DF Squadron Club Racing Series 3 No.1


The only missing link on a glorious summer evening was a decent breeze. Nevertheless, nine optimistic skippers endured four races in which the failing wind managed to swing from west to north to gone!

Again, Derek demonstrated his skills, even allowing for a late first race start and for Trevor Bell taking his boat for the final slog.

I note that various regular skippers were unavailable to participate tonight and I look forward to a full turnout next week.

See you on the water.

Garry Benson
DF95 Club Captain Club

DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.7

DF95 Fleet Tuesday 18th July

Tonight Derek kindly revisited the ‘ask for water’ rule prior to racing and this resulted in calamity free & enjoyable racing.

Nine skippers were again treated to a NNE in which all but two initially sported a B rig and subsequently switched up to an A rig as the wind abated. The exception to this was Russell who ploughed on all evening with his B and proved very competitive beating to the first mark.As you will see from the results four different skippers took bullets and some of the finishes tested Derek (who kindly was RO) to the limit.

This series has seen seventeen skippers participating with this exciting class and congratulations go to overall winner Chris Chatfield and to runner-up Mark Rose who pushed him all the way.

Next Tuesday is the first of a new series and I look forward to seeing you on the water.

Garry Benson
DF95 Club Captain

DF65 Fleet Wednesday 19th July

What has happened to the weather on Wednesdays? At 5.30pm it was lashing it down with thunder and lightning but as fleet captain I felt obliged to turn up and thank whoever for also turning up. To my surprise nine skippers arrived and by 6.15 the rain had turned to a light drizzle but the wind had completely disappeared; lake flat as a pancake. After watching a few boats drift aimlessly at 7pm I decided to abandon any chance of racing. What happened? Ten minutes later the wind picked up so eight of the nine skippers started racing over a short triangular course. After two races the rain came down again but, hey, we’ve come down so let’s carry on, which six of us did. Despite the wind starting to die again and eventually going in the opposite direction we managed to achieve six races. As usual results and final positions for the second series are below.


Congratulations to Mark who takes the series and Paul, runner up.

Thanks again to Peter Jackson for scoring, from the comfort of his car!

Ken Crabtree,  DF65 Fleet Captain

DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.6

DF95 Fleet Tuesday 11th July


Twelve of the squadron were fortunate to enjoy the best of the day’s weather in an A rig NNE breeze which, as ever, fluctuated in strength and direction.
The series is hotting up and now only one point separates Chris C and Mark.
You will notice from the individual race results that Derek sailing in 76 for a couple of races proved that all these yachts are all capable of taking a bullet in the right hands.

 See you on the water.

Garry Benson
DF95 Club Captain

DF65 Fleet Wednesday 12th July
A glorious sunny evening spoiled by an ever decreasing light wind but we somehow managed to complete six races over a decently long course before, (after almost packing it in), going down to a short triangle for the last two races. Mark, Paul and Eddie hogged the first places until the last race when John Plant took the bullet standing in as skipper of Bob’s boat.
Ken Crabtree
DF65 Fleet Captain


DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.5

DF65 Fleet Wednesday 5th July

A partnership of Derek and Phil Halliday was, as expected, unbeatable taking first place in 6 of the 8 races, the other two going to Robin and John. The light wind proved problematic for the novices among us, particularly yours truly and a second place by Derek with my boat proved that the problem is not the boat but as Peter Jackson says, ‘The pratt between the sticks’! As usual the results and positions to date below.

DF95 Fleet Tuesday 4th July

Whilst I was being blessed with a primary school music prom I am in debt to Chris C for standing in at short notice and his following report.

All talk is of the impending RM Nationals this coming weekend and the first competitor to set up in the car park was Phil Holliday who borrowed Derek’s boat. Meanwhile Derek was intent on honing his PRO skills but did make a guest appearance to win race 5. In almost ideal conditions with wind from the west the racing was close throughout the fleet with Dave, Phil and Chris managing to get away and John getting his mojo back towards the end. The ever improving duo of Rob and Bob had a close tussle and Susan getting more confident as shouts of starboard echoed round the lake.

Garry Benson

DF95 Club Captain


DF Squadron Saturday Series 2017 No. 4

DF65s Saturday 1st July

No report! Results and positions to date below.


DF95s Saturday 1st July

Seven skippers were blessed with a B rig westerly in bright sunshine and Chris C sorted a basic although demanding course, not to mention the added choppy surface which proved a challenge to say the least.

The eight race bullets were shared between Chris, Derek and John Plant who subbed for Derek whilst he prepared for hosting next weekend’s RM/10R Nationals.

Bob J completed the podium and is proof that there is no substitute for practice and is now being rewarded with a strong set of results.

See you on the water

Garry Benson DF95 Club Captain


DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.4

DF65 Fleet Wednesday 28th June 2017

Seven brave  (mad?) skippers turned up despite the rain. A shortish course of a beat to the NE corner of the lake, then back on a run to the start marker and finally a a tack or two to the finish line let us complete eight races in just over an hour and a quarter, by which time we were soaked so retired to the club house.

Results and league table below.


DF95 Fleet Tuesday 27th June 2017

Results and overall positions to-date below.


Thanks to David Rose for supplying the results.

DF Squadron Club Racing Series 2 No.3

DF65s Wednesday 21st June

A southerly wind needed a start line at the far side of the lake which meant skippers having to cross the narrow strip between the two lakes; something that has been calamitous for a few skippers in the past but not tonight. A change in direction to a westerly meant a course change after race five. Derek P and John Tush had a practice with RG65s in preparation for their Nationals at Birkenhead this weekend. Needless to say they left the DF65s in their wake. Results and league table, after three weeks, below.


DF95s Tuesday 20th June

Results only…..

Thanks to David Rose for supplying the results.