DF65 Series 2 Event 7

July 19th 2018
Shame that a feeble wind spoiled what could have been a great nights racing as ten skippers turned out for the final event of Series Two. Setting a course we thought would be adequate we started on time, but the first race took too much time because of the lack of wind, that we decided to run the remaining races over a shorter course.
We persevered and got our eight races done in the time, with Chris taking the honours for the evening, but it was John who did enough on the night to come out on Top for the Series, winning the Williams Cup.
Thanks to Peter for being RO.
We look forward now to Series Three which begins next Thurs the 26th July at 6.30pm
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.


DF65 Series 2 Event 6

12th July 2018
Again a fine turnout of eleven skippers, battled with the A rig conditions which were forever changing and very fluky to say the least. Eight races were had over a course which was simple but quite challenging. Derek joined us for the first time this series being clear of commitments, and duly took the honours for the evening, closely followed by John. A quick mention for Walter and Bob Jones, our newest member, both are improving very quickly and had some fine results on the night.
A couple of breakdowns this week, battery problems after four races for Tony spoilt his evening, and a switch problem for John caused him to miss out a couple of races, but he got that sorted and came back to take three bullets, to keep up his challenge for the title.
Many thanks to Peter for being RO
Our final event of this series is on Thurs 19th July 6.30pm.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.

DF95 Squadron SERIES 2 EVENT 6

First and foremost, congratulations to Derek on becoming the DF95 National Champion and to those of the Squadron who competed so admirably over the weekend!Tonight, except for a couple of the eight races, Derek gave his boat to Bob Jones to taste the difference to his 65 and it is hoped he gets his hands on one as he soon became competitive and managed a second in the final race.Sadly Chris C is having a ‘servo attack’ yet still managed a respectable overall result and Susan S is now realising her potential and climbing the board.The WNW breeze which slowly abated, again tested our patience as it varied its strength and the ‘flicks’ were a feature of the night over a course which covered the whole of the lake and John S eventually ran out a worthy winner.The final event of this series is next Tuesday, the 17th at 6.30pmGarry BensonDF95 Club Captain

DF65 Series 2 Event 5

Thursday 5th July 2018

A great turnout of eleven skippers enjoyed a good nights racing which began on B rig, and later on as the wind dropped most of us changed to A.

A shifting wind made it difficult at times, with nobody enjoying taking on the dreaded mark on the far side of the lake, a few expletives were heard at times as sailors either missed the mark or were pushed off course by the shifts, but credit to all for persevering.

The first four races comprised a beat, a reach, and a run and as time was on our side we changed the course to include a beat to the finish for the remainder.

John and Eddie continued with their battle in this series, and took first and second place respectively. With two events left, thirty four points separate them.

Thanks to Peter for doing the starts and scoring on the night.

Our next DF65 event is on 12TH July 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 Series 2 Event 4

28th June 2018
A ten skipper turnout in the early evening sunshine, with what I would guess about a 7mph wind, if a bit shifty in places, made for some good racing on a triangular course that was set.
Race officer Peter got us under way on time, and we started with a two lapper which took about twenty minutes, so it was thought we would reduce to one lap for the remaining and see how the time went, progress was a little slow, but we managed to put in another two lap race at the end, and we got our eight races in for the night.
John was once again on top of his game as he took five bullets and a second, and came top with nothing to separate Chris and Paul fighting for second spot which was decided on countback.
No major breakdowns of note other than Darren with a winch problem, but the club boat was on standby and he was soon back on the water.
Thanks to Peter for RO duties.
Our next DF65 event is on Thurs the 5th July at 6.30pm.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.

And if you’re curious here’s the table positions so far……..

DF65 Series 2 Event 3

21 June 2018
We wanted some wind for a change and boy did we get some. A course was set up the lake to take out some of the chop, C rig was the choice, but even then it was difficult, tacking was hard and we all struggled, but after saying all that I think everybody enjoyed the challenge.
No breakdowns of note, other than a couple whose batteries ran out, and Eddie whose batteries died in his hearing aid, and we had a short delay as he changed those so he could hear the starter, and we all came off the lake after our eight races, with no broken boats.
John and Eddie showed that they can cope well with any conditions, and took the top two spots.
Thanks to Peter for being Race Officer for the evening, and being lenient with all the uncontrollable jostling on the start line.
Our next DF 65 event in the series is on Thurs 28th June at 6.30pm
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.

DF65 Series 2 Event 2


Thursday 14th June

B rig verging on C conditions greeted the eight skippers as we made it onto the water. B rig was the sail of choice, as we moved the course up the lake to where it was less choppy and friendlier, it worked well and we managed to stay on the same rig all evening, although boats were tending to nose dive on the downwind run early on, but that lessened as the races progressed, and the wind dropped a touch.

Eight races were done in the time, with a couple of two lap longer ones towards the end in what weren’t easy conditions, but it was Eddie who was unstoppable, he had set his boat up perfectly, and took seven bullets out of the eight, and was the runaway winner for the event with six points, with the usual two of Chris and John fighting it out between them for second.

Many thanks to Peter for his race officer duties.

Our next event in Series 2 is on Thurs 21st June at 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.