Member & Visitor Notice

Wyre Council have issued a warning to the Club that its members and visitors need to follow the car parking regulations displayed for the use of the public car park in future otherwise there will be risk of penalty notices being served.

Cars should only be parked within the bays displayed in the park. Penalty notices will be issued for anyone parking outside of the bays or double parking e.g on grass the verge, in the space overlooking the lake in front of clubhouse. This of course severely restricts the number of available spaces. In addition motorhomes should not park overnight in the car park.

There is plenty of car parking available on the promenade or at the opposite end of the lake and there is provision for motor homes in the central car park.

Last weekend traffic wardens visited the lake and issued verbal notices to some of our members so you have been warned. Whilst it is not the Club responsibility to ensure compliance with the parking regulations it is felt prudent to warn our members and visitors of the need to conform to the regulations.

Peter Iles wins prestigious award

The Club is honoured to announce that at the IOM Nationals, Peter was presented with the inaugural Captain David Perkins Award by the Chairman of the MYA.

This new award donated by the family of David Perkins is awarded to the competitor who has displayed outstanding sportsmanship during the event. The organising committee decided to award the trophy to Peter for his outstanding efforts as support crew to the event undertaking whatever task was necessary with a smile on his face.

DF95 Series 3 Round 7

A smaller than normal entry turned out on a windy evening to complete the series events. Some skippers were obviously suffering from fatigue after a busy bank holiday weekend with the IOM’s.

This completed the series rounds. Congratulation go to Walter Audley who finished in first place. Malcolm Clements was second and Mike Benson third..

IOM National Championships 2021

Congratulations to Brad Gibson of the Birkenhead Club for winnig the Iom National Championship. In second place was Graham Elliott also of the Birkenhead Club, third place Chris Harris of the Windrush Club and fourth place went to our own Robert Walsh.

76 competitors were scheduled to start the race. Sailing over the three days was very competitive and the club entrants faired well.

Full results can be found here 2021_IOM_National_Results

Photos from the event can be found on the IOM Class website

Northern District 6M Championship

The inaugural 6M Championships was held at Fleetwood over the weekend. It is good to see this class slowly gaining ground in the North West. Congratulations to Shaun taking first place. After 16 races the results are:-

Shaun Holbech 17points

Derek Priestley 23 points

John Sharman 30 points

Steve Mattison 54 points

Eric Austwich 54 points

For a more detailed report and further information on 6M sailing click on the following link.

Easing of Lockdown 19.7.21

With effect from the 19th of July the Government is easing the mandatory measures relating to the lockdown.

The following guidance is issued to members and visitors to the Club the General Committee: –

a. All restrictions on entry to the Club will be removed and members have unrestricted access to the club.

b. Mask wearing – the requirement to wear a mask in the club will be removed and left to members own discretion as to whether they opt to wear one. The Club recommend however, that should there be a significant number of members meeting in the clubhouse the wearing of masks would be preferable to safeguard those present.

c. Seating area – the seating area in the clubhouse will remain as at present and members are requested not to increase the seating by moving tables and chairs around.

d. Viewing/Dining area will remain as at present. The use of this area for boat building etc. is not allowed and should be always kept tidy and clean for the general use of members/visiotrs.

e. Canteen – the club will continue to provide free to members coffee/tea and recyclable cups are provided. Members are requested to ensure that the cups are empty of residual coffee/tea before disposing of their cups. Please place cups in the recycle bin.

f. Canteen – food heating facilities are open for the members to use but please ensure that the oven etc. is wiped down after use.

g. Track and Trace- the need to log in on attending the club will be phased out according to Government guidance.

h. Removal of waste – members are requested wherever possible to take rubbish home and to help by taking the odd bag of rubbish away for disposal. This needs to be a joint effort by all members to keep the club tidy and not just left to our volunteer caretaker.

Unfortunately, the virus has not gone away and there is still a risk despite the vaccination programme to members attending the Club. The General Committee hope that all members will play their part in keeping it a safe and comfortable environment in which to meet now that we can return to normality.

Schooner Sailing

Results from the first series of sailing are now available

Schooner Sailing 2021
A Class
1st John McGowan
Joint 2nd Tony Whitaker&Lionel Billington

B Class
1st John Hough
2nd Graham Ardron
3rd Steve Brown

C Class
1st Ray Baron
2nd Ian Thompson
3rd Harry Wilkinson