Scale Section

The Scale Section

The scale section of the club has formally been in existence since 1975 and has gradually increased in size to the point where it now organises the majority of the club’s activities. Whilst it does not normally sail away from the Fleetwood club it is a very active and enthusiastic section. It is responsible for organising and running the power, scale and non-MYA sailing events.

On the water one can see models, which range from a Tug to a Warship and a Chinese Junk to a Sailing Schooner. The club boat is a model of the Sail Training Ship, “Winston Churchill”, which was built by the late Cliff Money, from the hull of an old “A” class racing boat. This can be seen sailing at club events and at weekends. It is now sailed and maintained by club members.


Many scale/semi scale sailing boats are built from racing yachts that are no longer competitive in formal class racing, but make excellent racing schooners, or scale sailing vessels. Seeing the schooner fleet sailing on a Wednesday afternoon shows what excellent boats they can become.


Of particular note is the Annual Lake of Sails event (check the Gallery for archive images from previous years) the next Lake of Sails event to be held June 5th 2016.

Scale Section Classes of Boats

Power Boats:

Powerboats, both Electric and IC. These range from Tugs, Trawlers, and Liners etc to motorboats. Competitions are held for all classes of powerboats except IC.

Whilst IC racing powerboats can be sailed at Fleetwood, members are recommended to be very careful when using them. The public, especially children, use the lake for crab fishing, dog walking, etc, and could be at risk. Members using IC boats must also ensure that they have adequate insurance to cover themselves, as the club cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur.


Scale and Semi scale models :

Usually built by club members and mainly sailed for effect or appearance rather than racing. Competitions for best built boats can be for sail or power models.

Schooners: The schooner class is raced regularly, usually on a Wednesday afternoon. 

The class has the following basic Rules:

1 Boats are divided into 3 classes dependent on size. Prizes are awarded to each class.

2. The boats race on a points system added up on a weekly basis. Prizes are normally awarded based on the performance over a number of weeks.

  • Any boat may sail in a schooner race subject to the following:
  • A single masted boat must be gaff rigged.
  • Twin or multiple masted boats have no restrictions. Catamarans do not qualify for schooner racing.
  • A winch to adjust the sails is not permitted whilst racing.