the lottery is advertised with the slogan ‘your chance to win £25000’. It doesn’t say when or how frequently.

More information on the lottery can be found here

Fleetwood MYPBC has been accepted as a community group and if every member was to buy 1 ticket per week then the club would amass approximately £2500!! Any such monies received by the club will be ring fenced and used to improve the facilities of the club.

If you or your friends and family wish to partake in this lottery and raise extra funds for the club then buy your tickets using this link.

To remain in this scheme we have to achieve 50 tickets in the first four weeks so forget the National Lottery, give this a try.