DF95 Winter Series 2018 Event 2

 Saturday 17th February 2018
For those of the Squadron who could not race today, well they missed out on some ‘Champagne Sailing’ in blessed A rig conditions!
Eight skippers were set an excellent Olympic course by Chris C over two laps which saw four of us all taking bullets during close racing throughout the fleet.
It was pleasing to welcome Richard Clarke to the fleet and the day belonged to Dave Burke who sailed consistently well throughout the day.
As per the norm, many thanks to Peter Jackson being RO for the day.
The next club racing is on Saturday 17th March, 12 noon.
Garry Benson
DragonFlite 95 Club Captain



8 of our members took part in the first DRAGONFLITE 95 TT event at Southport on Sat. With a large entry of 33 boats racing in 2 fleets our members acquitted themselves well finishing as follows:

  • 4th Derek P
  • 9th Tim L
  • 12th Mick P
  • 14th Chris C
  • 22n Garry B
  • 24th Anna Mc
  • 26th Susan P
  • 31st Mike B

Sunday saw a much reduced compliment of Fleetwood Boats with just 3 of us in a fleet of 28 DF 65’s raced all as one fleet which made the starts & the racing overall challenging to say the least. The wind was light & all sailors but 3 were using the A+ rigs. 8 long 2.5 lap races were completed by 3pm our results as follows.

  • 2nd Derek P
  • 23rd Mick P
  • 27th Susan P

The A+ rigs really made the difference! & if you wish to race on the TT circuit they are WELL worth the £70 investment.

Full results on the dfracinguk site with great photography from Anna Mc

Also on Sunday there were 7 lasers racing on a separate course although I haven’t seen any results I do know that Shaun Holbeche from Fleetwood won & that they sailed 16 races!

DF95 Winter Series 2018 Event 1

 Saturday 20th January 2018
For many and various reasons a much depleted 95 Squadron braved the inclement weather and completed just six races over a testing course kindly set by Derek.
John Plant steered 67 to a well deserved overall victory with Michael Benson and Bob Jolly also taking some bullets. It was also good to see Russell back on the water and enjoying some good results.
Sadly, yours truly suffered an electrical failure which on a positive is better now than at the upcoming Travellers Series at Southport on the 3rd and 4th of February.
As per the norm, many thanks to Peter Jackson being RO for the day.
The next club racing is on Saturday17th February, 12 noon.
Garry Benson
DragonFlite 95 Club Captain


DF Fleet Autumn Series 4

DF95  Autumn Series 2017
Event 4   Saturday 16th December 2017
Well, the skies cleared as forecasts and the winter sunshine was a delight.
We even managed eight races including a ‘Who can drift the quickest?’
 Then, low and behold the breeze arrived and went but not before the remaining seven races saw three skippers taking bullets.
 As you will see, Eric took the honours with David a worthy runner up
 Yet again we are in debt to Peter Jackson for doing the RO.
 The next event is Saturday 20th January at 12 noon and this will be ALL AFTERNOON as we are running separate Saturday race days and alternating with the 65s.
Season’s Greetings to you all and, as always, I will be blessed to see you on the water in the New Year.
Garry Benson
DragonFlite 95 Club Captain
And some piccies courtesy of Anna McKone.


DF 65 Autumn Series 4

16TH Dec 2017

Forecast was for clear skies, a rise in temperature and a 8-9 mph wind. Great, or so we thought, well they got the temp and the skies right, but where was the main ingredient to propel a yacht.

Preparing ourselves for a dull, boring drift about, in little or no wind, we went on the water endeavouring to at least show something on the score sheet. A simple sausage course was set, and we managed to complete 5 races, although not in record time, or maybe it was a record, for the longest time to complete a short course.

Enough said, the pictures below, courtesy of Anna, say it all.

Johns experience showed, and he came out on top, with Eddie a close second

Happy Xmas to you all, and see you in the New Year.

Have a good one.

Bob Jolly

65 Fleet Capt.

DF Fleet Autumn Series 3

DF65 Autumn Series 3

2nd Dec 2017

Zero wind and showers greeted us as we arrived at the lake, and as thirteen skippers including two guests had turned out, one felt sorry for those who had travelled a distance to join us, so we waited, and waited some more, till finally a very light breeze appeared and we all rushed to the side of the lake, and quickly a simple course was laid, and boats were on the water ready for the off.

Difficult at first with just a drift, and patience was tested to the full, as most were going nowhere fast. As time went by conditions improved gradually, and we managed to get some acceptable racing in, and by the end of the allotted time we had managed five races, with Tim taking the honours once again in this the third in the series.

Thanks goes to Peter for doing the scoring duties.

Bob Jolly

DF65 Class Captain

DF95 Autumn Series 3

Today we welcomed David Burke and Anna Mckone to the Squadron and you will note from the results table that there is no substitute for experience as David took the honours including three bullets! Derek P, who set the course in a frustratingly fickle light breeze, again shared his boat with John Plant and even with a short course we still managed only five races before the dark ensued.

On the positive side a major benefit was the absence of jellyfish and hopefully, with due diligence, this is the last reference to the havoc they can cause.
As ever, we are in debt to Peter Jackson for doing the RO duties whilst braving the elements.

Event 4 is Saturday 16th December at 12 noon

See you on the water.

Garry Benson
DF95 Class Captain

DF Fleet Autumn Series 2

Saturday 11th November 2017

DF65 Fleet

A total of 9 skippers turned out, and we also welcomed Ken back after a lengthy lay off, and he soon got back into the swing of things, taking a fourth in his first race.

A Triangular shape course was set for an awkward A rig wind, with many dead spots on the lake it made it frustrating at times, but credit goes to all for getting on with it without any fuss, and after changing from two laps to one for the last few races, we completed our eight races in the allocated time.

Tim took the honours with five bullets, and Chris in second, congratulations to them, and many thanks goes to Peter Jackson for acting as race officer.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Fleet Captain


DF95 Fleet

When the lake was built in 1929 the current picturesque sea-facing sand dunes were not a feature and a NNW breeze did not present the frustration of reaching the ‘sheltered’ beat to the windward markers which the squadron of nine contended with today.
In saying that, the breeze built and after six classic Olympic style courses we attempted a basic two lap ‘sausage’ to the far upwind marker and back which proved to be even more challenging, if not only entertaining!
After missing the prompt 12 noon start, John Sharman continued his winning ways with Tim L hot in pursuit.
As ever, we are in debt to Peter Jackson for doing the RO duties whilst braving the cold.
Event 3 is Saturday 2nd December at 2.30pm
See you on the water.
Garry Benson
DragonFlite 95 Club Captain

DF95 Autumn Series 1

An unwelcome guest to the Squadron was ‘Brian’ a building storm force wind and, more consequential, the horizontal rain which resulted in even the five never-say-die skippers calling it a day and retreating to the welcome shelter of the clubhouse. 

The first two races around a course kindly set by Tim L were completed sporting B rigs and as ‘Brian’ became more of a factor a break and a change to C rigs was a no-brainer. The remaining two races were a matter of survival with yours truly suffering perhaps the only ‘Jelly Attacks’ of the day! On the plus side Chris C successfully tested his repaired leaking hull and there were no breakages which, considering the conditions is a testament to the design and development of the 95.


Congrats to Tim L on yet another set of firsts and many thanks to Peter Jackson who acted as RO.


Garry Benson

DragonFlite 95 Club Captain