DF95 2019 Series 1 event 5

Tuesday 14th May

8 yachts and 9 skippers this week, with David and Derek sharing the same boat (Derek’s own being polished on the dining table ready to defend the DF95 nationals). The evenings sailing began with a light wind from the West which was enough to allow a course using half the lake for two laps, two races were completed in this fashion. 

The lake then went completely calm. After a short break one of the yachts still out there started on a reach down the lake, that was excuse enough for a course to be set across the lake by the bridge. After two further races with some of us just drifting around but the same faces still at the front and along way ahead an end was called to proceedings. The result was only going to go one of two ways with a masterclass of light air sailing, after finishing on the same points Shaun took the win from Mark after taking the discard into consideration.

All in all quite frustrating to only get 4 races completed, for once a barbecue might have been the better option.

Thanks to Bob & Derek for arranging everything and setting the courses.

Next week more wind ? More boats ? More races ? Hope so !


DF Squadrons’ results week 4

First, The DF95

Tuesday 7th May

A reasonable turn out of 7 yachts arrived for the evenings sailing, it’s a big lake so there’s room for plenty more !

With the wind from the North East Derek set us a course using the 3/4 of the lake nearest the club house with a Starboard rounding of the windward mark followed by a spreader, back down the lake for a Port rounding with a beat to the finish, the first three races used this course.

The wind moved to the East and more or less straight down the lake, allowing a longer course, we had gate at the bottom of the lake just to add to the decision making. A great nights racing with a shifting wind which varied in strength but never dropped too much, there were four different winners including Derek who borrowed David’s yacht for three races, close racing was had throughout the fleet. Hopefully more of the same next week.

Next the DF65s

9th May 2019

What could be better than going radio sailing on a wet miserable and cold Thursday evening in Fleetwood. Well nine of us didn`t think there was, except for Ken who must wish he had stayed at home in the warm, as somehow he forgot to put a patch over the battery, and soon after launch for race one, saw his beloved new version six sink to the depths, ending his participation. Derek volunteered to get out the rescue boat and do the recovery job.

So after a slight delay it was left to the eight of us to get on with race night. With all of us on A rig and the wind from the East, a course had been set with a start mid lake beating up to a windward mark up by the bridge, then a run back to a couple of marks and then a beat to a finish. With the wind fluctuating all evening it became increasingly difficult to get around the windward mark, as it just became a dead spot, so RO Derek moved us up the lake and altered the course slightly to keep us away from the bridge.

The usual candidates were up for top spot with John and Garry fighting it out, but John was let down by a mast/sail failure and had to miss out three races, even so he managed a creditable second place, and a good night for Walter who was third.

So it was Garry who took the honours with consistently good sailing all night including four bullets.

Our next outing for the 65 is on Thurs 16th May 6.30pm start.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF95 2019 Saturdays No. 1

Saturday 4th May

Yesterday we had hail and there was talk of snow today, so it was cold.

First glance at the lake and there were some flat spots due to the wind coming over the sand hills. The course was set up near the clubhouse and there were many families enjoying the day out. Six skippers all using the big rig and we just did a one lapper to get the ball rolling.

The second race we added a lap and this was where the confusion started during the race. We had broken every rule on course setting, using buoys more than once and in different directions and even the odd crossover. Some were sailing the correct course, what the course should be, or even what they thought the course was.

It didn’t help when many boats were being caught on crab lines. When you turned your back, you realised some had been casting their lines out towards the middle of the lake. ( well the first nearest buoy anyway) We couldn’t sail any further after half way as there was a fast power boat doing it’s thing, and we still had the flat spots, so had to make do with what we had.

Rounding the buoys the wrong way or missing out marks continued for a while up until coffee break, race six. The wind direction was fluctuating.

Then the simplified course was adopted. Only 4 marks to be used. Start line, Port, Starboard, starboard, Port and Finish. and only one lap.It went much better, we are all still learning.

The wind swung lakewise during the break, it got up and also all fishers of men had gone home, because it was now feeling a lot colder. Most Skippers doubled back into the clubhouse and dropped down to ‘B’ rig.

Chris had been doing well during the afternoon with only dropping the odd win to the other guys. The wind continued to strengthen with gusts and after a few more races ‘C’ rigs became the norm.. Thirteen races in total and we finished just before 5 pm. It had been a long challenging afternoon, very sailable and rules had been adhered to.

Tony Wilson

DF95 2019 series 1 Event 3

30th April 2019

A disappointing turnout of only four skippers for this the third event in the series, in what can only be described as a still evening with very little wind, on the good side it kept fine with no rain.

We started off with a one lap figure eight course at the clubhouse end of the lake, which worked to a point but became increasingly difficult as time went by, so RO Derek moved us up the lake where there seemed to be a little more breeze, and reset a triangular course for us to take on. And we just managed to get our eight races in before it became a still calm, shame because we still had good light.

Eric with five bullets performed consistently all evening and was a worthy winner on the night.

Thanks to Derek for keeping an eye on proceedings and doing the scoring.

Our next DF95 event is on Saturday 4th May 1pm start.

Bob Jolly

DF95 2019 series 1 Event 2

23rd April 2019

Hi Chaps
8 boats turned up for the second round of the series. A good A Rig breeze faced the skippers and some good competitive sailing was experienced. The winner on the evening was Chris Chatfield taking the honours in a fiercely fought contest from Mark Rose. Thanks to Derek for scoring throughout the race.

DF95 2019 series 1 Event 1

Tuesday 16th April

Tonight was the first evening outing for the DF95s in 2019. Eight skippers arrived at the ready all dressed in A rigs at the amended time of 18:00, just in case an overcast sky turned the lights down early.
A continued breeze from the East had us set a course from the midway mark of the lake and we had two laps of ideal beating up the lake and to finish a short way up. The shifty winds were just as you made your way past the boathouse.
A short somewhat cramped start line, but we just made use of the marks that were already there and the plan was to squeeze in eight races before the light faded.
Mark Rose won the first race with Shaun Holbeche close on his heels all the way round. Walter Audley won the next one and surprised himself, trying to convince us that he’d never won a race before. Then modestly downplaying his victory, reckoned it was because a couple of boats were tied up in front that enabled him to pass.
Shaun later won a race, but Mark had been on top form. There was some good racing and it was close at the pointy end. David R. had some winch line issues but otherwise like the rest enjoyed the evening.
Five races had and we decided for a shortened course by a lap to speed up the deadline. We did this a couple of times and then went for a final two lapper again to finish on a good race. Tony won the last one, making four individual skippers to win races.
The top two places had been very close and competitive giving Mark the win and Shaun for second honours.
1 Mark Rose, 2 Shaun Holbeche3, Tony Wilson
Tony W. Temporary DF95 Captain 
I have also been asked to remind DF95 skippers of the upcoming Open dual event for DF95 / DF65 on Easter Monday. You can sail either or both as they will be sailed alternately.

DF 95 Winter Series 5

23rd March 2019

Nine skippers turned up for the last in Winter series No 5.
Probably ideal conditions if you don’t like being blown away and all races were taken in A rig. Again we welcomed a couple of friendly visitors from north of the border Bill Lees and Gordon Rae. The first six races were more or less the full length of the lake up to a lonely little mark bang in the middle at the very top. Run down and a short beat to a finish at the second bench. After a tea break our boat man Peter made us a gate at the bottom end and we decided the change was for two half length lake races for a change. The wind put a northerly slant in so we then did away with the gate and the new brightly flourescent lime green buoy became the leeward mark while keeping to the half lake option.
Gordon Bayliffe had rudder problems for the last three races which probably dropped him a couple of places on the finish order. John Sharman won the day having half of the wins to himself. The remaining six races were divided among Peter, Gordon B. and Gordon R.
The next Saturday series starts at the slightly later time of 1pm.

Tony Wilson (Fleet Saturday Captain)