DF95 Squadron SERIES 2 EVENT 7

The final event of Series Two over eight races was completed for in ‘champagne’ conditions with a constant A rig breeze coming straight down the lake which lent itself to some fine tacking duals over the whole of the eleven strong fleet.

It was good to see David and Mark Rose back on the water although they enjoyed mixed results culminating in David being RO for the final four races due to rig failure.

Congratulation to John Sharman – the overall winner for this event and for the series and to David Foster a worthy series runner up!

This series was contested for by nineteen of the Squadron and you may note that only two points separated the third, fourth and fifth which reflects the highly competitive and close racing with the 95.

The first event of series 3 is next Tuesday, the 24th at 6.30pm

Garry Benson

DF95 Club Captain

DF95 Squadron SERIES 2 EVENT 5

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

A baker’s dozen of the Squadron, including the welcome return of  147  ‘the green machine – aka Eric Read’ and the addition to the fleet (Walter Audley) initially suffered the now familiar fickle summer A rig breeze but finally, in the last two of the eight races, we were treated to the best tacking races of the year as the wind filled whilst totally changing its direction.

During this eventful evening DP gave an almost faultless display whilst John S befell a servo failure and David cleared the lake of crab lines – not to mention the occasional jelly-brake!

As this was the final event prior to the Nationals at Weechers Reservoir, Keighley this weekend (7/8 July) we wish good fortune to the travelling Fleetwood 95 Squadron.

Garry Benson

DF95 Club Captain

DF 95 Saturday Series Event 4

30th June 2018

The ‘champagne’ sailing enjoyed by nine skippers included a welcome visit from Peter Baldwin who, yet again, proved that there is no substitute for experience and therefore topped the table at the end of day.
The noon start in bright sunshine and a top of the A rig north, north easterly saw three skippers taking bullets including many a change of positions, especially during the final upwind finish.
A mention for Peter Iles who sported his B rig due to ‘damage in transit’ which highlights the necessity of keeping the rigs flat packed and assembling upon arrival!
The much welcomed noon start allowed for a lunch break and during the ten races we also had plenty of time for much needed rehydration breaks prior to a 4pm finish.

Yet again the sight of these elegant yachts on the water attracted interest from the general public and the 95 continues to be a great asset to the model yacht world.

The next Saturday Series (Event 5) is on the 8th September when I hope to see all the Squadron on the water.

Garry Benson
DF95 Club Captain

On the hottest day of year so far, mother nature ‘blessed’ us with another fickle A rig breeze over another testing course set by Derek.

We welcomed Doug Wayman and Bob Jones to the fleet and it was also good to see Peter Isle who eventually mastered the conditions with some good finishes including a bullet!

The overall results were dominated by David Foster and his travelling club member Gordon whilst the middle order of the Squadron continues to be highly competitive, even allowing for occasional ‘guest helming’ tonight’s results were the closest to date.

The next DF95 racing is this Saturday at 12 noon which provides another opportunity to tune up for the Nationals at Weechers Reservoir, Keighley the following weekend (7/8 July).

Garry Benson

DF95 Club Captain

DF95 Squadron SERIES 2 EVENT 3

Tuesday 19th June 2018

The evening’s racing was blessed with ten skippers who negotiated an excellent course in A rigs.

The course included various hazards, with some amazingly fickle wind directions, especially the final beat to the finish and sadly crab lines and the occasional jelly brake!

Nevertheless bullets were enjoyed by three skippers with John S proving that, yet again, consistency is the name of the game!

It was good to see back Russell back on the water and also John Plant who took the helm in various races.

All-in-all a thoroughly enjoyable evening with very few breakages and competitive racing throughout the fleet.

Garry Benson

DF95 Club Captain

DF95 Squadron SERIES 2   EVENTS 1 and 2

Tuesday 5th and 12th June 2018

There is no report for Event 1 but the results are also below.

Event 2 enjoyed ten testing races in B rig conditions which proved to be a John Sharman demonstration of tactical awareness and excellence!

Although many of the Squadron were otherwise engaged this did not detract from a very competitive session which the results reflect.

I am in debt to the skippers who allowed me to enjoy a race with their boats whilst mine ‘dried out’ and I hope to see you all on the water and making the best of the lake prior to the forthcoming Nationals.

DF95 Squadron Series 1 Event 7

The final event of series one featured, for one reason or another, only five of the Squadron who initially sported the rarely used C rig and in a rapidly decreasing breeze culminated with the A rig which then included Tony Wilson (alias ‘flyingtony’) who is a much welcomed addition to the fleet!

David took the honours with a near faultless display and this is just reward, especially considering that he travels from Kendal.

This series was contested by seventeen of the Squadron and (no surprise) congratulations are in order to DP, our overall winner and to a worthy runner-up John Sharman.

Next Tuesday, the 5th of June, is the first event of series 2.

Garry Benson
DF95 Club Captain