2019 Saturday series Event 2

18th May 2019

Great conditions for the A+ rig as nine skippers turned out for our second event in the Saturday Series. Not all own a set yet, and for those that did it was a clear advantage.

With the wind from the West, a triangular course was set, with a longish beat to the windward mark, then reach across, and then a run down to a gate, with a beat to the finish line. With a break for lunch midway through proceedings, we managed ten races in the time before calling it a day.

Garry sailed consistently all event taking seven bullets, and won the day comfortably, with Bob and Ken taking second and third spots respectively.

So a great day was had, and with no crabbers on our bank to hinder us helped immensely, if only it was like that every time.

Our next outing for the 65, is on Thurs 23rd May 6.30pm start.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 1 Event 5

16th May 2019

A good wind from the East, enabled us to use most of the lake for this the fifth event in the current series. Superb conditions for a long beat to a windward mark by the clubhouse, and a reach across the top of the lake, then a run and a reach with a beat to a finish mid lake. Nine skippers turned out, all of us on A rig, and for a change no breakdowns to hinder anyone.

John showed us all how it should be done, and with him taking seven bullets from the nine races we got in, he won the event easily. So it was left to the rest of us to fight it out for the minor placings, and with only ten points separating positions two to six, shows how close it was with positions changing all the time, but with Chris managing a second place in the last race he secured the runner up spot.

A great nights sailing, and we hope for more of the same this coming Saturday when we are back on the water with the 65.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF Squadrons’ results week 4

First, The DF95

Tuesday 7th May

A reasonable turn out of 7 yachts arrived for the evenings sailing, it’s a big lake so there’s room for plenty more !

With the wind from the North East Derek set us a course using the 3/4 of the lake nearest the club house with a Starboard rounding of the windward mark followed by a spreader, back down the lake for a Port rounding with a beat to the finish, the first three races used this course.

The wind moved to the East and more or less straight down the lake, allowing a longer course, we had gate at the bottom of the lake just to add to the decision making. A great nights racing with a shifting wind which varied in strength but never dropped too much, there were four different winners including Derek who borrowed David’s yacht for three races, close racing was had throughout the fleet. Hopefully more of the same next week.

Next the DF65s

9th May 2019

What could be better than going radio sailing on a wet miserable and cold Thursday evening in Fleetwood. Well nine of us didn`t think there was, except for Ken who must wish he had stayed at home in the warm, as somehow he forgot to put a patch over the battery, and soon after launch for race one, saw his beloved new version six sink to the depths, ending his participation. Derek volunteered to get out the rescue boat and do the recovery job.

So after a slight delay it was left to the eight of us to get on with race night. With all of us on A rig and the wind from the East, a course had been set with a start mid lake beating up to a windward mark up by the bridge, then a run back to a couple of marks and then a beat to a finish. With the wind fluctuating all evening it became increasingly difficult to get around the windward mark, as it just became a dead spot, so RO Derek moved us up the lake and altered the course slightly to keep us away from the bridge.

The usual candidates were up for top spot with John and Garry fighting it out, but John was let down by a mast/sail failure and had to miss out three races, even so he managed a creditable second place, and a good night for Walter who was third.

So it was Garry who took the honours with consistently good sailing all night including four bullets.

Our next outing for the 65 is on Thurs 16th May 6.30pm start.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 1 Event 3

2nd May 2019

A brilliant night of sailing was had by the ten skippers who turned out, in what were near perfect conditions for a change.

Our RO Derek got us underway at 6.30 pm prompt, setting a sausage shape course and with all the fleet on A rig. With respect being shown on the start line, all the ten races we got in got away cleanly and with no recalls.

Most of the races were quite tight and competitive, and with five different skippers taking at least one bullet, it was always going to go down to the last race before the winner was confirmed.

Chris managed to get through the last race unscathed and took a win, so he was the confirmed winner on the night, from Eric in second.

A disappointing evening for the Rose Family as their boats played up all night with differing problems, but Mark managed to get on the water with his Dads boat for a few races and took a couple of bullets.

So a great night on the whole, and we hope for much of the same next time out, which is on Thurs 9th May  6.30pm start.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 1 Event 2

25th April 2019

A wonderful turnout of thirteen skippers for the second event of our evening series, which was delayed slightly. As we were about to get underway a heavy downpour with thunder and lightning came through, and had us dashing to the clubhouse for cover, it soon passed and we were out again only to find the wind had dropped considerably, but there was enough for us to get cracking.

A figure eight course had been set with a start across the end of the lake by the bridge, then a run to mid lake and across and back again. Garry was on song once again taking the first five races and it was clear he was going to be the winner on the night with his consistency.

As darkness drew in we just managed to get our customary eight races in for two discards to count, much needed for a few, as some had terrible starts getting used to the conditions, and there was the odd breakdown here and there.

Many thanks to Derek for being RO and doing the scoring.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 1 Event 1

19th April 2019

Well what a great start to the first of our evening series of the year with thirteen skippers turning out. With the wind from the East and all of us on A rigs we set about taking on a simple up and down course with a reach at each end to spread the fleet. The earlier start of 6pm seemed to be the right choice, as we just managed to get our eight races in before the light left us.

Derek took the first two races and he looked like the man to beat, but he gave us all a chance after lending his boat to an interested guest to have a go after race three. John set off well after missing the first race, but sadly a breakdown later on put paid to any chance of him pushing for a top spot, but it was, Chris, Steve, Ken and Bob Jones fighting it out for the honours, and it couldn`t have been closer, with only two points separating the top four. Chris and Bob shared first on nineteen points respectively, but Chris got it on count back, with Steve just edging out Ken for third.

A great race night was had by all, so for those of you who missed out we are doing it all again next week, with event two on 25th April 6.30pm start, come on down and enjoy the fun.

Bob Jolly

DF65 Capt.   

2019 Saturday series Event 1

6th April 2019

The first event of our Saturday Series saw a great turnout of thirteen skippers, sadly there was little wind to begin with, and the A+ sail was the choice if you owned one. With what wind there was coming from the North meant we had to have a short beat across the end of the lake to start, to a difficult windward mark partly sheltered by the sand dunes, but once round that we were then away up the lake in better air.

As the afternoon progressed the wind picked up and it became a little easier to round, and with a slight course change here and there as conditions changed we were able to have some good racing, and a total of nine races were had.

It turned out to be a very close fight for the honours as Chris, John and Sue were only separated by a single point in the end, but it was Sue who took top spot from Chris, and with four bullets in her score was a well-deserved winner. Our next outing for the 65 is the start of our evening meetings on Thursday 18th April at 6.00 pm not 6.30pm as in the booklet! (because sunset is 8.18pm)

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.